14 ways how to get more quality backlink juice for better SEO. What incentive to get webmasters to link to my site?

Backlinks are an important search engine ranking signal. Natural acquisition of relevant to your website from quality web pages is good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ).  Following are 14 ways on how to get more quality natural backlink juice to your website for SEO reasons.

What incentives to get webmasters to link to my site?

  • Create interesting content on web pages that webmasters want to link to. That’s the best way to attract more backlinks. For example. A page about an interesting event or PR stunt that webmasters want to link to.
  • Give web site owners/webmasters a link to another one of your existing and maybe a new site/s.
  • Give webmasters incentive to link to you with a carton of beer / wine / gold / escort / massage / free tour/ money etc.
  • Google says outright money for link building a penalty but money for online advertising is a valid way of buying link juice but make sure:
    1. you’re not buying links from link farms.
    2. that the online ad links from hypertext rather than a banner ad
    3. the link is a dofollow link rather than a nofollow link.
    4. your online ad is published on a page/site which relates to your keyword objectives
    5. is from a popular site/webpage.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing – not to be confused with SEO) is a subset of online advertising. It’s:
    1. expensive
    2. nofollow linking (ie no link juice)
    3. good only if you’ve got deep pockets or in a rush to promote a short term event like a weekend rock concert. No use investing thousands on SEO for a one day wonder.
  • Simply ask webmasters for a link to your site.
  • Work on your Google My Business. It’s a good free-kick from Google. Don’t think you’re limited to just one GMB. If national brands can have hundreds of GMBs, so can you, starting with all your employees, family, friends and associates. They’ll need to verify the location by maybe receiving a postcard from Google, or even photographing your business signage outside their place and adding it to their/your GMB before verification to prove a point to the GMB inspectors in India.
  • Lean on your suppliers.
  • Publish an advertorial with a link on your website to one of their sites. Preferably not linking to the exact page they’re linking to you from otherwise search engines might perceive it as link swapping.
  • Feature their business in your Youtube video and other social media marketing.
  • Hire and properly manage specialist, cheap backlink builders/bloggers/article writers in the Philipines or India.
  • Make your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy include that all charities that benefit from your donations must include a dofollow backlink from their site to yours.
  • Hire Tim Larcombe’s www.prperth.com  He writes good copy which can then be sent out to bloggers to blog post. Tim knows PR people who could add links to your site from blogs posted on their site.
  • I believe digital marketing is the best value type of marketing and that SEO is the best value type of digital marketing. (my page is Google organic SERP first for “digital marketing australia“) I also believe there is a place for traditional type of marketing in your marketing mix especially if you’re going all out to win. Hence reinforcing your brand marketing with billboards, networking, radio, print, TV, bumper stickers, even social media marketing (though keep in mind that links from social sites are nofollow links and do nothing to impress search engines).
Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.
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Use online tools like ahrf’s free backlink checker to check the domain rating (DR) and UR (URL Rating) of sites and pages linking to your page. Simply paste your page’s URL into the search box at https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker and confirm you’re not a robot. Use it for competitor analysis. See whose’s linking to your competitors and try to get links from them too.

I built a Perth website long ago to provide free link juice to my Perth clients’ sites. Below is an example free backlink analysis report that I do showing my old Perth and other old sites of mine providing the best backlinks with a UR score of over 30.
https://moz.com/link-explorer is also a good free link checking app.


When someone such as a blogger offers you backlinks you need to know the quality of the backlink. Also keep in mind Google frowns upon a paid ba

  1. Which both sites – URLs?
    1. URLs or each page where your link is on so they you can assess their page?
  2. Is the link a dofollow link or a useless for search engines nofollow link?
  3. What is the aHrefs UR rating (PR) of the page/s the link is coming from?
  4. Does the page have content related to your page?
  5. Price?
  6. How long will the link to your site stay? 1year, forever?Is the page linking to your page relevant to your page?
Backlink analysis Perth
How To Get Backlinks
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