Best Expert SEO Training in Perth WA

Enroll in 2024 affordable SEO training courses in Perth by an experienced teacher and SEO trainer.

I am a search engine optimisation expert who knows how to teach SEO. Hire me for best hands-on, affordably priced, one on one, or group SEO training in Perth by an 18-year experienced teacher and another 24 years full-time experienced SEO expert trainer in Perth. Improve your career with THE best SEO professional development in Perth.

It’s one thing being a geek, it’s another thing being a geek knowing how to teach SEO in PLAIN English AT YOUR PACE.

Can you imagine how it’ll be when you have the SEO skills, strategy and systems in place? When your online marketing is systemised and making sales allowing you to spend less time online and enjoy your business more.

SEO training price Perth

What is included in SEO training?

  • Keyword research training
  • Best domain name selection/buying
  • Selecting good value web hosting service providers. What to look for.
  • Selecting a good theme (template) website for SEO or what to do for custom websites.
  • Site structure planning
  • SEO analysis. How to search for SEO issues using the best SEO reporting online tools such as aHrefs.
  • On page SEO training such as:
    1. page titles
    2. description meta tags
    3. h tags
    4. copywriting for SEO training including optional how to use AI for SEO copywriting.
    5. how to add cornerstone pages
  • relative (internal linking) especially to cornerstone pages.
  • SEO analysis training.
  • Off-page SEO. Mostly link building:
  • How to assess quality backlink juice.
    • Content creation and content marketing.
      • Video marketing
      • SEO Youtube videos
      • Embedding Youtube videos on web pages while preserving page load speed. If you don’t have the correct plugin videos dramatically increase page load speed.
  • With SEO training on your site you’ll get the double benefit of not only getting SEO training but also free SEO for your Perth website.


  1. Explanation of your SEO exercises.
  2. I talk you through the SEO practice with your hands on the keyboard.
  3. SEO revision to build your confidence.
  4. We can practice on start from the beginning websites or your website. The latter having the benefit of SEO improvement of your site at the same time as learning SEO.
  5. SEO practice educational notes/guides, content, etc are stored in the cloud so that you’ve got access for your SEO homework exercises.
  6. SEO coaching time is recommended for 2 hours per week. 1 hour followed by a 5 minute coffee break and then one more hour of SEO practice drills with my guidance/instruction to buildup your SEO skills. 

My name is Ben and my first SEO student was the first SEO junior, working for Titan Digital. Other students of my SEO training in Perth include Bree Madox who improved the fortunes Adult Shop and Peter Brittain who was running an online dating agency at the time and now does SEO in Perth.

Whether students of beginner SEO want basic SEO training or executives of digital marketing agencies want high level SEO training, outcomes include confident students achieving better SEO performance in Perth.

SEO seminar Perth.
Ben SEO coaching for Action Coaches in Perth.

I’ve also SEO trained many work experience students, some of whom have used their SEO training at my Perth office in their IT careers.


  1. Perth business owners.
  2. Perth business executives especially executives with the job of a marketing manager.
  3.  In-house Perth digital marketers so that they can do high-level SEO and or set SEO KPIs of their out-sourced digital marketing agencies in Perth.
SEO training Perth


In the Dark Ages, most people could not read and write. That communication problem changed after Gutenberg invented the printing press. The internet is the biggest thing since then. Your choice is to stay in the dark and cut down trees for printing paper or learn how to get the word out effectively for 2023, like monks did for their time ages ago.

Perth SEO training
Left: SEO student from France. Right: SEO trainer Ben Grummels.


At my SEO training office in Perth’s northern suburb of Padbury 2km east of Hillarys Boat Harbour. Alternatively, I can come out to your Perth office for an additional prepaid $100. Our gate repair Perth tradie charges more than that.


All SEO trainees with over 10 hours of training will be awarded with a certificate of SEO training from our training organisation. The SEO training certificate lists major areas of SEO training such as web page analysis, site structure planning, keyword research training, on-page SEO training and off-page SEO training.


The price of SEO training in Perth is not cheap if you want high-level SEO knowledge suited for professionals working in a job of digital marketing/SEO. The advertised price on my old 4 Web Marketing site is $330 per hour for me to give away all my SEO knowledge built up over 20 years to potential competitors on my own turf in Perth.

As as a special discount offer from our new website, the price of my high level SEO training in Perth is $270 per hour and cheaper for more hours or group/seminar SEO training or beginners SEO training. If you’re a manager and want to bring your web designer or social media marketer, or marketing manager or in-house SEOer or outsourced digital marketing agency person then this higher priced, high level digital marketing training price applies.  If you want me to do relief SEO work for a digital marketing agency in Perth and work cooperatively with a team (as it should be) then the price of IP leakage would be about $100 per hour, more or less depending on how many days/hours. A 7-hour block of SEO would be under $1,000 per day. A week of cooperative relief SEO work in Perth would be $4,000.


Beginners, introductory, basic SEO training in Perth, is free for the first 20 minutes. Included:

  1. Overview of SEO. Long tail. FOCUS. What and Where basics.
  2. Analytics.
  3. Keyword research tools and how to apply results.
  4. Keyword rich exact match domain names.
  5. Site structure development.
  6. Copywriting for SEO. This not only valuable for your web pages but other content marketing such as helping you to get more Youtube views.
  7. Why interesting content is king. Where and how to get/make cheap, interesting content.
  8. Web page analysis interpretation.
  9. Off-page SEO training.
  10. Natural quality link building.
  11. Google Search Console
  12. When to use dofollow and nofollow links.
  13. The don’ts of black hat SEO.
  14. Setting SEO KPIs for your outsourced digital marketing agency and setting up monthly reporting to your general manager.
  15. Improving Google My Business profile.


The price of SEO training in Perth depends on the level, the number of students in a group, and the hours of SEO training required. Most of the training our Perth SEO expert delivers is one on one SEO training at our office in the northern suburbs. Add $80 to the price of SEO training if you want our experienced, expert SEO trainer to come out to your Perth office. There’s free parking at our Trigg office.

Innovation commercialisation Perth.


How Much Does SEO Training in Perth Cost?

In summary, the price of SEO coaching in Perth depends on the level of SEO instruction you need and how many hours of SEO training you want to take you from the level you’re at to the level you want to achieve. @$100 to SEO training costs if you want your SEO trainer to travel to your Perth location.


Beginner SEO training, One on one.$100/hr
Intermediate SEO training, One on one.$140/hr
Advanced SEO training, One on one.$200/hr
Group SEO training/seminar, general, eg group of real estate agents or business coaches.$200/hr
Large group event SEO guest speaker/presenter$500/hr
Free SEO training for Perth charities or half price for Perth's not-for-profit organisations.$0/hr


If you want to understand SEO for simply setting KPIs of your outsourced digital marketing agency in Perth and not be fooled by them or if you want training to get a job as a digital marketer in Perth, then phone me on phone number 0418 956 799 except during the long Christmas/New Year holidays. Alternatively, enrol in Perth’s best SEO training and I’ll phone you.



SEO training in Perth is more structured starting with the most important on-page SEO factors.


SEO consultation in Perth involves a bit of SEO training but is usually focused on SEO problem identification and problem solving.

Good SEO reviews Perth.

I taught the best photographer in Singapore computer graphics using Photoshop. Computer graphic skills are useful for creating unique content creation of non-image library, local content that creates a more meaningful/trustworthy marketing connection. A good, interesting UX holds visitors longer to a page. UX is a search engine ranking signal.

SEO training consultant Perth.
Ben delivering SEO training to Action coaches in Perth at the Mt Lawley Golf Club.

Perth SEO Training Strategy

A simplified approach to one-on-one SEO training is to empower small businesses to manage their own SEO and other digital marketing strategies in Perth. My teaching approach is hands-on and practical.

Teaching people how to manage their own search engine optimisation is cost effective and is filling a gap. By teaching my clients basic SEO – setting effective Google Business Profile (formerly know as Google My Business – GMB), using groups, how to engage and create great content and generate clients – I am preparing businesses for growth and profitability. 

Our focus is o One on One SEO consultancy in Perth for Perth clients including handholding which is appreciated by our B2B and B2C customers who appreciate that we value their voice and want to impact. 

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