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If you’ve got a or or then you’re in the box seat for buying $9 .au domain names released in 2022. eg I bought for my client.


I bought for a friend with a beachfront wedding venue that will open for business in the latter part of 2023., and were bought in November and is being web designed for release in 2023.

Wedding venue Perth 2023.

More of my .au domain names:

Call me on telephone number 0418 958 799 if you’d like a free search and .au domain name consultation on the best .au domain name for you to buy in Australia at about $8.67 per year. These are at cost price for .au, the cheapest domain names for sale in Australia. It’s not my core business so I don’t mark up the cost price of cheap .au domain names. I don’t charge my time in buying a .au domain name/s for you. It’s a good and cheapest .au domain name reseller service. You’ll need some Australian authority such as an ABN or ACN to be approved for buying a .au. Then your .au domain name buying will remain pending until your Australia connection status is checked out and confirmed.


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