Below is a list of local SEO services in Perth Western Australia by a locally own and managed, very experienced professional SEO expert in Perth. I’m Ben and I’ve been full time, hands on SEOing and SEO consulting in Perth since 1999. That’s over 22 years of full time SEO experience and skills development.

Hands-on high-level, winning on-page SEO service in Perth an hourly price rate of $120 per hour. Also, see monthly SEO plan prices.

Winning digital marketing and SEO strategy consultations in Perth. The price depends on who the SEO consultation is for. For example, if a business owner/executive brings along their digital marketer or outsourced digital marketer. For teaching SEO to potential competitors on my own turf in Perth, with the knowledge I’ve built up with over 22 years of SEO experience, then the advertised rate of $300 per hour applies. 

The first 20 minutes of FREE SEO consultation in Perth is an option for face-to-face appointments or by phone for people outside of Perth. Thereafter the SEO fee is $120 per hour, discounted to $60 per hour pricing for Perth not-for-profit organisations

SEO services Perth

$0 per hour (FREE) SEO consultation for each Perth charity capped at 8 hours per year as part of my CSR.

Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.

Natural, relevant, high quality, dofollow, backlink building from our other VERY POPULAR Perth websites with high PR/PA/UR scores. This link juice is FREE for all our current Perth SEO plan clients.

Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.

Copywriting for SEO in Perth

Copywriting for SEO service in Perth is included with all SEO plans. Copywriting for SEO needs to be balanced with copywriting for persuasion.

Includes technical writing services in Perth by me, with my experience in:

  1. Converting copywriting for persuasion into copywriting for SEO while preserving 90% of the persuasion.
  2. Ai copywriting to produce informative copywriting for SEO for clients which don’t have copy already or have existing bad copywriting.

 Below is a screenshot of one of my SERP winners. Many more COMPETETIVE SERP winning pages.


Ad hoc copywriting for SEO is priced at $130 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

For persuasive copywriting in Perth, I recommend Tim Larcombe at the PR Perth agency.

AI copywriting services Perth.
Google first for copywriting for SEO Australia and copy writing Perth.
Google first for copywriting for SEO Australia and copy writing for SEO Perth.



  1. SEO of your Youtube videos on your channel.
  2. Your videos on my popular Perth Youtube Business Channel (2M views) and in some cases embedded on my popular web pages.


Your linked pin on my popular maps is another digital marketing service that comes free for all my SEO clients. For example, Western Australian mining company marketing clients in Perth would get links from free pins on my (900k views) and (1.5M views) and (230K views). For real estate marketing Perth wide, agents get free pins on my winning page for google map real estate perth

Map of Perth Western Australia.
Review marketing for ORM Perth

Online reputation management

ORM for Perthites and or Perth brands.

Use the power of Ben’s:

  1. SEO and or
  2. Popular online assets and or
  3. Influence

Below are some of my varied experiences that help me understand about a variety of services both in Australia and internationaly.

Perth mining company SEO
Metallurgical lab manager at the WA School of Mines.

Training Arab oil & gas technicians in Qatar.

Vocational training at Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, Doha, Qatar.
Vocational training at Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, Doha, Qatar.

Science education. Science marketing.

Head of science departments with 18 years science teaching experience.
Head of science departments with 18 years science teaching experience.

Tourism marketing on Aitutaki island for 10 years.

Tourism marketing
Ben Pacific Island tourism marketing in the Cook Islands.
Popular Perth websites


High-level SEO consulting Perth wide and basic SEO training Perth-wide for beginner SEOers and senior Perth executives who need to understand SEO and set SEO KPIs for their digital agencies or high-level SEO training Perth wide for web designers in Perth and digital marketing agency SEOers in Perth.


SEO training Perth
SEO training consultant Perth.
Ben Grummels coaching Action Business coaches SEO in Perth.
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