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Copywriting for SEO in Perth and copywriting for persuasion have different objectives. Copy-writing for persuasion often hinders copywriting for SEO by including words such as adjectives and adverbs which reduce the keyword density of target phrases. I see my pet-hate words like “WELCOME” at the top of many web pages in H1 tag. I can’t blame web designers because they use h tags for formatting font size, type, colour etc but that’s not the main intention of h tags.

Many traditional copywriters often don’t have any idea about copywriting for SEO.  I used to edit what traditional copywriters wrote and then have them run me down to my new client with whom they’d had a good relationship for years.  It took time for me to convince my SEO clients that copywriting for search engine optimisation (SEO) is what opens the door to persuasion.  I admit that sometimes the copywriting grammar and even deliberate miss-spelling I do, make the hairs on the back of my client’s neck bristle. However I reckon the client is right even when they’re wrong, so compromise is the best way forward. Copy needs to be interesting enough to hold readers to a web page. Most of my SEO copywritng in Perth is for Perth-based businesses.


SEO copywriting in Perth is either new content production or converting existing copy for persuasion into copy for SEO. If the latter, I’ll preserve as much of your persuasive copy as possible. However, keyword research and injecting important words into your copy is important for SEO. You can’t expect search engines to give you position for words not on your page. We’ll discuss keyword prominence, variants, site and page structure and other copywriting for SEO strategies during proofreading with you. It’s often a compromise between copy for persuasion and copy for SEO. I lean towards SEO but my attitude is the customer is always right even when it comes to SEO they’re wrong.

Misspelling copywrting
This search volume chart shows googling for accomodation with one M had lower percentage search volume drops during Covid's first wave than good spellers. What does that tell you about poor spellers? Should copywriters ignore 20% of the population? You can have your cake and eat it too.


Don’t laugh. It’s on page one of SERPs for “accommAdation perth“. Traffic is worth the $10pa domain name redirection.

Misspelling is also misspelled or is that misspelt. Derived from spelt as either a grain like wheat or past tense of spell 🙂 Ms or is that Miss Spelling has gotta love English:

Misspelling for SEO

Here’s for my Perth SEO copywriter competitors who haven’t done their keyword research:
Copywriting Perth

Copywriting for SEO Tips

  1. Phone me on 0418 958 799 to get the ESSENTIAL Good Keywords Report. @ only $40 for a 40-minute keyword research brainstorming session.  You need to know what people are searching for and what words to weave into your copywriting for SEO. The emailed report gets shared with you and your:
    1. traditional copywriter for persuasion if you have one.
    2. web designer
    3. IP controller
    4. Social media marketer
    5. PR and advertising agency
  2. Keyword density is important. Avoid dilution but also avoid black hat SEO keyword stuffing.
  3. Use keyword synonyms and variants eg run running ran runner
  4. Keyword Prominence: Good copywriting for SEO puts important phrases near the top of the page. I don’t mean my pet hate words like “welcome” or “contact us” or “products”. Yuk!  Even words like “this” “that” “it” can be replaced with keywords.
  5. Keyword-rich headings (H tags) are important. Web designers often make the mistake of using h tags for formatting only. They might want big fonts for unimportant words (like welcome) so instead of font size control with CSS, they’ll take the stupid for SEO option of using a h1 or h2 tag.
  6. Keyword-rich hypertext (anchor text) and hyperlinks are important.
  7. Copywriting for SEO must hold the reader’s attention to the page for a while. Time spent on a webpage sends a message to the search engines about its worthwhileness. If you’ve read copywriting for SEO tips so far, thank you for sending a message back to the search engines that this page about copywriting for SEO in Perth is OK.
  8. Geo-targeting with place names is common for many websites. Eg “copywriting for SEO Australia” for which my page is organic SERP first or “copywriting for seo perth wa”
  9. There are other off-page SEO and behind-the-page tips for SEO in the HTML code of a web page such as the description meta tag but those digital marketing tips are not the domain of this copywriting page.

Examples of Bad Copywriting for SEO

Examples of bad copywriting for SEO.
Examples of bad copywriting for SEO.
Example of bad SEO copywriting.

The example of bad copywriting for SEO above is missed branding and word opportunity.

If bad copywriting for SEO is necessary for persuasion, use an image of text like the picture of copy above. Phone (telephone) Perth’s best copywriter for SEO. I’ll work cooperatively with your Perth editor and creative copywriter to achieve the copy for SEO you want. Want copywriting for SEO training of your writers? When I see the West Australian newspaper site popularities so low I shake my head in disbelief. With all their content marketers (journalists – content writers and photographers) pouring so much interesting local content online, their sites should be so much more popular if only they’d implement some basic copywriting for SEO strategies including copywriting training in Perth for their staff.

Examples of Good SEO Copywriting

  • Good white hat SEO copywriting helps my webpages, to “organic” SERP (Search Engine Results Page) winners of major search engines. Copy writing for SEO can promote your web marketing efforts. Use:

    • Synonyms eg quick, fast, prompt, brisk, rapid, swift

    • Variants such as copy-writing or copy writing, run running runners ran, runs and misspellings: copyrighting copyright are factors for copywriting for search engine optimisation ( SEO ) strategy.

Phone contact Ben’s telephone number 0418 958 799 of copywriter for SEO in Perth Western Australia for your free introductory white hat copywriting for SEO consultation.


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Does Google Penalize AI Copywritten Content?

According to Google, it does not care how content is produced. What it does care about is helpful content. That’s at odds with Originality AI delow. One way to find out is to write a web page using AI, SEO it and see how it performs in search engines.

According to Originality AI, Google does penalize AI copywriting. Key findings:

  1. Websites with higher human content scores, as found by Originality AI, have better Google Search rankings.
  2. A 1% higher Originality.AI human content score corresponds to an improvement of 2.65 positions in Google ranking.
  3. The correlation stops above 75%… meaning there is a marginal benefit in scores above 75% according to this study.
Contact me if you’d like me to check your copywriting for AI generation and plagiarism. $20 + 1 cent per 100 words.
AI copywriting services Perth.


SEO Copy writing methods depend on:

  1. How much copy needs to be written and how fast urgent copywriting production might be needed.  If a lot of copy is needed quickly, I will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help with copywriting for SEO.
  2. Using software to give synonym ideas.
  3. Check that your copywriting was not detected as AI written. If using an AI copywriting also check for plagerism.
  4. Keyword research before and during copywriting for SEO.
  5. I prefer writing creative and SEO friendly copy in the morning when my mind is fresh. Alternatively an afternoon coffee.
  6. If you can, get experience in what you’re writing about. Eg if you’re writing copy for a SCUBA diving business, get their dive guide to take you for a dive. If you’re writing copy to boost investment in a Perth-based mining company’s marketing effort, get the mine manager to take you on a mine site tour. I dived and sailed in the Cook Islands for ten years and lead mine tours including underground and process plant tours. If writing for a tour business, go on a tour.


Phone me, Ben Grummels an affordable SEO copywriter in Perth on 0418 958 799 especially if you want to hire a writer with technical writing services, especially with significant experience in mining, mining education, technical/scientific and tourism businesses in Perth.

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