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For those who don’t know what SEO does: SEO or Search Engine Optimisation or SearchEngineOptimiZation optimises your web pages for good performance in Search Engine Result Pages (#SERP).

SEO connects your brand and sales information with customers searching for what you sell. SEO does it more cost-effectively than any other type of marketing including any other type of digital marketing. That’s according to the results of a Linkedin marketing group poll I conducted.

SEO, the best type of digital marketing.

Below is another Linkedin poll I conducted.

SEO selection criteria
SEO selection criteria


SEO gets the right kind of eyeballs looking at your sales information. It self-qualifies your target market. People who are searching generic phrases and maybe near your location find your information on your web page before they find it on your competitors’ web pages. Your page shows higher up SERPs than your competitor pages. The more lucrative a phrase, the more competition. That’s when you need to hire a good SEO expert. Phone me weekdays on +61 418 958 799 for your 20 FREE introductory SEO analysis report and SEO strategy consultation.


SEO supports your brand (as stated on my which is Google first for “brand marketing australia“). SEO connects your sales information with customers searching for what you sell and makes your business more efficient and profitable. Eg Your small online shop business can effectively compete with long-established bricks and mortar big businesses by drop shipping without the overheads of a shop building etc. Phone me, Ben on 0418 958 799 or contact the best SEO Expert in Perth online.

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