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Free SEO analysis and reporting is offered for Perth websites in 2020 to help Perth businesses/organisations recover from the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic. Your free website audit in Perth starts with analysis of your home page. Site wide SEO factors such as broken links and checing for duplicate content comes later. The free emailed website analitics report is invaluable for site owners/managers as benchmarking/KPIs to assess performance of their inhouse or outsourced digital marketing agency. Also these free SEO audit reports can be handed to your web designer/s with SEO improvement strategy recommendations. 

List of Free SEO Analysis

Normally the following list of SEO analytical services is at a price that some website owners in Perth would balk at. In 2020, to help Perth businesses, examining and reporting search engine ranking signals and site KPIs are FREE SEO services.

Example Site Popularity Statistical Analysis Report

Perth SEO consultation KPI
Data source:

On going site popularity tracking is one of 10 free SEO KPIs we analyse and report on. It is one of many analytical reports we produce free of chage. You can get to it via the blue button below. Each spreadsheet tab is by industry segment. If you’re in Perth you might see your and or your competitor analysis. To be included free of charge, all you need do is complete the free SEO analysis request form above. Above is an example site popularity versus time chart after I did some SEO consultation for a Western Australian winery in 2020.  

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