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The Perth SEO blog brings:

  1. Free SEO tips for Perth organisations and digital marketing professionals in Perth. SEO professional development helps make Perth businesses more competitive online in Australia and internationally.  I don’t profess to know everything about SEO and or digital marketing in Perth. That’s why I’ve left this SEO Perth blog open for comment from other Perth SEOers and for webmasters to post their bits of SEO knowledge and experiences without too much spamming ie over plugging links to your pages.
  2. SEO news for Perth webmasters and business owners to let them know about the latest search engine changes and how they might impact the SERP performance of your webpages.
  3. Free SEO advice and recommendations.
My uncle Ben Grummels Snr.
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On this SEO blog page you’ll find links to my blogs. Some of my SEO bloging is for the SEO students I mentor.

Feel welcome to contact me via phone number: 0418 958 788 to ask an SEO question and answer.

Posting fair critisism will be taken on the chin as constructive SEO help. Flaming me or other SEOers will be deleted.

I’ve had quite a few requests to mentor students so I’ve opened up this blog for comments. Usual rules apply. Overt spamming will be deleted.

Moderator: Ben Grummels, lead SEO expert in Perth of the best SEO company in Perth.

One thought on “Perth SEO Tips Blog

  1. I’m mentoring a number of SEO students so for time efficiency I’ll post some Q&A SEO tips here starting with today, in order of importance, on-page SEO factors. Do your keyword research first then build on the selected phrase theme using variants of your words, eg run, runners, ran, running, runs and synonyms.

    1. PAGE TITLES are THE most important on-page SEO factor. Use 60 characters.
    3. SITE STRUCTURE including URLs (avoid dirty URLs) and H tags.
    4. COPYWRITING FOR SEO. You can’t expect a search engine to give you position for words which aren’t on your page. Try for at least 300 words per page.
    5. CONTENT MARKETING. Interesting content holds people on your page longer, thus reducing your bounce rate. Search engines know your bounce rate.
    6. PAGE LOAD SPEED is a search engine ranking signal. You can improve your on-page SEO:
    A) with fewer java scripts (or at least async JS)
    B) by using optimised images.
    C) if using a CMS, keeping it simple, such as minimising the number of plugins and if you have to use a plugin, select a lightweight plugin.
    7. ALT IMAGE TAGS are not only good for the visually impaired but for search engines too.
    8. POP-UPs. I don’t like them.
    9. MLM online advertising on your page can be a turn-off.
    10. Keep ONLINE FORMs short.

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