What is the cost price of SEO in Perth?

The cost price of SEO in Perth differs from the retail price of SEO because SEOers have expenses. Monthly SEO plan prices differ from one-off SEO consultation prices to hands-on SEO. I offer BIG Perth SEO price discounts in 2024 for not-for-profit organisations and free SEO consultation for Perth charities.

SEO prices Perth.

The final cost of SEO in Perth depends on how lucrative and therefore COMPETETIVE your target phrases are and how wide you want to cast your sales pitch and influence.


  1. Of price alone. Ten Rupees per month might be an appealing low SEO price but how good would the SEO be? 
  2. Your mate does SEO.
  3. Someone in your network does SEO.
  4. The SEO sales rep sucked you in with a sexy sales pitch.
SEO sales job Perth
Is that you? Have you been conned into high SEO prices for poor results? I'm not sexy but you'd be dealing DIRECTLY with a real, local, Perth SEO expert.

How should you select an SEO service in Perth?

  1. Phone to hear if you get straight through to the person going to doing your SEO or do you have to go through salespeople and or go-between account managers. You’ll also be able to hear if the SEO specialist speaks clearly in plain English, without a strong accent, that you can understand. Try me on phone number 0418 959 799
  2. Is the SEO plan locking you in for ages with an SEO contract?
  3. Will the SEO strategy be open and shared with you or will they hide what they do to try to keep you from contributing to a good SEO outcome?
  4. What free digital marketing do you get with your SEO plan? Ad design? Your Google Business Profile improvement? Map Marketing? Link building? Video marketing? Free exact match domain name? Social posts? SEO reports: both what’s been done and SEO KPI analysis?


Rather ask: what COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your SEO clients? If the answer is something like: “we got our SEO client on page one of Google for luxury lawn bowling equipment Mukinbudin, at Perth’s cheapest SEO price”, you’ve got to search for a good SEO service in Perth; not a telemarketer/spammer finding you. Especially an international one where you’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws.


  1. Computers are a real cost especially when they suck in salt laidend sea air or if you buy a lemon MS Surface Pro. Photo of my desktop computer below smoke’n:
    Cost of SEO in Perth
  2. Office costs.
  3. Domain name costs. My hundreds of exact-match domains is a significant reoccuring cost.
  4. Software costs.
  5. Online advertising with dofollow link juice to your web pages.
  6. Admin costs such as the accounts department.

International telemarketers hammering business in Perth have given the digital marketing industry in Perth a bad name. Every villager with a mobile phone claims to be the cheapest/best SEO expert in the world. Even if they are, you’re not covered by Australian consumer protection laws.

SEO service prices in Perth vary depending on the:

  1. skills level of the SEOer from beginner to expert SEOer,
  2. hours work or
  3. SEO level of difficulty for competitive phrases and or
  4. number of phrases to be SEOed.

What is the monthly cost of SEO in Perth?

The monthly cost of SEO in Perth factors include:

  • target phrase/s competition.
  • how good or bad the SEO of your competition is
  • how wide you want to cast your sales pitch and influence. For example “shoe shop burswood” is easier and a cheaper cost to achieve than say “brand marketing australia” (for which my old web page is still number one on Google.)

The total cost of SEO in Perth is not only the advertised SEO pricing headline but also the cost of your time discussing your goals, SEO strategies, you brainstorming with me important keyword research and selecting phrases to target that are not only profitable but are for you NICE. For example, a mechanic in Perth covered in grease working every day in a hot garage might make an hourly profit of $40 per hour after paying costs such as rent. Laying on a beach in Bali selling $1 eBooks online about fixing cars might be less profitable but the cost to family/work/life balance and health might be lower.


I’m happy to do SEO work in any digital marketing agency in Perth alongside creative graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, social media marketers, executives and client liaison staff.

When I do SEO, you don’t have to deal with middlemen: Telemarketers, account managers/client liaison non-experts, billing department, technical support, web designers, middle management, domain name registrars, web hosting service providers etc. Years of experience has helped me to know what needs to be done to achieve online success. I’m not a graphic nor web design expert as you can see from this page. However, some in my team are. I understand and appreciate their skills. I project manage web development from start to finish if you don’t have a website. My specialty is SEO. I’m an experienced SEO specialist which might be why you’re reading this page about Perth SEO monthly plans and prices. 


SEO training consultant Perth.
Ben Coaching Action Business Coaches about SEO in Perth.
Ben Grummels SEO expert Perth
Ben at a digital marketing agency in Perth where he trained an SEO junior.


My name is Ben Grummels, a local Perth SEO expert. 
Phone me if you want affordably priced SEO with no contract who is a VERY experienced Perth SEO expert. I have to keep your business making money so that you’ll hopefully keep reinvesting in me expertly managing your SEO campaigns. In 2008 I delivered SEO training in Perth at Osborne Park, to the first junior SEOer at Perth’s largest digital marketing agency.


Competing SEO companies in Perth advertise a number of phrases per SEO plan. The greater the SEO plan investment, the more phrases. But ask what phrases? Competitive phrases? Any monthly SEO plan can easily win for many non-competitive (long tail) words/phrases but I doubt that’s what you want in a good monthly SEO package. A page with the English dictionary copied to it and with the word Mukinbudin could do for a winning monthly SEO plan for say “snow ski sales mukinbudin” and thousands of other Mukinbudin phrases but who’s searching for that? Before we start your 2024 monthly SEO plan in Perth we’ll talk about which words you want to target and how many phrases in your monthly SEO plan. I want to know all about your business goals.


This cheap price SEO services plan in Perth is good value SEO for easy local Perth or suburb phrases. It suits small Perth businesses not targeting highly competitive phrases. This budget SEO is for easy-to-win phrases like “shoe shop burswood” or “restaurant northbridge”. We’ll work out the best value SEO campaign strategy for your small business in Perth.


30 minutes consultation FREE per month with our Perth SEO consultant at our SEO office in Perth’s northern suburbs.


  1. SEO strategy plan
  2. Keyword research and keyword analysis.
  3. On-page SEO for WordPress websites in Perth or SEO planning and strategy consultations for Wix or any other CMS.
  4. Content optimisation including image optimisation which includes conversion all the many images on your website from png and jpg format to next generation, faster loading webp format.
  5. Promotion of your brand Perth wide.
  6. Broken links audit report.
  7. Google Business Profile help for small businesses:
    1. Review marketing and advice.
    2. Proper SEO setup of your local Perth Google Business Profile. (Many Perth GBP = the old GMBs fail at proper setup).
  8. Monthly FREE SEO analysis and audit report.
  9.  Free online ad design for free online advertising campaign in Perth. Natural high-quality (PR/DA/PA/UR), FREE dofollow back-links from your online ads on our popular Perth websites/page. Good link juice for websites targeting phrases with the word Perth.
  10. Map marketing. Your FREE linked pins on my popular maps such as my 2.4M viewed Google Map of Perth WA with: links, photos and or your videos. Also your pins on the popular Google Map of Western Australia
  11. Social Media Optimisation. (SMO)
  12. Content optimisation for content marketing.
  13. Your videos on my popular Perth Youtube Business Channel that has had over 2 million views.
  14. Duplicate content audit.
  15. Google Search Console setup for SEO tips from Google for us to work on.
  16. Blog Posts
  17. Monthly SEO reports including competitor analysis and ranking reports.
  18. Social media marketing post on X Perth.
  19. Monthly reporting of SEO we do every hour.
The first month is mostly researching your Perth business. Things like:
  • Getting to know you and your marketing goals eg sale/investment, brand recognition or both.
  • SEO strategy consultation.
  • The best keywords for your business.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Setting up KPI tracking and reporting.


In addition to the SEO benefits above, all clients get free online advertising in Perth. If you don’t have a banner ad ready to go, I’ll create a free banner ad for you. Examples of online ads on my Perth 2024 Business page.
Perth SEO businesses.
Perth SEO businesses.

About 2 of the FIRST 5 hours of this SEO Monthly Plan includes:

  1. CEO consulting with you for a good understanding of your website’s business goals, eg sales and or brand marketing.
  2. SEO analysis in Perth. This SEO research about your site includes current SEO benchmarks recorded before I start SEO so we can compare SEO KPI improvements every following month. You will see improvement in SEO KPIs after the 3 remaining hours of hands-on SEO in the first month. It’s after the SECOND MONTH when all 5 hours of hands-on SEO are done that you’ll see more SEO KPI performance improvement.
    The analysis includes looking for SEO problems so that we can prioritise fixing the most important SEO problems first. Below is a chart of a 2021 Cheap Monthly SEO plan client whose site popularity improved significantly after 3 hours of the first 5 hours of this plan.
Improve SEO Perth
Alexa site popularity ranking KPI of a Perth engineering company after a few months of my SEO.


This SEO plan price is suited for more competitive phrases and a bigger place like Perth and or Western Australia/Australia. See some of my Google organic search engine result page (SERP) winners via the big red button below. Eg.
hotel marketing asia.
copywriting for seo australia.
brand marketing australia.
This page is SERP first for seo prices perth.
copywriting for seo perth


  1. All of the SEO you in the AFFORDABLE LOCAL SEO PERTH plan per month but also:
  2. Serverside SEO
    1. File compression
    2. PHP MySQL database update
    3. Conservation of resources without sacrificing performance, security, or compatibility. If using cPanel I’ll enable Lightspeed caching management and check/test for file compression.
  3. Use of one or more of my keyword-rich, premium, exact-match, Perth or Australian, domain names. If your or I don’t have one, I’ll buy the best for you, in YOUR NAME.
  4. Paid version of the EWWW image optimisation plugin which loads images 5 times faster than the free EWWW version.
  5. Monthly WordPress Updates for improving functionality, security and SEO. (If your IT or web person does site updates then this monthly SEO plan price is is discounted to $920 per month)
    1. WordPress THEME updates
    2. WordPress child theme updates if you have one.
    3. Databases optimisation
    4. Purging your site for a fresh face to search engines.
      database optimisation for SEO
    5. Plugin updates like page builders
    6. etc
  6. Using AI to help with copywriting for SEO.
  7. Search for plagerism.
  8. An extra two hours of advanced, high-level, hands-on, expert SEO.
  9. SEO strategy consultation/SEO recommendations.
  10. Setting and promotion of “cornerstone” pages.
  11. Setting schema of your contact page to contact page.
  12. Website code enhancement.
  13. An optimised advertorial on our popular Perth website with links, photos, and options such as video marketing (your video embedded on our page), your online form, whatever and any other content marketing Perthites might be interested in about your business.
    1. Improving page load speed of your web pages with minification improvements.
    2. Adding new SEOed pages to your site about new goods/services.
    3. Improving the quality score of your Adwords landing page to reduce the cost per click (CPC) and improve ad performance.
  14. Updating your Google My Business with a post that shows instantly on Google SERPs. SEOing your GMB products and services. Thanking/replying to up to 10 of your Google reviews per month.
  15. One monthly phone call to get feedback about your business development improvement.
  16. Four face to face meetings per year to discuss SEO strategies and working in with other digital marketing strategies in Perth.
  17. Setup your Youtube Perth business channel with training. For example, are you adding a call to action with each video?
  18. Building landing pages with a high “quality score”. Landing pages can be used for targets of Google Ads. High-quality scores reduce your cost per click (CPC).
  19. Technical writing. I have scientific qualifications and decades of academic, tourism internationally,  mining, and
    Perth mining company SEO
    Ben, WASM metallurgical manager in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

    oil and gas experience.

    Oil and gas company marketing Perth Western Australia
    Ben, Perth technical writer for QGPC in Qatar.
  20. Two website health reports per year. Portion example report below:
    Website health report Perth.
    Website health report Perth.

High Level SEO

Lucrative phrases attract intense SEO competition. Persistent high-level SEO in Perth is required but the return on investment is better than any other form of digital marketing. Lucrative businesses include financial services businesses Perth and or Australia wide. Have you ever seen a poor insurance company director or bankster? If you have, let them know about the best SEO in Perth. (My page is Google first for financial services marketing australia)

There’s a price for the best SEO expert in Perth to give away SEO secrets while training potential competitors on my own turf. If you want me to do cooperative, team, relief, contract SEO work in a digital marketing agency in Perth, you need to invest in IP transfer. 

High-level SEO prices in Perth depends on the number of hours of SEO work and on how good the SEOer is. Prices vary from $100 per hour for an average SEOer to $300 per hour for the best SEO experts in Perth.  It also depends on the conditions. At a nice resort hotel marketing in Bali, it’s a bit cheaper for Bali hotels that have rolled out the red carpet for me. (We’re Google first for “hotel marketing bali“).

High-level expert SEO services in Perth include all of the services in the SERP WINNING SEO PERTH plan above, however also:

  1. Online reputation management.
  2. Sam Giandz’s Web Support for monthly Web Support which includes:
    1. More serverside optimisation
    2. Uptime monitoring
    3. Security enhancements
    4. Spring into disaster recovery services if your site is hacked
    5. FREE CDN (Content Delivery Network for speeding up page load speed worldwide)
    6. Half an hour of web problem-solving
    7. Plugin updates
    8. Free SSL if you don’t have one
    9. More page load speed optimisation
    10. Monthly reports
    11. etc.
      I worked in the same office with Sam years ago in the largest digital marketing agency in Perth when I was training the agency’s junior SEO staff. He’s smart, honest, helpful and hard-working, often going beyond the scope of his worthwhile web support services with brilliant problem-solving for my client’s websites that aren’t even SEO-related.
  3. A paid version of the Yoast SEO PREMIUM plugin.
  4. SEM. (Search Engine Marketing such as developing and managing a Google Adwords campaign and ads on Facebook).
  5. Social media marketing (SMO)
  6. Map marketing. Eg your linked pins on my 1.6M view map of Perth and other winning Google maps.
  7. Monthly high-level SEO strategy meeting in Perth with you and or your staff.
  8. Content production for content marketing. Eg VR video production and full-screen ads in our slide shows. Eg Perth slide show
  9. Use of our IP such as our Perth domain names.
  10. Four web health reports per quarter.

If you’re the manager of a Perth company bringing your marketing manager or Perth web designer for SEO consultations, you need to invest in IP transfer of my SEO secrets built up full-time SEOing in Perth since 1999.



This $110 per month Perth SEO Maintenance Plan is good for less competitive phrases for SEO clients which I’ve got to a good position on search engines after a few months of SEO. When clients tell me they can’t cope with the extra demand for offerings of their goods and services that SEO has brought them, it’s important to maintain the quality backlinks. This plan supports an affordable SEO plan. You can always go back on an active hands-on monthly SEO package if your competition ramps up their SEO campaign or your top position on search engines starts to drop too much. For example, I have a small business, Perth SEO client in a niche, low-competitive business whose phrases are at the top of search engines.  He would rightly ask, why invest $660 every month on SEO when Ben has already got me to the top of page one of search engines?


  1. All your online advertising on my popular web pages stays.
  2. Dofollow links from your online advertising on my web pages keep driving human traffic to your site but more importantly provide quality link juice to your website. Link juice is an important search engine ranking signal.
  3. It saves you time and money not having to organise new online advertising with good quality backlinks from relevant pages about Perth.
  4. A 10% discount is offered for this SEO maintenance plan if you pay your monthly investment ON TIME. But if you’re late investing:
    1. There is no SEO discount.
    2. Your SEO bill will be revised.
    3. Your ads will be removed
    4. An online advertising set-up fee of at least $160 will be charged to restore your ads in addition to the monthly maintenance plan. That’s because it takes hours for me to set up your ads and links to reinstate your Perth online advertising campaign. 
  5. If you have a new online ad designed as a replacement for the free ad I designed, then I’ll replace the ad free of charge with your new ad.
  6. One 10-minute phone SEO consultation per month.
  7. Four SEO KPI reports per year. Example:
    SEO KPI report.
    SEO KPI report.
    Exampl SEO KPI analysis report.

The price of this online advertising in Perth includes GST.

While these are the best SEO plans in Perth, an affordable alternative to SEO monthly plan pricing is to select only a few SEO services in Perth. My best SEO service is my cheapest, costing only $40 for a 40-minute keyword research brainstorming session at my Perth northern suburbs office. I’ll also give you free SEO tips on how to apply them to your website.

Monthly Perth SEO Plan Considerations

Why should you select my affordable, expert, Perth monthly SEO packages and pricing?

  1. Local Perth SEO company. Local Perth SEO support. Local dedicated SEO manager you can meet in Perth, in person.
    Australian consumer law protection.
  2. Experienced SEOer in Perth with over 23 years of full-time SEO work.
  3. Money-back SEO guarantee in writing.
  4. Proven winning SEO record.
  5. Safe SEO.
  6. Performance base Perth SEO plan you can cancel anytime.
  7. SEO KPI reports from Google so that you can see monthly improvements.
  8. Free, relevant, natural, high-quality backlink juice from a number of our popular Perth sites.
  9. Free linked pin on my 1.5M views
  10. Free video marketing. Your videos on my 9M views Perth Youtube Business Channel.
  11. Big SEO discounts for Perth not-for-profit organisations.


  1. Some are just a front run by a salesperson who outsources overseas.
    Most fronted by telemarketers and email spammers are entirely based overseas with zero consumer protection for you.
  2. Many Perth SEOer are inexperienced. Some are salespeople with little or no SEO experience. Some are graphic or web designers who add a page claiming to be SEO experts.
  3. No SEO success guarantee.
  4. Many telemarketers, spammers are anonymous to hide their dismal SEO KPIs.
  5. Black-hat SEO.
  6. Lock-in SEO contract.
  7. Many SEO companies in Perth are either subsidiaries of other non-Perth companies or owners. Most don’t have other popular Perth sites to provide relevant, natural, quality link juice to your web pages.

If you’re looking for the best SEO consultant in Perth, you’ve used your favourite search engine to find me, Ben Grummels, an affordable local Perth based, SEO expert. I enjoy SEO consulting Perth wide because, as a teacher for many years, I like turning people on with new SEO ideas. I prefer providing SEO consultations for WordPress websites. It is the most popular content management system (CMS). There are many similar CMSs in the way they work. Google doesn’t care what system is used to create your web pages. Search engine ranking signals include HTML, copywriting, backlinks, etc. Be it WordPress, Wix or Foursquare or whatever, I’ll provide SEO consultations in Perth to show you what search engines are looking for. If you’re using a common CMS like WordPress, we’ll show you how to SEO it. If you’re using an obscure, proprietory CMS our consultant will work with you in Perth to achieve your SEO objectives be it sales, brand marketing or both.


Facebook Advertising

The average Facebook CPC has increased by 170% in the past year.

Google Adwords

The CPC of Google Adwords has gone from an average of $1 per click in 2014 to nearly $3 this year.

These are digital marketing costs that go to multinational media companies operating in Australia. They minimise taxes paid in Australia. I say cost because the CPC cost is marked up by digital marketing agencies in Perth who add their management fee plus their profit. The price of social media marketing and other forms of online advertising in Perth needs to be weighed up against the cost/benefit of good expert SEO. Maybe hire an SEOer in the past and were disappointed with a self-proclaimed SEO expert. Maybe they’re a print shop graphic design boy who graduated in web design and tacked on a page saying they’re an SEO expert, or maybe you got conned by a telemarketing call centre in India or the Philippines where you’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws. They might offer a cheap price SEO service but you should never invest in SEO based on price alone. You might even be happy with moderate SEO improvement of say 25% but what you don’t know is for the same monthly SEO plan price with us, you’d likely get hundreds of percentage points of SEO improvement.  


Here’s what happened to a Perth client’s site popularity after my SEO and their web designer kept working on their site without a briefing from my SEO.

SEO plan Perth

Ad hoc SEO is OK without a monthly plan but best not to wipe out my SEO without an SEO consultation for your web designer if they are going to keep making changes to your website.



METHOD 1. Change the number (dollar value) at the end of this URL.
The example above sets the SEO price at $600.

METHOD 2. QR code scan and pay.
qrcode scan Paypal pay price.

Cash is king.

Show me the money. I might take you for lunch at nearby Hillarys Boat Harbour.

PayiD SEO payment Perth
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