SEO Strategy Planning Perth

Comprehensive SEO Strategy Planning in Perth

Are you looking for an SEO strategy that will put your business on the first page of search results?

Winning best SEO strategy ideas and advice from an experienced SEO advisor/consultant in Perth with good search engine optimisation methods.

Let me at SEO Perth help you with a good SEO strategy. Our team of local experienced SEO support professionals in Perth can create a custom-tailored approach to boost your website traffic and improve organic rankings through a strategic method that is based on extensive research data. We’ll craft the perfect game plan to ensure maximum visibility and search engine success for your online venture.

Free SEO analysis reports Perth.
Free SEO analysis reports Perth.

Free SEO analysis reports Perth.

Our complete package includes customized strategies, detailed campaigns, measurable activities, reliable tracking tools and suggested adjustments as needed so you can get the most out of every penny spent. All resources are specially picked with an eye towards making sure our clients get their desired results in due time – without compromising quality or burning through budgets faster than needed!


The saying content is king is so true when it comes to SEO. Since 2022 I’ve been using AI copywriting to help with crafting the best informative, interesting copywriting as part of content production which proceeds content marketing for winning SEO strategies. You wouldn’t be reading this web page if it wasn’t for the AI help in producing it.

AI copywriting services Perth.
AI copywriting services Perth.

AI copywriting services Perth.

Phone 0418958799 to hire Ben, an expert for comprehensive SEO strategy planning services in Perth for up-to-date advice with help in planning SEO strategies for SEO campaigns that are tailored to your business needs.


SEO For Direct Hotel Bookings

HOW TO REDUCE DEPENDENCY ON ONLINE TRAVEL AGENTS (OTA) THROUGH DIRECT HOTEL MARKETING List Direct Marketing Channels for Hotels 1. Paid search: Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo! Search Marketing 2. Social media marketing: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads 3. Email marketing: Newsletter distribution, personalised messages and automated campaigns 4. Content marketing: Blogging, […]

Latest Google Update

What is Google’s new Helpful Content Update? Google’s Helpful Content Update is a new algorithm update designed to reward websites that produce high-quality content written to provide interesting content often to answer Google search questions. In 2023 Google’s latest core update rewards the ranking of pages that deliver more value compared to existing web pages […]

Social Media Marketing Vs SEO

SEO Compared to Social Media Marketing PROS AND CONS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COMPARED TO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION When considering the most effective digital marketing campaign to maximize a good return on investment (ROI) it’s good to think about targeting Social Media Marketing (SMM) aka “LinkBait” or to use traditional SEO link building and online […]


If you’ve got a or or then you’re in the box seat for buying $9 .au domain names released in 2022. eg I bought and redirected it to my Google map of Perth which has had 1.5M views. I resell premium domain names including .au domains, many with the word “perth” in […]

How To Get Backlinks

14 ways how to get more quality backlink juice for better SEO. What incentive to get webmasters to link to my site? Backlinks are an important search engine ranking signal. Natural acquisition of relevant to your website from quality web pages is good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ).  Following are 14 ways on […]

Image Search Optimisation

GOOD CONTENT MARKETING TIP Not SEO but Image Search Optimisation ISO. You’d be surprised at how many people in Australia use Google’s image search, to see photos of a hotel room, or restaurant food etc. TIPS FOR IMPROVING IMAGES IN SEARCH RESULTS Rename your image files that for example come out of a camera with a […]

Simple Website Design for Fast Loading Web Pages

PAGE LOAD SPEED, A SEARCH ENGINE RANKING SIGNAL If designing websites with a CMS like WordPress, keep it simple for fast-loading web pages. SEO tip: Use lightweight plugins or don’t use plugins.  Plugins add easy functionality so don’t delete too many, just the heavy-weight plugins. When searching for new plugins, always use the word “LIGHTWEIGHT“. WHY FAST-LOADING […]


TIPS FOR SEO MARKETING COMPANIES I know that SEO is THE best value type of digital marketing. Convincing prospective SEO clients in Perth is a challenge but here are some SEO marketing tips. Demonstrate how SEO gets our clients on page one of search engines for COMPETITIVE phrases. The best is a live demonstration at […]

Image Optimisation For SEO

WHY OPTIMISE IMAGES? There are two important reasons to optimise images for websites (not print media). To help images and therefore a path to your web page, to be found Page load speed is an IMPORTANT search engine ranking signal. The need for speed became more important for SEO because: Improving the user experience (UX). […]

Local SEO Perth

HISTORY OF GOOGLE’s LOCAL SEARCH Google, along with chaning/improving local search has changed its brand name for local search. Google Places GMB Google My Business GBP Google Business profile was introduced in 2022. WHY HIRE LOCAL SEO EXPERTS? Firstly local SEO experts in Perth know Perth. In addition, local SEO experts better understand how Google […]

Website Development Planning For Good SEO

Web development planning sets your website up for future easier and better performance in search engines. The first steps in good website planning for future web success in SEO include keyword research, good site structure and page structure of interesting content including: refer to keyword research and target phrases. good site structure planning good page structure IMAGE […]

Long Tail SEO Perth

WHAT IS LONG-TAIL SEO? Long tail seo is the targeting of niche phrases for a position on search engines. WHAT IS THE DISADVANTAGE OF LONG TAIL SEO? Low search volumes. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT? The advantage of long tail search engine optimisation is less competition for high value targeted marketing. HOW? How to do longtail […]

Setting Up Websites For Good SEO

The first step in setting up a new website for future good SEO success is ESSENTIAL keyword research. That leads to buying of good intellectual property such as exact match domain names and trademark/s. SITE DEVELOPMENT FOR GOOD SEO Fast loading Good looking CONTENT MARKETING: Create compelling content for site visitors to stay longer on […]

SEO Spelling Words

SPELLING FOR SEO SEO is mostly about words that search engines pickup on. Sometimes it’s important to target correct spelling instead of goovy brand name spelling and some times it’s worthwhile to target incorrect spelling, especially of generic words. CORRECT SPELLING FOR SEO CORRECT SPELLING VERSUS BRAND SPELLING SEO EXAMPLE It was bad weather so […]

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