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What is Reputation Management?

Affordable online reputation management Perth wide is aimed at influencing and controlling of a person’s or organisation’s reputation. Growth of SEO and social media marketing, along with PR and reputation management companies in Perth, have made search results from winning SEO a core part of an individual’s or organisation’s reputation.

One of the worst problems when it comes to search engine results, aside from not coming up in them at all, is having something negative come up. Online reputation management is a thriving service in Perth thanks to rip-off reports, bad reviews, and other damaging articles about a business. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to counter these in search engine results except to get your good messages above the bad on SERPs.

PR Companies Perth

Ben stands ready with affordable, expert SEO Perth services to help PR companies in Perth win on search engine result pages (SERPs) for their clients’ ORM. PR companies Perth wide also use traditional media and brand ambassadors for reputation management and social engineering. If you don’t have a PR company in Perth yet, I could recommend some.

Why Local Perth Reputation Management?

  1. A person or business brand needs a good impression for success.
  2. Local Perth based reputation managers better understand local Perth brands and better understand Perthite thinking..
  3. Mitigation of a  bad online presence with our winning SEO and other digital marketing in Perth.
  4. We help with good PR for people and or their brand.
  5. We reputedly have a proven winning SEO record and brand marketing record. (Eg our is Google organic SERP first for “brand marketing australia“)
  6. You can confidentially meet a local Perth SEO expert/online reputation manager in person for:
    • me to get a clearer understanding of your ORM goals.
    • for you to get a clear expectation of what can be achieved with your online reputation goal KPIs.
  7. Australian consumer protection laws you won’t get with a cheap overseas ORM company. 
  8. We are reputedly the best online reputation managers in Perth.
  9. Support locally owned and staffed Perth family businesses.

ORM Sevices Perth

Review marketing for ORM Perth
  1. Identification of ORM opportunities.
  2. Reputation damage control and or identifying opportunities to improve reputations.
  3. Planning
  4. Creative content production.
  5. High-level winning SEO.
  6. Introductory Free SEO analysis.
  7. Channels targeting.
  8. Our local Perth based reputation management services can provide on the ground representation for eastern states and international online reputation management companies.
  9. Review marketing. Not only 5 star reviews with photos on Google Reviews if you deserve them but many other review websites too. We help you to send a quick one-click link to happy clients that takes them straight to their ability to give your GMB a 5-star review. See how in SEO tips
    How to get a link for Google reviews.
    How to get a link for Google reviews.
    How to ask for Google reviews.
    How to ask for Google reviews.


  10. SEOing your testimonial page/s so that more people get to see good testimonials and improve your reputation in Perth.
  11. Advertorials in POPULAR Perth websites. You write for interesting content marketing. We’ll SEO it and publish it on POPULAR Perth web pages.
  12. Free, really good (from our high PR/PA/UR pages on our Perth sites), dofollow backlink juice to your PR clients’ web pages with every ongoing monthly client.
  13. Research and analysis including market research of setting up Google Alerts to monitor when someone mentions your name, company or brand.
  14. Site popularity analysis and reporting.
  15. Optional social media marketing or training your social media marketer.  Includes SEOing of your video marketing and your SEOed videos on our popular Youtube channels which have had over 2M video views.
  16. Banner advertising Perth wide.
  17. We’re not into email marketing nor Astroturfing.

Cost of Reputation Management in Perth

Different PR companies charge different prices for reputation management services in Perth Western Australia. We act as sub-contractors to Perth PR companies. Our rates for high-level SEO is an affordable $70 per hour. For review marketing, our price is $60 per hour.  There’s a minium of 5 hours. The first 20 minute online reputation management consultation in Perth at our Trigg office is free. If you want me to come out to your Perth PR office location for this first free consultation add a $100 call out-fee.

Perth Influencer For Hire

Some influencers in Perth got there because they are traditional media barons. Some because they have a lot of social media followers, some Perth influencers are music or acting or football stars. My online media influence in Perth is entirerly because my winning SEO pages attract people searching for what they’re interested in. Unlike email spam and letterbox stuffing push marketing, mine is “pull marketing”. Print media only works on geographical location interests and hope that readers see an interesting ad. SEO self-qualifies the demographic of readers not only by geography but what they searched for (interested in). For example my old but still popular (check it in Alexa) is found in SERPs for lots of phrases combined with the word “perth”. (Eg Google organic SERP first for “online advertising perth”)  It’s part of the influence shown in the site popularity comparison chart below of the combind site popularity of my websites compared to other websites. If you want an online advertising Perth campaign to get your message out to Perthites, hire online influencers in Perth like me either on a PPC basis or hourly rate.

Data source: where you can copy and paste your URL and the URL of your competitors. Contact me if Alexa reports “No data”, meaning your website is lost in Cyberspace. All my SEO clients get free online advertising on my popular sites.

Contact ORM Business Perth

Reputation managers and public relation companies in Perth are invited to phone contact Ben in the first instance. My online reputation management services business in Perth telephone number is 0418 958 799 or go to our contact form.

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