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SEO Service Prices Perth

Never select monthly SEO plans in Perth on price. Rather ask: what COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your SEO client? If the answer is something like: we got our SEO client on page one of Google for luxury lawn bowling equipment Mukinbudin, at Perth’s cheapest SEO price, you’ve got to search for a good SEO service in Perth; not a telemarketer/spammer finding you.

International telemarketers hammering business in Perth have given the digital marketing industry in Perth a bad name. Every villager with a mobile phone claims to be the cheapest SEO expert in the world. Even if they are, you’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws.

SEO service prices in Perth vary depending on the:

  1. skills level of the SEOer from beginner to expert SEOer,
  2. hours work or
  3. SEO level of difficulty for competitive phrases and or
  4. number of phrases to be SEOed.


My name is Ben Grummels and I am an affordable, no contract, VERY experience, Perth SEO expert. I have to keep your business making money so that you’ll hopefully keep reinvesting in me expertly managing your SEO campaigns. In 2008 I delivered SEO training in Perth at Osborne Park, to the first junior SEOer at Perth’s largest digital marketing agency. 

Ben Grummels SEO expert Perth
Ben at a digital marketing agency in Perth where he trained an SEO junior.


I’m happy to do SEO work in any digital marketing agency in Perth along side creative graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, social media marketers, executives and client liaison staff. When I do SEO, you don’t have to deal with middlemen: Telemarketers, account managers/client liaison non-experts, billing department, technical support, web designers, middle management, domain name registrars, web hosting service providers etc. Years of experience has helped me to know what needs to be done to achieve online success. I’m not a graphic nor web design expert as you can see from this page, but some in my team are. I understand and appreciate their skills. I project manage web development from start to finish if you don’t have a website but my specialty is SEO. I’m an experienced SEO specialist which might be why you’re reading this page about Perth SEO monthly plans and prices. 

SEO training Perth
Ben Coaching Action Business Coaches about SEO in Perth.


Cheap LOCAL SEO Perth

This cheap price SEO service in Perth is good value SEO for easy local Perth or suburb phrase. It suits small Perth businesses not targeting competitive phrases. This budget SEO is for easy to win phrases like “shoe shop burswood” or “restaurant northbridge”. We’ll work out the best value SEO campaign strategy for your small business in Perth.


  1. 20 minutes FREE SEO Perth consultation at our Trigg office in Perth’s northern suburbs .
  2. Five hours of on page SEO and off page SEO for WordPress websites in Perth or SEO planning and strategy consultations for Wix or any other CMS.
  3. Google My Business Help for small businesses:
    1. Review and advice.
    2. Proper SEO setup of your GMB for your Perth business. Many Perth GMBs fail at proper setup.
  4. FREE SEO analysis/reporting monthly.
  5.  High quality (PR/DA/PA/UR), FREE dofollow back-links from our popular Perth websites. Extra good for good link juice for websites targeting phrases with the word Perth.
  6. FREE pins on our popular Google map of Perth WA with links, photos and or your videos. Also your pins on the popular Map of Western Australia
  7. Your video on our popular Youtube Channels which have had over 2 million views.
The first month is mostly researching your Perth business.Things like:
  1. Getting to know you and your marketing goals eg sale/investment, brand recognition or both.
  2. The best keywords for your business.
  3. Competitor analysis.
  4. Setting up KPI tracking and reporting.

You will see improvement in SEO KPIs in the first month but it’s the second month when SEO performance really kicks in.



This SEO plan price is suited for more competitive phrases and a bigger place like Perth and or Western Australia/Australia. Eg Some of our Google organic search engine result page (SERP) winners:
👍 hotel marketing australia.
👍 brand marketing australia.
👍 copywriting for seo australia.



  1. All of the SEO you get in the Cheap Good SEO Perth plan per month but also:
  2. An extra two hours of expert SEO.
  3. An SEOed advertorial on our popular Perth website with links, photos, and options such as video marketing (your video embedded on our page), your online form, whatever and any other content marketing Perthites might be interested in about your business.
    1. Improving page load speed of your web pages with minification improvements.
    2. Adding new SEOed pages to your site about new goods/services.
    3. Improving the quality score of your Adwords landing page to reduce the cost per click (CPC) and improve ad performance.
  4. Updating your Google My Business with a post that shows instantly on Google SERPs. SEOing your GMB products and services. Thanking/replying to up to 10 of your Google reviews per month.
  5. One monthly phone call to get feedback about your business development improvement.
  6. Four face to face meetings per year to discuss SEO strategies and working in with other digital marketing strategies in Perth.

High Level Best SEO Perth

Lucrative phrases attract intense SEO competition. Persistent high level SEO in Perth is required but the return on investment is better than any other form of digital marketing. Lucrative businesses include financial services businesses in Australia. Have you ever seen a poor insurance company director or bankster? If you have, let them know about the best SEO in Perth. (My page is Google first for financial services marketing australia)

There’s a price for the best SEO expert in Perth to give away SEO secrets while training potential competitors on my on turf. If you want me to do cooperative, team, relief, contract SEO work in a digital marketing agency in Perth, you need to invest in IP transfer. High level SEO price in Perth depends on number of hours of SEO work and can vary from $70 per hour to $330 per hour.  It also depends on conditions. Hotel marketing at a resort in Bali is a bit cheaper. (We’re Google first for “hotel marketing bali“).

If you’re the manager of a Perth company bringing your marketing manager or Perth web designer for SEO consultations you need to invest in transfer of my SEO secrets built up full time SEOing since 1999.

If you’re looking for the best SEO consultant in Perth, you’ve used your favourite search engine to find me, Ben Grummels, affordable Perth based, SEO expert. I enjoy SEO consulting Perth wide because, as a teacher for many year, I like turning people on with new ideas of the best way of doing SEO. While I prefer SEO consulting for WordPress CMS websites, there are many other CMCs. Many but not all are similar. Search engines like Google don’t care what system you used to create content. What search engines care about are things like how the html presents to search engines, copywriting, backlinks etc. Be it WordPress, Wix or whatever, we’ll provide SEO consultations to show you what search engines are looking for. If you’re using a common CMS like WordPress, we’ll show you how. If you’re using an obscure, proprietory CMS our consultant will work with you in Perth to achieve your SEO objectives.


Facebook Advertising

The average Facebook CPC has increased by 170% in the past year.

Google Adwords

The CPC of Google Adwords has gone from an average of $1 per click in 2014 to nearly $3 this year.

These are digital marketing costs that go to multinational media companies operating in Australia. They minimise taxes paid in Australia. I say cost because the CPC cost is marked up by digital marketing agencies in Perth who add their management fee plus their profit. The price of social media marketing and other forms of online advertising in Perth needs to be weighed up against the cost/benefit of good expert SEO. Maybe you’ve done SEO in the past and were disappointed with a self proclaiming SEO expert who was a print shop graphic design boy who graduated to web design, who tacked on a page saying they’re an SEO expert, or maybe you got conned by a telemarketing call centre in India or the Philippines where you’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws. They might offer a cheap price SEO service but you should never invest in SEO based on price alone. You might even be happy with moderate SEO improvement of say 25% but what you don’t know is for the same monthly SEO plan price with us, you’d likely get hundreds of percentage points of SEO improvement.  

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