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If you seek the best SEO consultant Perth wide, put less importance on cheap price SEO consultation services and less importance on qualifications. Ask SEO consultants, be they based locally in Perth or cheapo based overseas SEO telemarketers/spammers: “What COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your clients?” Demonstrateable good SEO results should be the most important selection criteria for hiring freelance SEO consultants in Perth.  You’ve used your favourite search engine to see a photo of me, Ben Grummels at the top this webpage providing SEO consultations in Perth. My consultance services has consulted with hundreds of Perth business executives.   Phone me for a free introductory best local Perth based, SEO consultation by Perth’s best SEO consultant.

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Don’t be swayed on SEO price or hiring your mate just because he/she does SEO or other SEO sales tactics.



Introductory SEO advice consultations are FREE at my Perth SEO office. Over a cuppa, I’ll point out to your website on the screen at my Perth northern suburbs office, the most important SEO improvement free tips for improving the performance of your site in search engines.

My SEO consultancy hourly rate for SEO in Perth is priced at $100 per hour in Perth. The average going price for good SEO consultants in Perth is $100 per hour. However, if you want me to provide professional development with SEO consultations for your marketing manager or in-house SEOer, or web designer, the SEO consultation price is $330 per hour to train potential competitors on my own Perth turf. It’s the price of IP leakage of over 21 years of full-time SEO experience/knowledge.


I enjoy SEO consulting Perth wide because, as a science teacher for many years, I like turning people on with new technology ideas. Now it’s the best way of doing SEO. While I prefer SEO consulting for WordPress CMS websites, there are many other content management systems (CMC)s. Many but not all are similar. Search engines like Google don’t care what system you used to create web pages. What search engines care about are things like how the html presents to search engines, copywriting, backlinks etc. Be it WordPress, Wix, or whatever CMS, we’ll provide SEO consultation advisory services in Perth to show you what search engines are looking for. If you’re using a common CMS like WordPress, we’ll consult with you on how to best SEO it. If you’re using an obscure, proprietary CMS, our SEO advisor will work with you in Perth to achieve the best SEO outcomes for your website.


A few hours of my SEO consultation for a leading Western Australian winery/restaurant resulted in SIGNIFICANT improvement in site popularity. One of many KPIs contributing to other KPIs such as more money in the bank and improved brand recognition.

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Data source
Political campaign marketing Perth. invested less than $1,000 in SEO and SEO consultation. Result: A dramatic increase in voters seeing her message on the most popular political website in WA in the run-up to the 2021 Western Australian elections.
Effect of SEO on site popularity.
Effect of 3 hours starting SEO.

The first 2 hours of the first month of this 5 hours Cheap SEO Perth Plan were analysis and SEO consultation to determine the client’s SEO goals. A significant boost in site popularity for $210 of hands-on SEO. The second month of the Cheap SEO Perth Monthly Plan with less analysis and mostly hands-on SEO.


    This SEO consultation service is to help Perth business owners or marketing managers better understand SEO and to better set and measure SEO KPIs for their digital marketing agencies. This consultation is in plain English.


This higher-level SEO consultation in Perth is for Perth business executives who bring along their marketing manager and or digital marketers.

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According to Seek, the price of a good SEO consultant in Perth costs $100 per hour. Experienced, expert, SEO consultants in Perth can cost even more. At SEO Perth Expert, the first 20 minutes of SEO consultation is FREE. You’ll get the most important SEO advice about how your pages rate against search engine ranking signals. Thereafter the best price of good SEO consultations in Perth is $100 per hour for business owners/executives but $330 an hour if you bring along your in-house or outsourced digital marketer for me to teach potential, future SEO competitors on my local Perth turf. The price of discounted SEO advice for not-for-profit Perth organisations is 30% off advertised prices. SEO consultations for Perth charities is free.

There is also some SEO consultation in our monthly SEO plan prices in Perth work out at $74 per hour.


Rather than constantly waiting and paying for an SEOer, it’s better for you to have an understanding of SEO so you’ll be able to:

  • better guide your SEOers.
  • set SEO KPIs and policies for your in-house or outsourced digital marketing agency. You’ll know if your SEOers are maintaining their contractual service level agreement. (SLA)
  • understand when SEOers are overcharging and or underperforming.
  • unlike consultants overseas, you’re protected by Australian consumer protection laws.
  • be able to do your own SEO in Perth to save on forever paying the price for SEO
  • to respond to your SEO needs quicker than waiting for an SEOer.
  • a local Perth SEO consultant knows Perth and things like Perth place names better than non-Perth SEOers.
  • compared to self-proclaiming international SEO expert consultants, by investing in a Perth based SEO consultant, you’re covered by Australian consumer protection laws.
  • Support a local Perth business that is most likely to buy from you.
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