How is influence rated?

Most web pages state influencers are rated by the number of social media followers, levels of engagement, likes etc. A matrix of these rates the influence of influencers. However, when it comes to measuring influence and social engineering capacity the other elephant in the room is performance in search engines. Perth influencers would most likely stop reading at this stage because most fail in SERPs and only want to be assessed by social media score sheets. If you are like me and have little time for social media optimisation but have millions of views of popular web pages, maps (8M views), eg my map of Perth 2.5M views, photos, and other content in multiple profiles with millions of Google Local Guide review views, in addition to social media such as over 2M views of one of my Perth Youtube Channels etc. Let me know if you are a professional influencer in Perth and want more influence other than social media influence. Would you like your videso on my Perth Youtube channel, SEO of your Perth web pages, good reviews, and or pins on my maps of Perth?

Influential Google map views.

How to gain more influence in Perth?

SEO Perth is the answer to your influence marketing needs. Experienced local SEO and PR professionals will help enhance your business’s visibility and reputation in the Perth area. Get your business noticed with our targeted and cost-effective strategies.

Perth influencers can become more influential using search engine optimisation to boost the popularity of your blogs, social media sites, websites, online newspapers, online books, etc.  It’s important to know that quality backlinks related to influencer web pages are an important search engine ranking signal. Links FROM social sites are good for peer-to-peer buzz marketing but do NOT provide any link juice to your online content. Secondly understand your influencer social pages on sites like Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, etc do NOT belong to you. They belong to social media platforms. They let you use them but they can take it away. I reckon it’d be better to have your own blog or online forum. Create a niche social platform.

How can I be more influential?

When a popular influencer mentions you with the @ in front of your name or reposts your post it increases your influence. When your content marketing is good, you’ll attract more followers. Having popular website/s is one way how you can be an influencer. SEO of popular keywords is how to get popular websites. In addition from popular websites you can link/spark an interest in your social media pages but I don’t do that because the big famous social sites don’t pay me to link to their site and when influencers link to my web pages, all social sites only give “nofollow” links, ie no link juice as opposed to “dofollow” links that search engine spiders can follow. Let’s start with one of my favourite social media marketing platforms.

Who has YouTube Influence in Perth with millions of views? is the world’s 2nd most popular website and the world’s most popular search engine specialising in video searches. Keep in mind that creative video production is one thing, creating influence by getting lots of people to see your video is another.  One of my YouTube channels about Perth has had over 2 million views. It’s on page one of Google SERPs for “perth youtube business channel” so let me know if you want your interesting Perth business videos promoted on my Perth Youtube Business Channel. How is it that a guy like me, in 2024 still occasionally using a 13-year-old camera or an old $250 phone camera, with hardly time in the past few years for video marketing, can wield such influence? The answer is SEO of YouTube videos, videos of interesting subject matter and SEO of web pages that the videos are embedded on.

  1. Do your keyword research before you title your video. For example, search volumes for influence measured is greater worldwide however in Australia influence rated is about the same as influence measured.
  2. Use keywords in your video title and video description.
  3. Add end screen elements such as “subscribe” to your channel, Links and a link to another one of your videos related to your video.
  4. Don’t forget the call to action. After you’ve influenced someone with your video, then what? Most YouTube videos I’ve seen are missing a URL in the video description. If you don’t have a link to your blog, social site webpage, or online book, then add one in the description of your video.
Making web pages popular is the best way in which I support Perth influencers. I don’t have much time for my own projects because clients come first.

Influentual Perth YouTube business channel.

Who is the most influential influencer in Perth?

I reckon Kerry Stokes AC is the most influential influencer in Perth. He’s not the public face of Seven West Media group and is easing off from the role of chairman. Kerry and his executives control a vast traditional and online media businesses in Perth and Australia wide. Kerry Stokes lives in Perth. He’s a battler from humble beginnings to build successful companies in Perth and beyond. When you read Wikipedia about Kerry Stokes you’ll understand why I admire him.

Who is the most influential influencer in Perth.
Who is the most influential influencer in Perth.

Who in Perth is a content creator/content marketer with influence?

Below are my stats showing millions of views at the time of writing in January 2024 for a couple of my Google profiles. Most of my Google Local guide content production and content marketing in Perth contributions include my photos of Perth.
Influencer Perth 2024.
Influencer Perth 2024.

How can I contact to hire a Perth influencer?

The best way to contact a popular Perth influencer is by visiting me in Perth’s northern suburbs near Hillarys Boat Harbour. Next best is by phoning my telephone number which is on my contact page that also has a secured by Google, online contact form.

What I like about Twitter is the brevity of messages. Because tweets are brief, many big organisations use Twitter as the only way for the general public to communicate with them. To get an influential Twitter page it’s good to:

  1. Be first with a popular subject matter and maybe in a big city.
  2. Be good at content marketing. Post interesting photos, videos, and words.
  3. Use hashtags.  #
  4. Link to your Twitter account (eg from Youtube’s channel art) and tweets.
  5. Optimised your photos before uploading photos to Twitter.
  6. Post interesting posts, photos and videos.
  7. Create interesting interactive content such as online polls.
  8. Perth influencers are invited to post on the new X Perth not to be confused with my new Perth X.
Content marketing Perth.
Content marketing Perth.


If you want business influence in Perth, Linkedin is the go-to social media marketing platform to work on becoming influential in. There are a number of Perth groups and other international groups such as oil and gas and mining groups that you can do good content marketing in, if you know your stuff and can be persuasive to enhance your influencer reputation in Perth. I get a lot of requests from people I don’t know to link with them. Unless I know them or unless they’re famous, I don’t normally accept a LinkedIn member’s request to link up. Influence is not just how many followers you have.

Here’s a nofollow link to Microsoft’s Linkedin page about me at Why nofollow? Because Linkedin hasn’t paid me, yet. It’s just like when I see my kids wearing brand label clothing. I ask did Nike, Louis Vuitton, etc pay you to promote their brand?

What is the best type of digital marketing?
What is the best type of digital marketing?

An online poll I conducted in a digital marketing (DM) Linked in group.

Below: an important international influencer who looked me up:

Financial services Linkedin influencer.


What I like about Pinterest is that it shows up well in Google SERPs and like Twitter, messaging is limited. If you have interesting photos and short video clips, Pinterest is recommended. I don’t normally link to social pages but while writing this, I thought create and show you an example of a quick and easy Pinterest video review by a happy, small Perth business, SEO client of mine.


It’s not as simple as finding a Perth influencer with the most followers. For example it’d be better to find a football fan who produces good content and delivers it in the right popular places if you want to influence football fans than for example an influencer with a huge worldwide following about travel or a polo player trying to influence music fans. Influence needs to be horses for courses. I’m much more likely to be influenced by for example someone I know and trust about, for example, my field of interest, SEO than a pop culture superstar. Search your favourite social media platform areas (Perth) for topics you want to know about. Look to see who is posting, how many times, how many likes, and how many followers they have.

When it comes to popular websites, they should be about Perth. Use lookups like, and enter a URL. Unfortunately, these days many registrant names are redacted.

Alexa used to be the go-to place to find out how popular a website is but Alexa officially stopped working in May 2022 after 25 years of operation. Because I have the Alexa Chrome extension I can still see the relative to other websites, a site’s world popularity ranking. For example at the time of writing my daggy old site is the world’s 768.389th most popular site in the world rankings while this SEOperth is the 451,486th most popular site in the world out of 2 billion websites. That puts it in the top 0.023% of the world’s most popular websites. Not bad for a niche subject of SEO in a small city.


I own several popular Perth websites. When you have a popular Perth website you’re influential. The option for social engineering is open to you. When you have a lot of popular Perth websites, you’re very influential. I have a lot of popular websites about Perth. Here you can see the popularity of some of my Perth websites and the popularity of other Perth websites. You’re might be one but if not contact me and I’ll let you know how popular your Perth site is. Even better I can track your site’s popularity over time. It’s an SEO KPI. If you’re thinking of creating a new popular Perth website, come and get 20 minutes of free SEO consultation such as keyword research to help you buy an exact match domain name. After that, I can show you some lightweight WordPress themes to set you and your web designer down the right path for building a good foundation for future professional SEO to make your site popular and set you up as an influencer in Perth. My latest 2024 new Perth website is Perth X. It’s gaining in popularity and therefor influence in Perth. It’s not to be confused with my X Perth.

Perth influencer and web page author Ben Grummels.

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