SEO KPI Setting, Checking, Reporting

SEO KPI setting, checking, and reporting service for independent assessment of how good your SEO service is.

Who Does SEO?

In a small sole trading business it is often the business owner, family or friend who does SEO.

SMEs have a staff member or in-house SEO specialist.

Big businesses often have a digital marketing manager who manages a team of in-house digital marketers, one of whom might be an SEO specialist, or is the link between an outsourced digital marketing agency and senior executives of the big business.


Search engine optimisation is the most important, best value contributor to digital marketing. Those with the job of social media marketing in Perth might disagree but evidence shows SEO is the biggest value contributor to revenue and brand compared to all other types of marketing. If you’re a social media maketer, feel welcome to challenge me in the comments section below. Don’t get me wrong. Social media marketers, CRM marketers, creative guys and other digital marketers all need to work together as a team in-house or in an out-sourced digital marketing agency.

One way to compare SEO KPI performance with other types of marketing is to have an SEO expert run a one month SEO campaign. Keep in mind there might be a lag of a couple of weeks before SEO changes to a web site are reflected in SERPs (search engine results pages). After 6 weeks run for example a social media marketing campaign or a TV campaign and compare KPI results.


  1. Performance in search engines.
  2. Sales is an indicator of marketing.
  3. Brand recognition is a KPI of marketing.
  4. Site popularity, I’ll track your site popularity for free every month. Has your GM been getting monthly site popularity ranking reports included in monthly marketing reports to the board of directors?
    Site popularity improvement Perth
    SEO site popularity KPI
  5. Reputation.
  6. Interest:
    1. Incoming phone calls.
    2. Emails and or
    3. Online form submissions.
  7. The number and speed at which your SEO consultants gets back to you with SEO advice.


Out-sourced, independent SEO experts like me are best to set SEO technical KPIs. Perth company general managers and or marketing managers might be impressed with the work of their  digital marketers’ KPIs like doubling of site popularity but what they don’t know is we’ve increased site popularities a hundred times. We analyse, record and report the quality of SEO and other digital marketing work done on your website. You can use our SEO consultation report to keep your digital marketing agency honestly, diligently, working on your website, every month. How many times have I heard Perth marketing managers of franchise businesses say: “the eastern states is looking after our SEO.” My response, for example has often been: well while your site is performing on search engines for xyz Sydney, it’s lost in Cyberspace for xyz Perth.
Don’t let your marketing agency report only the good news. Let us provide independent, comparative SEO reports monthly, comparing your site to bench-marking competitor site KPIs. A couple of site popularity comparisons below:

Full screen versions of these and more site popularity comparison charts can be seen on various tabs via 


Page load speed is an important search engine ranking signal. I’ll provide:

    1. Scores
    2. Fix tips
    3. Resources such as optimised images for your web designer to replace with slow loading images.
  1. The number of HTML page errors. Do your web pages comply with html standards set by the inventor of the World Wide Web (www)?
  2. Site structure. For example did your web designer use “H” tags for formatting only rather than presenting a logical page structure to search engines. I’ve seen weird things like h3 tags, set with style sheets to be bigger and bolder than H1 tags.
    1.  H tags
    2. Alt image tags. Many times I’ve seen the wrong or no alt image tags. May web designers don’t know about the importance of alt image tags in places like Google Image Search or they don’t care.
  3. How good is your copywriting for SEO?  My 4 Web Marketing page is Google organic SERP first for “copywriting for seo australia
  4. Number and quality of backlinks. Think link juice.
  5. Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR)
  6. Page Authority (PA) or URL Rating (UR)
  7. Number of site wide broken links.
  8. Amount of duplicate content.
  9. Mobile friendliness of your web pages.
  10. Responsiveness of your web pages. Do they resize well to fit on mobile devices such as mobile phones.
  11. Does your page suffer from keyword stuffing?
  12. Does your page suffer from black hat SEO tactics such text being the same colour as the background.
  13. If you’re targeting an international audiance, we’ll check your CDN.


A wise Perth business general manager and a wise digital marketing manager know they doesn’t know everything. A fool thinks he knows everything. General managers of successful Perth businesses depend on a good human resources within the business and outsourced digital marketing support. What we do is:

  1. Set SEO KPIs for Perth businesses.
  2. SEO quality assurance in Perth Western Australia. We make sure the monthly SEO service you’re investing in is improving and working for you every month.
SEO KPI Setting, Checking, Reporting

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