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SEO strategies should start before your web design. It should be the first part of your first business plan with a local expert SEO consultant in Perth.

The IP such as domain names and Australian trade marks depend on your brand you plan and the objectives of your business.

First SEO Step BEFORE Web Design

The first step in successful SEO strategies should be market research and keyword research. We offer 40 minute, $40 keyword research to get you started down the right path to business success. This keyword research is shared with stakeholders, web designers, copywriters, influencers/brand ambassadors, PR agents, your advertising agency and SEOer like me. It helps me to build a site structure good for SEO.

It’s best batch similar phrases and build web pages for each batch of phrases. However most SEO clients in Perth come to me after their web designer has headed down the wrong SEO strategy path. It means more work restructuring and organising a web site.

Developing a good site structure is the second SEO tactic to be implemented. A good site structure without ‘dirty URLs” is important.


Good page structure for SEO is like a book with keywords of a particular, related focus in h tags and copywriting under each h tag. 

Think of h1 as the tile of a book.
H2 as chapter titles

H3 as section headings inside the chapter of a book.


All too often I see web designers use h tags and the style (CSS) of them for formatting only. This often results in non-keywords like “welcome” being big, bold and useless at the top of home pages, where the SEO factor of prominence is completely a wasted opportunity for something better.


H-tags for SEO
Schematic diagram of H-tags for SEO

SEO After Web Design

SEO after web design is finished includes applying the keyword research to selected web pages. We use a logical approach.

Cornerstone pages are identified and linked to by not only internal links (relative links) but also dofollow links from other websites (absolute links).

19% of Google searches return image based results.

SEO Secrets

There are many search engine ranking signals. We can’t tell you all of them now but if you make a free introductory SEO appointment in Perth, we’ll start with telling you the most important SEO factors, starting with your home page. It’s good for you to get an understanding of SEO strategies so that you can see what hasn’t been done and what needs to be done to get better performance out of your website investment.

SEO Strategies, SEO Tactics
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