Keyword reseach Perth


Keyword research/keyword analysis should be the first essential step in Perth for:

  • business planning in choosing a
    • brand name
    • trading name
    • company name
  • choosing the best IP such as trademarks and domain names
  • sharing with:
  • Good site structure development. Site structure is important not only for humans but SEO too.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

From your analytics, you might know what words site visitors searched for to get to your site but without keyword research, you might not discover other important search phrases that are driving traffic to your competitors’ site but not yours.

It’s also important that keyword research is managed by a local Perthite because we know the local Perth jargon and Perth business names/situations and places.

Keyword analysis report Perth.
Interesting difference between clicks, impressions and search volumes.

How Much Does Keyword Research Cost in Perth?

Because keyword research is so important to the future success in search engines, I’ve made it a loss leader @ $100 for 40 minutes of keyword research brainstorming. A further 20 minutes can be used for buying exact match domain name/s and redirecting them to your web page/s. If paying online for keyword research contact me if you haven’t heard back from me within 3 working days.

Price keyword research costs.

How is Keyword Research Done in Perth?

We, that’s you, I, stakeholders and maybe an ordinary consumer who does NOT know your industry jargon hold a 40-minute, keyword brainstorming session where web bounce keyword ideas off each other while interrogating search engines to check for search volumes and comparative search volumes.

I then batch similar phrases and synonyms from the list of keywords we develop and email them to you.

If you can’t meet in Perth or by phone to get the best keywords for SEO then complete this online form and I’ll email you a keyword research report.

Keyword research service Perth.


Keyword research is done in my Perth SEO office in Padbury or online meetings. If keyword brainstorming at your Perth office there’s a $50 callout fee.

Phone +61 8 9468 9771 for keyword research.

Local SEO Perth office location.
Perth keyword search
Perth keyword search volumes compared to other Australian Cities.
Keyword research Australia.
Keyword research compared. Red shows more people in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, South Africa search for travel insurance than health insurance.


After sharing keyword research:

  1. Set up tracking performance of your target keywords. After all, if an SEO service provider can’t show continued improvement in SERPs while you keep forking out for that SEO investment, then it’s time to change SEO service provider, preferably an affordable, local Perth SEO specialist.
  2. Use keyword research to buy good domain name/s.
  3. Start hands on expert SEO in Perth.
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