What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation connects your brand and sales information with customers searching for what you sell.

What Is SEO? What does a Perth SEO business do?


Local affordable best expert SEO services Perth wide since 1999. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expertise is the specialty of Ben‘s SEO company in Perth. My top rated Perth SEO company also provides a range of other good free digital marketing services in Perth Western Australia for all SEO clients. It includes online advertising with quality, dofollow link juice that’s free with Perth’s cheapest SEO prices. Discount SEO for Perth’s not-for-profit organisations. Free SEO consultation for Perth charities. Let data analysis drive your SEO improvements.

  1. FREE SEO analysis for SEO reporting for problem finding/fixing.
  2. On-page SEO for WordPress websites in Perth.
  3. Introductory FREE SEO consultation at our Perth northern suburbs office.
  4. Free help SEO tips.  SEO strategy consultations.
  5. High-quality (PR/PA) FREE  dofollow back-links from popular Perth websites. Good relevant link juice to Perth sites.
  6. FREE linked pins on popular Google maps of Perth and Western Australia.


I’m Ben, an experienced SEO specialist at SEO Perth Expert. As you can see from the quality of my web design, it’s not what I do. However using best-practice search engine optimisation skills in Perth, I connect your brand and sales information with lots of the right customers searching for what you sell. (More information for beginners, in plain English, about what SEO does.)  My SEO experience started in 1995 after building the first website in the Kimberley. As a proven local SEO consultant in Perth, I’ve been doing full-time SEO Perth-wide since 1999. Therefore with that much specialty SEO experience, I’ve become a local SEO expert based in Perth Western Australia. I’m capable of taking your website from being lost in Cyberspace to one of the most popular sites in the world. Additionally, I do SEO at budget SEO prices with big SEO discounts for not-for-profit organisations in Perth. However, SEO price should not be your most important consideration.


Proven, winning SEO success and real, good, SEO reviews should be what you ask SEOers when choosing first-rate, freelance SEO services in Perth. Cost-effective SEO in Perth should be your most important selection criteria to start marking your website popular.

SEO training consultant Perth.
Ben Grummels SEO expert coaching Action business coaches in Perth


If you already have a good SEO service outsourced to a digital agency in Perth, or if you’re doing your own SEO, work with me to make your website’s SEO better. My SEO support services for marketing managers in Perth, helps set SEO KPIs and provides monthly SEO reports on how your outsourced digital marketing agency in Perth is performing. I taught the first SEO junior in Perth’s largest digital marketing agency. SEO is the best value of all our Perth digital marketing services. I can help with SEO consulting, setting, monitoring and reporting SEO KPIs of your digital agency. The problem with you dabbling in SEO without SEO training in Perth is that SEO rules have changed a lot. SEO competition is tough. You need to know a lot about SEO or you’ll get crushed to a fine powder.


Get 2X more revenue from organic search than other channels.
What is the best type of digital marketing?
What is the best type of digital marketing?

SEO was voted the best type of digital marketing by most professional digital marketers on Linkedin. However, the majority vote is not always the right digital marketing option for your marketing needs. For example, if you’ve only got a week to promote a weekend event like a rock concert, you’d be better off with search engine marketing (SEM, not to be confused with SEO marketing) and or social media marketing. Same if you want quick brand marketing to promote awareness of a new brand, for example your new website.

What is the best type of digital marketing?
What is the best type of digital marketing? A question I asked on Linkedin. The answer depends on your marketing needs.

Good SEO is data-driven. Market research, A/B testing, keyword research/search volumes, Google analytics and other analytical tools like aHrefs and MOZ all help make the best SEO strategies for your situation. 

Is it worth hiring a local SEO expert in Perth?

When it comes to website design and digital marketing, hiring an SEO expert in Perth can be a valuable asset to any business. As the most populous city in Western Australia and one of the largest cities in the country, Perth is home to a thriving tech industry with potential for success. With an ever-growing population and an abundance of businesses competing for online visibility, it’s essential to have an experienced SEO specialist on your side.

When it comes to SEO, there are many factors to consider – from website design and content strategy to technical aspects such as link building and keyword research. An experienced expert can help you create a comprehensive SEO plan that takes into account all of these elements, ensuring that your website ranks highly in relevant search engine results.

Not only can an SEO expert help you get your website seen, they can also use their expertise to ensure that your content is engaging and relevant to your target audience. This means that visitors will be more likely to stay on your site longer, leading to increased conversions and a higher return on investment (ROI).


Currently, SEO Perth is offering free webpage analysis and reporting.
Get an SEO consultant’s FREE SEO review report and free SEO recommendations for your site now before this free offer expires.

  1. Page title, description meta tag, “H” tags, copywriting, etc reporting.
  2. Broken links report.
  3. Page load speed score, fix SEO tips and resources.
  4.  Your website’s domain rating
  5. Number and quality of backlink juice to your site.


In 2024 our SEO expert in Perth is offering:

  1. FREE SEO analysis/reporting
  2. Free SEO consultations for Perth charities.
  3. SEO discount prices for local Perth businesses.
  4. 50% discount SEO for Perth’s not-for-profit organisations including not-for-profit business organisations.

We’ll expertly fix the SEO problems of your web pages.

  1. Broken links
  2. Page titles and meta tags
  3. Slow page load speed
  4. H tags
  5. Bad for SEO copywriting
  6. Your image alt tags, etc.

Phone Ben on 0418 958 799 to secure expertly delivered freelance SEO services in Perth WA, on time and within budget with guaranteed SEO results.

Additionally, FREE online advertising includes free banner ad design, advertorials, video ads, video marketing, map marketing and THE best dofollow link juice in Perth from some of Perth’s most popular websites. With any SEO plan, you get free linked pins on my popular, SEO-winning Google maps (8M views) including the most popular Google Map of Perth which has had 2.5M views. In addition free pins on my Google winning specialist maps such as the Real Estate Map of Perth.  This SEO of support is only for Perth-owned websites or businesses in Perth that employ Perthites.

AI copywriting services Perth.

The first step in SEO at our Perth office is keyword research. From that, IP such as domain names and trademarks can be considered. After that, a good site structure developed. Cornerstone pages set and targeted. Our page is organic SERP first for “copywriting for seo australia”. Our copywriting for SEO Perth expert will leave as much copywriting your copywriter for persuasion wrote but words like “welcome” which no one searches for, will be dealt with. If the words you want to win aren’t on the page, you can’t expect a search engine to give you position. Is AI copywriting for SEO bad? Don’t believe the BS. Read the link to the Google page about AI copy for SEO.

Premium Perth domain name registration for SEO

Helping you buy the best domain names for your Perth business which usually reflect what you do and where (Perth). Eg housesaleperth.com.au, webdesignerperth.com, realestateagentperth.com and 500 other premium domain names for sale. If we don’t have the domain name you want we’ll let you know where you can buy cheap Perth domain names for good SEO.

Google My Business Perth.

First named Google Places, then Google My Business (GMB) and now Google Business Profile (GBP) is a big free-kick by Google. GMB is the best of Google’s local Perth online marketing free support services in one place. Our SEO expert helps Perth businesses/organisations set-up and ongoing management of their GMB. Google “gmb help perth” to see my old page top of page one. Google charged its GMB brand name to Google Business Profile (GBP)

Social media marketing done skillfully by a professional is worthwhile. However, the best value return on marketing investment, most profitable at exploding traffic comes from “organic” search results. If you don’t show on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP) when people search for what you sell, it’s a big waste of your marketing investment and your time. Social media marketing is better at conversions but if you don’t have a lot of followers then SEO marketing has a much bigger reach.

Digital marketing in Perth is not only about SEO or Social media marketing. It’s about a good marketing mix suited to your Perth business. If it’s B2C, get good SEO and a good professional local Perth-based social media marketer. However, if your business is more about B2B, then SEO is the best option. 


SEO sales job Perth

Businesswomen in Perth might bounce out of this web page at the sight of this sexist photo. Just as bad though is the common tactic of Perth digital marketing agencies sending out seductive road warriors to seduce Perth business people into signing up to expensive SEO contracts. Worse big digital agencies in Perth use these sales/client liaison reps as go-betweens the SEO specialist and the client. That causes communication delays and messages distorted or lost in Chinese whispers. That’s why it’s best to communicate DIRECTLEY with the local Perth SEO expert doing your SEO. What you need to asked SEO sales people is: ‘what COMPETITIVE phrases have you, or the SEO company you’re selling for, achieved for your clients?
SEO companies in Perth are not the same. Some resort to “push marketing” and SEM (Search Engine Marketing, a la paid ads) which goes against the ideals of SEO, a form of “pull marketing”.

Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.

Off-page Perth SEO company services include content marketing:

1. Article writing/copywriting for SEO in Perth and posting by influencers.

2. Best natural, quality, “DOfollow” link building in Perth. are exceptionally good because links are from our VERY POPULAR, relevant PERTH websites to your PERTH business. We most likely already have a related to your business, Perth web page with high PR/PA/UR scores ready to go with your free online advertising and …

3. If we don’t have a page relevant to your business, we’ll make one on our Perth website.

4. If you don’t have a banner ad ready to go, our creative designer will design one for free. Best of all our powerful backlink juice is free for all my SEO clients.

5. Social sites only provide “nofollow” links. However when we embed your videos on our pages. I will add a do-follow link to your website below the video. Additionally, we’ll add your videos to our popular Perth YouTube channels.

There are many types of digital marketing such as:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), eg paying search engines for online ads on their SERPs. The famous brand of SEM pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is Adwords.
  2. Social media optimisation (SMO, Social media marketing), 
  3. SEO marketing, including adroit copywriting for SEO. (My old page is Google first for “copywriting for seo australia”)
  4. Email marketing is a form of push marketing, like flyers stuffed in your letterbox
  5. Map marketing
  6. Content marketing includes Video marketing and persuasive copywriting. (compromise is needed between copy for persuasion and copy for SEO) and Creative graphic design. (I manage graphic designers in digital marketing agencies.)
  7. SEO for online reputation management.
  8. Influencers‘ brand marketing online. (My old page is Google first for “brand marketing australia“)
  9. Online advertising in the form of Pay Per Click marketing – eg Google’s Adwords.
  10. Review marketing

See our old, popular 4 Web Marketing site for digital marketing in Perth Australia

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SEO Brand Marketing Perth.
SEO supports brand marketing


Local, affordable, best SEO company in Perth with demonstrable SEO achievements. A service where you can visit an Australian, local SEO office in Perth or pick up the phone and speak directly with the SEO expert rather than an intermediary like an SEO salesperson/client liaison/account manager or ticket system.

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