How long does SEO take to work? is the most frequently asked question. My SEO results are guaranteed in less than 30 days.


Page 1 of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) guarantees in 90 days or we’ll keep working on your SEO for free until we achieve agree results.

To fore-fill our SEO guarantee we will need full access to your:

  1. Web hosting server, usually via cPanel.
  2. Your WordPress CMS.

What You Get With Our Perth SEO Guarantee

  • 60 day guarantee starting from the date of your SEO investment and full access to your website.
  • Higher organic ranking  on Google & Bing searches.
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • A dedicated account Manager who is an SEO expert. Not a salesperson/Chinese whispers.
  • An SEO audit and SEO strategies.
  • A proven SEO winning expert for COMPETITIVE phrases  working on your SEO campaign in Perth. Someone you can visit. An expert SEOer in Perth Western Australia with over 20 years of SEO experience who can solve your SEO and other digital marketing problems.
  • Hi quality dofollow links provide relevant traffic and very good link juice to your website.
  • SEO KPI setting and monthly progress reports
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Below are yellow highlighted some more of my COMPETITIVE winning SEO phrases in Perth. See screenshots of many more SEO winning phrases.

If you think my keyword-rich, exact-match domain names might have something to do with winning on organic SERPs you could be right. Matt Cutts, a Google spokesperson, says domain names don’t matter but I and many other SEOers think they do. Domain names are not the magic SEO silver bullet but they help. See domain name registration Perth for a link to a list of my Perth domain names and Perth domain name sale prices.

SEO Expert Perth
Best SEO for hotel marketing Asia.

Not Just Winning SEO Guarantee

Ben Grummels SEO digital marketing expert Perth
Ben Grummels, Perth SEO expert in holidaying in Bali guarantees SEO results within 60 days

We don’t only guarantee SEO success leading to increased traffic but more importantly the right kind of traffic. Less tyre kickers. Traffic can lead to more enquiries for your business however there’s more to consider when doing SEO. What keywords are more likely to lead to sales? How do we convert more of the visits once they land on your website? Our SEO guarantees will take that into account so you can reinforce your business brand marketing, make more profit and or have a NICER life style!  Our SEO connects your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.

I need to define “nice” with an example. A mechanic might make more profit per hour covered in grease and sweat in a hot workshop while laying on a beach in Bali automatically selling ebooks about DIY car mechanical repairs might not be as profitable, it is nicer work.
Photo of Ben GrummelsSEO Perth expert, enjoying a nice holiday in Bali while SEO makes his old site Google first for “hotel marketing bali” which guarantees open SEO consulting doors at 5 star beach resort hotels in Bali.

How long do SEO Guarantees last?

We use long-term, tested SEO strategies that don’t fail the moment Google changes how they rank websites. Most of our SEO work lasts decades because we don’t deploy back hat tactics. Rather good keyword research and honest content marketing is our starting point/building base for guaranteed SEO position in search engines. We can’t guarantee your competitors won’t invest gazillions of dollars in a army of SEOers and link builders but what we will guarantee is that while you’re a client we will deliver winning SEO performance.  There’s no contract but if you stop investing you won’t continue to see SEO KPI improvements. Results might stay static for a few years but after that, with Google updates and competitors continuing with their SEO campaigns, you’ll likely slip in SERPs.

Pay Per Click Vs Organic SEO

What is an “organic” search engine results page (SERP) listing?

There are 5 ways to get on Google SERPs:

  1. Pay Adwords to get a paid ad which only 15% of people click on.
  2. Map listing.
  3. Under the Google Map are Google My Business local listings.
  4. Under GMBs are ORGANIC SERP listings.
  5. On the right hand side: GMB full profile listing.

On average Google will generate 30% of all clicks to a website. When you’ve got good SEO 30% of a tens of thousands of visitors is still a lot of clicks.

Perth SEO Marketing Guarantee

Investing in the best seo expert in Perth, technology and tools for our Perth SEO marketing campaigns will guarantee significant improvement in searches. The best SEO company in Perth guarantees business exploding performance with the best Google marketing campaigns in Perth for high-growth brands. We’re ready to take your Perth business to the next level and deliver solid KPIs.

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