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Below is a photo of me, Ben Grummels hard at work for 10 years on Motu Maina, an uninhabited islet on the Aitutaki island lagoon barrier reef where I feed tourists with freshly caught fish BBQed on the beach.

Ben Grummels SEO Perth

I ran up every coconut tree on the islet to give fresh juice to my tourist passengers. Nowadays I provide good free link juice for my SEO clients, most of which are in Perth. Click the drone video of where my fleet of yachts took tourists sailing most days for 10 years on the Aitutaki Lagoon.

I owned and managed the largest watersports company in the country on the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. It had a fleet of yachts, a game fishing boat and hire cars. It was my first experience in marketing. I knew I had a great and affordable lagoon sailing tour. I just needed to let tourists know about it. So years BG (Before Google), I gave a lot of fam tours to hospitality industry executives and other influencers such as prime ministers and travel writers like Tony Wheeler, founder of the Lonely Planet travel guides. With recent 2024 news of direct flights from Australia to the Cook Islands you might like to join my 6K member Aitutaki Facebook group. That’s not bad influence considering my island home of 10 years in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean only has a population of about 1,800 people.

One Foot Island Aitutaki.

You’ll get the best SEO in Perth with me, the owner/manager, not telemarketers who pass leads to road warriors to stitch you up with contracts for their high commissions.

Photo of Ben Grummels SEO Perth expert
Photo of Ben Grummels, SEO expert in Perth. I enjoy family time. I Work hard at SEO week days but NOT ON WEEKENDS.
My uncle Ben Grummels Snr.
I was named after my uncle Ben Grummels Snr who died in the defence of Australia, over the Timor Sea at the helm of his Darwin based B25 after a boming raid on Dili.
Ben's mum


For decades my mother Joyce (nee Spier) Parkes (IM 1930-2020) was a prominent Perth businesswoman and widely published writer. For decades, Ian Parkes (IM) owned and ran the biggest advertising agency in Perth. Through my upbringing, he was the best stepdad anyone could wish for. My father John Grummels Snr owned and operated a crop spraying business in Western Australia with 5 Tiger Moths and Cessna planes. He was the first pilot to land at Jandicot airport in an ultralight plane he built at home in Floreat Park. My dad and uncle Ben were B25 bomber pilots. Ben Grummels senior was shot to death by Jap Zero fighter planes while at the helm of his bomber over the Timor Sea in the defence of Australia. My maternal grandfather, died a prisoner in a Jap Hell Ship, torpedoed off the coast of Sumatra while his brother died as a Jap slave on the Burma railway line in Thailand.


In 1994 I built the first website in the Kimberley while a TAFE Centre manager for Kimberley College of TAFE at Bidyadanga, La Grange Bay Western Australia. I was finding out why early search engines like Alta Vista were listing some pages ahead of others in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Self-taught online SEO training and testing was my only option in the remote outback of Australia.  In 1976 and 2m tall in a town with no TV, I played basketball for Broome with Phil Matsumoto as my coach.



Tigermoth aeroplanes Perth.
My first dad (second from right) was a B25 bomber pilot, RFD pilot and owned a fleet of Tigermoth biplanes in Perth. He took my sister Barbara and I for loop the loop joy flights over Maylands aerodrome.
Ian Parkes.

My second great dad, Ian Parkes, captain of the Western Australian polo team, taught me how to ride bicycles and horses. Took me camping in the Western Australian outback with our friend and my art teacher Bob Juniper. Ian was the owner of the Parkes Clemenger advertising agency in Perth for decades. I remember he took me to his skyscraper office in Perth’s St Georges Terrace office.

Education In Perth

Kindergarten started at North Beach Primary School where my kids attended school. Grade 2 at Subiaco Primary School. Grade 3 at Floreat Park Primary School. Grade 4, 5, 6, 7 at Darlington Primary School. 

While at Guildford Grammar School my private tuition was by my Darlington next-door neighbour, Jan Holmes A Court, a UWA science graduate.

In 1974 I gained a Diploma in Applied Science (Chemistry).

1990-1993 I did short minerals processing courses while I managed the labs at Curtin University‘s Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) Kalgoorlie. There I used the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet). That morphed into the Internet.

Guildford Grammar School
Photo of Guildford Grammar School were I attended high school in Perth.


My business experience started as owner/manager of the largest watersports company on the Pacific Island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands. I realised that marketing and networking is the key to business success. I led the way with sailing tours and game fishing businesses to transfrom the decaying island agricultural economy into a world-famous booming hospitality industry. After ten years on Aitutaki, I returned to Australia.  

Through 1994 I trained Arab oil technicians at the Qatar General Petroleum Corporation’s Vocational Training Centre in Doha. My royal friends Mohammed Al Thani and Nasser Al Thani are leading businessmen in Qatar.

On returning to WA, as a Kimberley College of TAFE Centre manager, I built the first website in the Kimberley in 1995.

Vocational training at Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, Doha, Qatar.
Vocational training at Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, Doha, Qatar.

SEO Business Perth Since 1999

In the late 1990s, I worked as a Science, CAD, Computer Programing, and Career Guidance teacher in Bunbury Western Australia. (My friend Michael Pepper came out of retirement in 2020 to be principal at Bunbury).  I returned to Perth in 1999 on the dole for a few weeks until I was offered the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). It was dole money that helped the unemployed to develop a business plan and survive while setting up a business. My first NEIS bureaucrat in East Perth didn’t believe that SEO as a business would work. I did, so I changed my Perth business mentor to Julie Richardson. She had faith in me and understood in the early days of the internet that SEO as a business in Perth would be needed.

Before the days of Content Management Systems (CMS), I developed my 4 Web Marketing website about digital marketing. It is still, without much attention, organic SERP first for many competitive phases. My digital marketing specialty is SERP-winning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I reckon you get the best value marketing investment out of your marketing budget with SEO which, according to market research, delivers twice as many visitors than any other marketing channel. That’s why I built this website in 2020 to focus on my Perth SEO expertise. As you can see I’m not much of a designer.
What is the best type of digital marketing?

Lucky for me most web designers in Perth don’t know much about SEO and vice versa. As an SEO specialist in Perth, I do SEO consulting and hands-on expert SEO for WordPress sites from our office in Perth’s northern suburbs. During the Christmas school holidays, I continue with SEO for my Perth monthly SEO clients from my home office in the remote mountains of northeast Thailand where high-speed internet access (HSIA) is 115mb/s. A 10-minute walk south of my office, the jungle is full of wild monkeys.

Grummels Familie in Nederlands

Dutch family of Ben Grummels family Nederlands, Netherlands

Ben Grummels is my Dutch family (in photo above) name. I’m a family man who enjoys surfing, mostly at Trigg Point, sailing,  cycling, fishing, gardening, and travel. Some of my favourite travel destinations near Perth are Dunsborough, Rottnest Island and Bali.

Ben Grummels Perth. Teaching Titan digital's first SEOer
Teaching Titan's first SEO junior. Sam ( and I still work together.
Contact Ben Grummels SEO
I love surfing at Trigg Point.
Best Perth beach.
A Perth beach 100m near my home of 10 years at Trigg.


Besides working on SEO Western Australia wide, Ben has also done:

Many years of volunteer work including as an Australian Volunteer International and to this day is a firm believer in not only business development but business development supporting community development.

Ben and wife Suree volunteer and donate to CSR causes in Perth and internationally.

Ben Grummels CSR Thailand

We started our 2020 CSR in Thailand.

Digital Marketing Perth

While SEO is my specialty we do other types of digital marketing in Perth. If I’m too busy SEOing I’ll refer you to digital marketing experts in Perth in their particular specialties as social media marketing. I can train you in Social Media Marketing but are too busy with SEO to do a lot of SMM. Also, we can recommend Perth experts in maintaining and updating your web hosting so that your site runs smoothly after server or WordPress updates.

  1. Best Digital Marketing Perth including but not limited to our expert specialty of SEO.
  2. 4 Web Marketing‘s old digital marketing website.
  3. IP buying for clients:
    1. Keyword-rich, exact match, premium domain names.
    2. Australian Trademark registration application filing.
  4. A little bit of social media marketing including a little bit of video marketing. The videos were taken with a small 10-year-old camera I carry in the black bag (photo above) and have had over 2 million views. It’s not that the video production is good, it’s that I SEO the videos and embed them on popular, SEO winning pages.
  5. Map marketing.
  6. Part-time professional development for students wanting to improve their computer software skills in Perth.
  7. Google My Business help. Most clients don’t use the full potential of GMB. I show them how or if they’re too busy they make me an owner (not primary owner) or communications manager in Perth of their GMB.
SEO selection criteria
Results of a Linkedin poll of marketers who think SEO is the best value type of digital marketing.


Everything except family are for sale. That includes my 300 keyword rich, premium exact match domain names mostly with the word “perth” in them, with or without my popular Perth websites. Make a realistic price offer and these popular domain name web assets for sale are yours. Check the popularity of sites via  Also many of our sites and their current popularities are listed on the first tab of my Google sheet of site popularity. I tracked many Perth websites for site popularity until after 25 years, Amazon’s Alexa stopped their site popularity reporting service.5


  1. FREE House for Sale Online Advertising Perth.

    House sale advertising Perth.

  2. List of Perth Businesses. (An old but popular site providing good free dofollow backlink juice to my  Perth clients)
  3. Old but popular website about Scarborough Beach, the best Perth beach.
    Scarborough Beach Perth.
    Scarborough Beach Perth.
  4. Affordable web designer Perth WA.
  5. VR photo and VR Video production Perth.
  6. Before you sell or buy property in Perth you should get expert, free property valuations in Perth. After your Perth house sells, hire a Perth settlement agent to securely transfer funds to your bank account or to arrange for the land title deed to the buyer.


East Perth hotels near Perth stadium.
East Perth hotels near Perth stadium.
  1. Hotels near Perth stadium.
  2. Best accommodation Perth wide.
  3. Book hotels Perth wide online. A $500 outsourced web design.
  4. Best beach hotels Perth near Perth’s best beaches.
  5. Hotel and beach house holiday rental accommodation Dunsborough. It’s the closest holiday rental near the beach at Dunsborough.
    Beachfront holiday rental accommodation Dunsborough WA
  6. New 2024 Apartments for sale Perth WA
  7. An 18-year-old site belonging to Ben’s friend Pat O’Shea, the best accountant in Perth WA.
  8. Thai business agent/business representative in Perth Australia.
  9. Beach hotel accommodation Gold Coast.
  10. In 2023 I gave my 11yo daughter Lily a bit of SEO training in Perth after teaching her how to build a WordPress website: Yes loans Perth. The next hour I tought Lily Ai copywriting for her Yes Loans Perth and the web page she made Ai copywriting for SEO Perth which is Google first for that phrase. We had so much fun when she used Ai to make my photo on that page look younger. 

Some of My Old Non-Perth Websites

  1. Ben’s Google Map of Western Australia.
  2. Where I lived for 10 years on the South Pacific paradise island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands. as an Australian Volunteer Abroad and owner of the largest watersports business in the Cook Islands.
    Aitutaki Cook Islands.
  3. Hotel accommodation Mandurah which is now part of Perth and a popular summer holiday destination for Perthites is only one hour’s drive south of the Perth CBD.
  4. Home loans Australia, an old site needing attention.
  5. Beachfront hotel accommodation Gold Coast QLD. 
  6. Google Map of the World or my Google map of holiday beach hotel destinations which has had half a million views.
    World map beach holiday hotels.
  7.  Accommodation near city airports, beaches, lakes, rivers, landmarks, and events. It’s part of my hotel marketing Australia wide.


  1. Mekong River Cruise.
  2. Accommodation Bali
  3. Hotel Marketing Asia (Google 1st for that phrase)
    1. Hotel marketing Bali (1st)
    2. 2nd for Hotel marketing Thailand
    3. Hotel marketing Singapore (1st)
Shoulder rotator cuff surgery Perth.

Don’t put up with chronic shoulder pain in Perth. Make an appointment to assess your shoulder pain or hip pain treatment in Perth. You might not need a surgical option but if you do need hip or shoulder rotator cuff surgery in Perth then Professor Dr William Blakeney is a recommended orthopaedic surgeon in Perth with expertise in rotator cuff surgery and hip surgery.


ACL sergery Perth by expert ACL sergeon in Perth.
ACL sergery Perth by expert ACL sergeon in Perth.

ACL surgery in Perth is what I had after playing basketball on Aitutaki. Years ahead I might need a knee replacement in Perth. I recommend Dr Meyerkort, expert orthopaedic surgeon in Perth who specialises in treating chronic knee pain.

Good dental implants in Perth western suburbs.

Price dental implants Perth.

Choose from one of 3 dental implant clinic locations in Perth’s western suburbs for expert dental implanting services.

Fall detection alarm sales Australia.

Get peace of mind knowing that while you’re working or holidaying that if an emergency happens that a fall detection or press of a button will send a message to designated mobile phones for carers to go to the rescue of your elderly loved ones.

There are so many interesting things to do in Perth for tourists and locals. With Perth’s fine weather there are even more opportunities to do things Perth wide.

  1. Go surfing in Perth at one of many good Perth beaches.
    Ben Grummels SEO
    Ben Surfing Trigg Point
  2. Catch fish in season and see the Google fishing map via the fishing Perth website. Beach fishing, spearfishing and boat fishing Perth WA.
  3. Eat good local Perth food at a restaurant in Perth or eat local food and drink local wine on a guided Swan Valley Wine Tour day trip with pickup from Perth hotels.
    Wine tours Swan Valley
  4. Activities of some of the best things to do in the Swan Valley.
  5. Plan a trip from Perth to Western Australia using the interactive Google Map of Western Australia.
Fremantle Perth
Fremantle Perth
  • Visit historic Fremantle or take a walk along the Sunset Coast from Scarborough Beach to experience things to do at Hillarys Boat Harbour.
  • Go for a picnic in the Perth Hills
  • Listen to live Perth music.
  • Watch sport or attend a concert at Perth Stadium.
  • Cycling near Perth’s rivers and lakes is easy because Perth is on a flat coastal plain.
    Cycling Perth.
    Cycling Perth.
  • On the Swan River’s “Perth Waters” and the Indian Ocean there are plenty of options to go sailing.
  • My good stepdad taught me how to ride a bicycle at Scarborough Beach and a horse in the Perth Hills at Darlington where we lived. He was captain of the Western Australian polo team. Horse riding Perth‘s bushland, especially when Spring flowers bloom is a good family activity in Perth.



Some of my Perth property domain names linking to my Perth clients.

Advertising new release blocks of vacant land for sale Perth wide. Land is for sale near Perth’s northern Beach under $200,000 and less than an hour’s drive to/from Perth. It’s one of the best fully developed Perth land sale deals. A bit further north is even more affordable land for sale in Perth near a marina and Perth beaches. Buying land for sale in Perth is the first step in home ownership. Next is finding a new home builder in Perth to build your dream home. Alternatively, if you want a turn-key solution you could buy a house and land package in Perth near the beach. Then comes the sale of your old home so that you can finance the purchase of your new home by the beach. Firstly you might want property valuation in Perth to get a current 2022 market value of your Perth house. Then use the services of a real estate agent in Perth such as REMAX, a good real estate agent in Perth’s northern suburbs with a head office at Hillarys Boat Harbour to sell your old house. Alternatively you might DIY house sales in Perth.

Good property management Perth.

Good property management services business in Perth’s northern suburbs by good property managers based at their office in Perth’s northern suburb of Stirling.

House renovations Perth.

Outdoor and indoor renovations Perth-wide by the best home improvement services company in Perth. Improve the look and function of your home with good Perth renovation projects such as new exposed aggregate concrete driveway construction, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and home office renovations. by the best Perth office renovation business.

Hire Perth’s best builder specialising in design and construction of the best second story home extensions in Perth‘s northern suburbs.

New home building company Perth specialising in granny flats and second storey home extentions.

Add value to your home with second floor additions upward to save building out your back yard.
Advertising for small Perth building companies.

Vacant land for sale near Perth beaches.

Real estate agent Perth.
for the benefits of free property linked pins on the Google winning map of real estate agents in Perth.

2023 free local tradie online advertising. Get listed on my new website. I need listing to provide a service for people searching for a local tradie in your area. Tell your tradie friends it’s free listings in 2023 and there after free lead and a much smaller annual advertising fee than the competition. Pluse better feautures such as getting found on the Tradie Map of Australia


Alan Dawson’s All Nation Finance broker in Perth approves business loans in Perth quickly and easily because he does the paperwork for you and finds the lowest interest-rate business loan, or personal loan or construction loan deals in Perth.

mining equipment finance Perth.

If your TV aerial is too broken to provide a good enough signal quality for your HD, 4K or 8K digital TV Derek will replace your broken TV aerial with a new digital TV antenna that your TV deserves.

COMMERCIAL MATV SERVICE BUSINESS PERTH for connecting one roof top TV antenna to multiple TVs in for example an apartment block in Perth or at a mine site camp.


Online advertising for Perth building companies.
Online advertising for Perth building companies.

Cheap online advertising for Perth builders, small Perth building companies and building material supply businesses.

Vacate clean and paint property maintenance Perth.

Perth property managers and landlords hire Vacate Clean and Paint services to quickly ready your property investment in Perth for your next tenant.

Hire the best gardening business services by the best gardener in Perth's southern suburbs.
Hire the best gardening business services by the best local gardener in Perth's southern suburbs.


Hire the best gardening services by the best local gardener in Perth's northern suburbs.
Hire the best gardening services by the best local gardener in Perth’s northern suburbs.
Mobile mechanic Perth.

Phone 9440 0000 to have a Perth mobile mechanic rescue you from a car breakdown or to do a regular car service at home or work.



Perth office fitout.
Perth office fit out with demountable floor-to-ceiling partitions.

Affordably priced prefabricated office partitions made in Perth with internal cabling ready to go for fast office fitouts for minimal office disruption on weekends/holidays.


Office renovation Perth.
Office renovation Perth.

Affordably priced office renovations Perth WA include office interior design, demolition and office fitout according to the Perth office interior design you choose from the AR (augmented reality) office design.



Savour the taste of Spain at your next event with our mobile Spanish paella catering services in the Margaret River Region. Delight in our gluten and nut free options. Perfect for weddings and events in Perth, Mandurah, Margaret River Region. Dunsborough, Yallingup, and beyond – deliciously affordable

Spanish Paella Perth.
Spanish Paella Perth.


Specialist Spanish food catering service in Perth for special events and business event food catering by experienced European catering chefs based in Perth.

Perth paella catering.
Perth paella catering.

Photo of perfect delicious paella wedding party catering at Yallingup in the Margaret River Region. The Spanish Casa mobile catering service in Perth will drive down south to cater for your party or business event.



Specialist Italian food catering service in Perth for special events and corporate food catering by experienced Italian catering chefs based in Perth’s western suburbs.

Best Italian restaurant Perth.
Best Italian restaurant Perth.


Digital marketing for Australian escort websites. It’s a popular escort website with free online escort advertising for independent Australian and NZ escorts. Online advertising for Australian escort agencies too.  Be a well-looked-after companion. Ladies and gentlemen wanted. Free marketing for Perth escorts.
Sexy eseort services Australia Should this be in the fun things to do in the Perth section of this web page? Easy fun well-paid as an escort in Perth WA. Advertise to be wined and dined with good rewards. Click the big escort job advertising/promotion application button for free promotion of your escorting services. FREE ESCORT ONLINE ADVERTISING

Cheap web designer Perth
Affordably priced web design services in Perth for good creative webs designed as a good starting point for future search engine optimisation (SEO). Other web design benefits include:

  1. Responsive web design in Perth means your webpages resize and change shape to fit the device (eg phone) used to view your responsive web pages.
  2. Free after-sales service.
  3. Free keyword research before web design starts to help with website structure development.


Shows the Google Map of Perth doctor and GP clinic locations in Perth

Both hospitals and GP clinics show on the Google Map of Perth

Trade mark registration Australia services and other IP services in Perth.
IP services Perth AustraliaTrade mark registraion service Perth Australia



Monthly SEO Plan clients get free linked pins on Google Maps. Google has Google maps while Ben has Ben’s popular Google Maps. 
  1. Meta Map of Google Maps is a map of maps showing Ben’s different Google Maps.
  2. Google Map of Perth all my clients get free linked pins.
  3. Google Map of Western Australia. All our clients get free linked pins. Map pins can have photos and or videos.
  4. Real estate agents on the Google map of Perth.
  5. Google map of world’s best beach hotels.
  6. Tourist map of hotel accommodation Perth.
  7. Map of Youtube travel videos.
  8. All sorts of maps of Australia.
  9. Perth Car dealers map. Find a Perth car dealer near me is a common search phrase.
  10. Google street map of Singapore.
  11. Perth is HQ for the world’s biggest mining companies. See mine sites on the Google map of mines. which helps mining company marketing.
  12. Google map of hotel accommodation Perth WA.
  13. Google map of India.
  14. See where Ben learned to surf on the Australian surfing spots map.
  15. Tourist Map of Europe
  16. Map of Scarborough Beach Perth powered by Google.
  17. Private schools in Perth on Google Map.
  18. Tradie locations Map.


The following are some of my redirected domain names that in time will have websites built for them.

  1. Free web listing for Real Estate Agencies Perth WA and my old Real Estate Agent Perth. REAP listings include linked pins on the Google winning map of real estate agents in Perth WA. My might also be turned into its own website
  2. and and are my Perth land for sale domain names which will be better used in future for the promotion of land for sale in Perth by Perth property developers and private Perth land sellers.
  3. Domain Name Registration Australia is for now a one-page website. Protect your IP but before you buy keyword-rich, premium, exact match domain names and or apply for Australian trademark registration, get our low price $40, 40-minute keyword research and report. It’s the best value SEO service I do.
  4. Sell or buy used cars Perth WA.
  5. Having worked for Curtin University’s WA School of Mines in Kalgoogle Ben is a rare person who understands mining and marketing. If you’re considering a career in mining, here’s a list of different types of mining consultants in Perth.
  6. The new home building industry in Perth is booming at the time of writing but when the downturn comes we’re here to help new home builders in Perth with digital marketing for Perth builders‘ and house renovators in Perth websites, including free online advertising listings on my new Australian tradie services search engine/directory good backlink juice from our 

Q: What is a domainer?
A: A domainer is a person or business which buys and sells premium domain names. I’m one with over 500 exact-match premium domain names for sale, many about Perth.


For your sake, make sure you do keyword research brainstorming with an SEO expert BEFORE you start with your local Perth web designer. Some tips for web development planning.


As with all SEO, destination marketing, destination SEO starts with a $40 keyword research report emailed to you. 

Keyword Research Perth
Keyword research example shows Bali is the most popular international travel destination in southeast Asia for Western Australians.


With Perth being so close to ASEAN destinations, and with a mother born on Java, Indonesia, I’ve had a close association with Southeast Asia.

  • I’ve trained GM Urs Klee’s hotel executives about digital hotel marketing in Bali at the luxurious Nusa Dua Beach hotel and Spa.  Also luxury beachfront hotel accommodation Bali Indonesia. Includes Kuta Beach hotels,   Nusa Dua Hotels and Seminyak hotels. Photos, experiences, videos, photos, Google map of Bali, review, book online.
    Urs Klee hotel manager, Nusa Dua Hotel Bali.
  • Our Thai home is on the south bank of the Mekong River from Vientiane so here’s my Hotels Vientiane for those planning a holiday to Laos.
  • I worked in hot, humid Doha, Qatar for a year. For a good London – Australia flight stopovers, luxury hotels Dubai UAE and KL hotels are good travel options.

Cruise from your hotel in Vientiane up the Mekong River, stopping at the ancient capital of Luang Prabang and beyond into the heart of Southeast Asia at the Golden Triangle or cruise downstream.

Upper Mekong River Cruise Vientiane Luang Prabang.
Upper Mekong River Cruise Vientiane Luang Prabang.


Ben and Thai wife Suree have two kids. We have interests in Thailand which shows on Map of Thailand and my videos of Thailand. My grand uncle William Spier, died in Thailand as a Jap slave.

    1. Our Thai dad died in 2019 so we sold our house in Nong Khai, Thailand near Vientiane. The planned high-speed rail (HSR) train from China to Singapore passes less than 10 km, from good property investment in Nong Khai which is set to BOOM!
    2. Kayaking Thailand
    3. Fishing Thailand
    4. While Phuket is one of our favourite holiday destinations in Thailand Krabi is my absolute favourite. More than tropical islands of paradise. Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is good too. Book online hotel accommodation Krabi for the best holiday in Thailand.
    5. Tips for those with the job of hotel marketing manager in Thailand
    7.  Get good value, long term house rentals in Thailand

See site popularity charts via Data source: Alexa, owned by the richest man in the world but went away in May 2022 after 25 year of service. Call my phone number +61 418 958 799 for a free SEO KPI check eg:

SEO KPI report Perth.
SEO KPI report Perth.

 and free SEO for your site consultation.


I’m a 2023 member of the

  1. Old Guildfordians Association. Life member.
  2. Duncraig Senior High School P&C. Their biggest fundraiser is from their canteen. They also sell entertainment voucher sales.

While not-for-profit organisations are offered 20% discounts so too are their members including fellow members of the organisations I’m a member of. I’m a tall skinny guy so look out for me at networking funtions and ask for your SEO discount or phone me.

Australian Institute of Management member Perth Western Australia.
Stirling Business Association Members
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