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When contacting the best SEO expert in Perth please understand that with many prepaid clients getting priority attention that it’s best to keep communication brief and sucsinct. Talking in person or by phone during Western Standard Time (WST +8GMT) business hours is best for initial contact. If I don’t answer the phone it is likely because I’m with a client. I’ll hang up straight away if you don’t introduce yourself in the first instance, if I hear call centre background noise, if you ask “can I speak with the owner of the business” because unfortunately my industry has a bad reputation caused by telemarketers and other push marketers. They’ve over promised and under delivered.  If writing to me:

  1. Keep it BRIEF.
  2. Always identify web objects such as pages and images with URLs.
  3. Use bullet points.
  4. Avoid SMS. I look at big screens all day. The last thing I want to do is squint on a small phone scree without a keyboard I can touch type on.
  5. Understand I don’t check written messages all the time because I’m SEOing. It’s the work I love. I avoid them on weekends when my priority is family time and getting healthy away from computers, instead: surfing,  cycling, fishingSailing, etc.

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4 Karrinyup Road,
Trigg, (a suburb of Perth) Western Australia 6029

Perth SEO office contact phone number.

0418 958 799

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0418 958 799

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