Direct hotel marketing Vs OTA

Avoid high OTA commissions with direct hotel marketing in Perth for Australian tourism hospitality accommodation businesses using winning SEO strategies


List Direct Marketing Channels for Hotels

1. Paid search: Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo! Search Marketing

2. Social media marketing: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads

3. Email marketing: Newsletter distribution, personalised messages and automated campaigns

4. Content marketing: Blogging, guest posting, infographics and videos

5. Affiliate marketing: Partnering with influencers to promote your hotel on their channels

6. Coupons and discounts: Offering exclusive deals on third-party sites or your own website

7. Referrals programs: Incentivizing customers to spread the word about your hotel through referrals

8. SEO for hotels: Utilizing keywords in the content to increase visibility in organic search results

I’m not advocating ditching ATOs altogether but don’t waive the white flag to them. Reduce dependence on high commission international OTAs with direct marketing Australia wide for Australian accommodation businesses using winning SEO strategy ideas.

SEO For Direct Hotel Bookings


Do you want to reduce your reliance on online travel agents (OTAs) and boost direct bookings? It can be done through smart hotel marketing.

It’s no secret that OTAs have become an increasingly popular way for travellers to find and book a hotel. Unfortunately, profits from these bookings are often lower than what could be achieved through direct booking channels. To improve the bottom line, hotels need to focus their marketing efforts on increasing direct web traffic and creating a positive customer experience for guests searching for a place to stay.

First, it’s important to understand how potential guests use search engines when looking for accommodation. Optimization of your website is essential for direct hotel marketing.


SEO tips for direct hotel marketing Perth Australia.

    1. Start with keyword research about your destination, landmarks, attractions, features, things to do near your hotel. Know your target market. For example, the keyword research above shows New Zealanders search more for the word accommodation than hotel. Combine this with Kiwis which spell accomodation with one m and you’ve got an idea of how to prioritise keywords you want to target. It doesn’t me avoid all others. I’ll often write “hotel accommodation” together.
    2. Knowing your target market not only includes knowing where hotel bookers come from but what device they use to book hotels. Predominantly travellers use mobile phones. That means for good hotel website SEO your hotel web pages need to be responsive and fast loading. Travellers don’t like a poor UX by having to wait for pages to load, nor do they like having high download costs because a web designer forgot to optimise content marketing materials such as photos and videos before embedding them on hotel web pages. Use Google’s Lighthouse page speed test. If slow contact me for fix tips.
    3. Work on incentives for webmasters to create dofollow backlink link juice to your web pageS. Besides money, massages, cartons of beer, etc the best is to create interesting content.
    4. On-page-SEO. You know. The usual: Page titles, description meta tags, H tags, copywriting for SEO, image alt tags, etc. (Some of this web page was written by AI and edited by me.)
    5. Content marketing advice is you have at least 600 words per webpage you want to rank in search engines.
      1. At least one optimised photo per web page of a recommended aspect ratio and size that meets Google standards. 

    Google preview photo for mobile.

    Do hotels prefer you to book direct?

    Yes! Hotels prefer that you book direct rather than through a third party such as an OTA.

    Perth hoteliers should take full advantage of the organic and paid search opportunities available to them in order to drive more direct traffic to their website/s. This means leveraging relevant keywords and crafting compelling copy for their hotel website, as well as running Google Ads campaigns.

    To ensure guests have a satisfying experience on your site, consider investing in responsive web design or a mobile app. A user-friendly platform is key to providing an enjoyable customer journey (UX) and encouraging potential guests to complete their bookings on YOUR hotel website. Additionally, hotels should also focus on building relationships with travellers by creating content tailored specifically for their target audiences.

    Why do hotels prefer direct bookings?

    Hotels prefer direct bookings because they can keep more of the revenue for themselves rather than giving a BIG percentage to an OTA. Additionally, hotels gain valuable insights about their guests’ preferences and other data points which can be used to better optimize their services and marketing efforts in the future.

    By implementing a comprehensive hotel marketing strategy, hotels can reduce their reliance on OTAs and increase direct bookings. This will result in higher profits and greater control over customer experience – two major benefits of focusing on direct hotel marketing.

    To get started with your own direct hotel marketing plan, contact me today! I’m here to help you create direct hotel marketing campaigns that will attract more travellers directly to your hotel website whether it be in Perth, Bali or any hotel/destination.

    What percentage of hotel bookings are direct?

    According to recent studies, direct bookings account for roughly 40% of total hotel bookings. However, this number can vary significantly depending on the location and type of accommodation being offered. Hoteliers need to understand their customers’ booking preferences in order to maximize their direct booking potential.

    By shifting more focus onto direct marketing activities such as website optimization, paid search campaigns, app development, content creation and customer relationship building, hotels are able to improve their bottom line and reduce their reliance on OTAs.

    At the end of the day, effective digital marketing, especially SEO for hotels, is essential for any hotel that wants to increase direct bookings and reduce dependency on online travel agents (OTAs).

    What are direct hotel marketing strategies?

    Direct hotel marketing strategies include website optimization (SEO), paid search campaigns, app development, content creation and customer relationship building. These strategies help hotels increase direct bookings by improving their visibility on search engines, providing a better user experience on their site or app, and creating relationships with potential customers.

    Website optimization is crucial for ensuring your hotel’s website ranks highly in organic search results (SERPs). This can be achieved through the use of relevant keywords throughout your content as well as optimizing page titles, meta descriptions and URLs to ensure they are SEO friendly. Additionally, running Google Ads campaigns can be beneficial for increased visibility within the top spots of search engine result pages (SERPs).

    Apps can also provide travellers with an easy way to directly find your hotel.

    What is the best value direct hotel marketing strategy?

    The best value direct hotel marketing is SEO for hotel websites. SEO strategies help to ensure your hotel is visible on search engines.

    Creating custom content (content marketing) that resonates with your target audience is also key for any successful hotel SEO strategy. By crafting engaging copywriting that speaks to the needs and interests of your customers, you can establish trust and encourage them to book directly via your website.

    Ultimately, the best value direct hotel marketing plan meets the specific needs of each property. To achieve this, hotels need to assess their target audiences and their destination marketing keywords.

    SEO price Perth.
    SEO price Perth.

    How Much Does SEO for Hotels Cost?

    Free SEO consultation for your hotel marketing manager if your hotel is in Australia, South East Asia, NZ or Pacific Islands during my stay at your hotel during my fam tour of your hotel. Alternatively, the cost of SEO for hotels is prepaid AUD$120 per hour for me to train your hotel marketing executives. Don’t think that just because your hotel SEO is outsourced to a digital marketing agency your hotel marketing manager doesn’t need high-level SEO training. Hotel GMs and CFOs might think that a 20% revPAR improvement because of SEO is good but what a GM might not know is if his/her marketing manager knew more about SEO, then setting and holding the SEO department of digital marketing agencies to account might have resulted in a 200% improvement. Here’s a photo of a 5 star beachfront hotel in Bali that rolled out the red carpet for my family for a week in exchange for an hour of my time in their boardroom with my laptop PC plugged into their digital projector. The GM and all the hotel’s executives listened to my SEO seminar in Bali. I went over their web pages starting with HTML view and SEO analysis of their hotel web pages.

    SEO for Bali hotel marketing.

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    Here’s an example of one of my many hotel SEO winners:

    Hotel marketing Asia


    Example of a COMPETITIVE phrase SERP winner.

    Phone me, Ben Grummels, SEO expert in Perth Australia, author of this web page and former relief manager of the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort, any time you want to divert commissions from OTAs to invest in your own Perth hotel marketing.

    SEO For Direct Hotel Bookings

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