Search engine optimisation frequently asked questions and answers by an SEO expert. This list of FAQs is growing. If you have an SEO question not answered on this web page, in the Google search box or browser address line type “site:URL question”. For example:

SEO faqs.

The alternative is a Chrome extension which only searches WITHIN all the pages of the site you’re on. It’s icon is a magnifying glass. I’m in Perth Australia so excuse my Australian English such as not spelling search engine optimization with a Z. These questions come from 24 years of full time SEO qustioning.


What is SEO? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.

  1. What does SEO do? SEO connects your brand and sales information with customers searching for what you sell. SEO reinforces your brand. When customers search a generic phrase and then see your brand marketing via a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), that supports your brand marketing Australia and world wide.
  2. What does SERP mean? Search Engine Results Page. Eg if you google “brand marketing australia” my old is after decades, still on page one of Google SERPs.
  3. How long does SEO take to show results in SERPs?
    1. For competitive phrases, SEO takes more hours of SEO work than a non-competitive phrase.
    2. After new SEO work is done on your page, it takes about a week for search engine spiders to slurp up the changes and for search engines to list the changes. 
  4. What is a good start to SEO?
  5. What are all the costs of SEO in Perth?
    1. The more lucrative and therefore competitive a phrase, the more you should invest in SEO.
    2. The average hourly rate price for SEO in Perth is $100 an hour for an average SEOer. I’m better than average but my hourly rate for SEO in Perth is $100 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours.
    3. Site updates are important to help maintain/improve:
      1. Functionality
      2. Security
      3. SEO
        If I do site updates including needed monthly site backups it’ll eat into SEO time so you’d be better off getting Sam to do web support @ $69 per month if you’ve got a competitive site. If your site is not competitive then I can do bi-monthly updates as part of my SEO plans.
  6. You should not select an SEOer on price alone. A more important selection criterion for hiring an SEO expert in Perth is to see what COMPETITIVE phrases they’ve achieved. There are many telemarketing agents out of call centres in India and the Philippines for cheap SEO experts but that doesn’t mean they can demonstrate competitive phrase winners, nor are you protected by Australian consumer protection laws. The overpromising and under-delivering of shyster/scam SEO services have given the real SEO services industry a bad reputation. 
  7. What happens when SEO brings me so much business that I can’t cope with all the extra business? Hire more human and physical resources or suspend your SEO but keep the online ads with dofollow backlink juice going at $100 per month.
  8. What is the best type of digital marketing? It depends on your needs but generally, SEO is the best value type of digital marketing. That answer is backed up by a Linkedin poll I conducted in a direct marketing (DM) group.
    What is the best type of digital marketing?
    We believe in a marketing mix of not only different types of digital marketing but also traditional marketing. However, SEO is THE most cost-effective type of digital marketing by far. SEO gets LOTS of the right eyeballs looking at your sales information. Successful SEO gets lots of people who search for your types of products/services in Perth/Australia to see your sales information before your competitors who might be buried in search engine oblivion.
  9. What is THE most important SEO thing to do after you’re born? Keyword research. It’s SUPER important BEFORE you do a business plan, register a domain name, or register a business name or trademark.
  10. What is the most important on-page SEO factor? Page title. 3 SEO winning phrases screenshot examples below:
    What is the most important SEO factor? Page title.
  11. What is the most important off-page SEO factor? Quality dofollow back links.
  12. Why can’t I edit my Google Business Profile (formerly Google Place which morphed into Google My Business GMB)? Because your PERSONAL Google profile is not logged in your web browser or your PERSONAL profile is not a user (eg Primary owner, Owner, Communications manager) of the GBP you’re trying to login/edit.
  13. Is AI copywriting bad for SEO?
  14. Did you get my text message? Maybe yes but most likely I haven’t seen it yet. I look at two big computer screens all day for 13 hours. My old eyes don’t like squinting at small mobile phone screens. I do have Microsft’s Phone Link to display text messages on my big screens but remembering to turn it on is another issue. The best way to communicate with me is by talking with me.
  15. Why is page load speed an important search engine ranking signal? Page load speed is part of Google’s assessment of user experience (UX). You’ll lose visitors before your page content loads. How long a visitor stays on your pages is a signal to search engines of how good your page is. If they bounce out quickly because they can’t wait for your page to load then that’s no good. So too is inflicting heavy data download costs on your heavy site visitors.
  16. What SEO selection criteria? For winning SEO in Perth, Select an SEO expert on achievement. Not if:
    1. They’re your mate
    2. Gave a sexy sales pitch
    3. Cheap (cheap and useless is a waste of your time)
    4. They have a swank office (that you are indirectly helping to pay for their rent)
  17. Who are SEO Perth Expert customers?  Most of our SEO Perth Expert customers are Perth businesses and other organisations. However, because of the nature of the world wide web, we have clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa but none from South America yet. Some are my current monthly SEO clients while some are one-off SEO job clients we did SEO for years ago. All current clients get good, dofollow, free link juice from my relevant pages. Eg Perth based mining companies get a free backlink from and a linked pin on my Google mining map which is Google first for “google mining map“.
  18. Our Perth SEO business customers and their dofollow links can be seen on the home page of our old, and new built to provide information about Perth but more importantly dofollow link juice for my client. PerthPerth is one of the most popular websites about Perth WA.
  19. A list of current 2024 Perth SEO business customers.
    1. Google reviews.
    2. More SEO reviews.
    3. Linkedin recommendations.


Solving SEO problems.

Fast response SEO services.

Return on their SEO investment.

Building a trustworthy, good business relationship with a local Perth SEO expert. Dealing directly with the SEO expert rather than layers of telemarketers, client liaison representatives, junior SEOers, or personal assistants of high-level SEO experts.

An SEO expert who listens to the client’s needs.

An SEO expert who can work cooperatively with the business client’s staff such as marketing managers, in-house or outsourced digital marketing agency.

There are many more search engine ranking signals such as page load speed but I haven’t time to list them again on this site. The old SEO tips page on my old site lists more SEO factors. Not one is the silver bullet to fix SEO problems so when you contact me and I give you more free SEO analysis and SEO strategies for your Perth site, and you/your web guy implements them, don’t jump for joy when your site popularity doubles without investment, because if you hire THE best SEO expert in Perth, your site popularity would most likely improve 100 times.

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