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An important off-page search engine ranking signal is a combination of the number AND quality of links to your pages. Google rates a web page by the number of links x quality matrix with the dumped term PageRank (PR) score.  PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, a founder of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. While Google abandoned the PR toolbar, terminology and PR data from Webmaster Tools (renamed Search Console), other reputable organisations such as Moz’s Page Authority (PA) and aHrefs URL Rating (UR) still freely score pages in a similar way that PR did. ie:  

  1. The quality of inbound linking pages (PR, PA, UR)
    1. Is the page linking to your page about similar information to your page? ie is it relevant to your webpage?
    2. Does the link to your page come from an authoritative domain? eg .gov  .edu  .assn  .mil  etc.
  2. A number of inbound links.
  3. The number of outbound links on each on your page; (No good: If you have a gazillion outbound links on a web page you’re starting to compete with directories/search engines like Google). Every page should have at least a couple of outbound relative and absolute links.)
  4. Every web page on your site should have at least one inbound link. Without any, it’s termed an orphan web page.

In summary, inbound links (backlinks, link juice) are important off-page SEO factors.s

What is good LINK BUILDING for SEO?

  1. A NATURAL rate of getting backlinks to your pages.
  2. A link from an exact match (keyword rich) HYPERTEXT is better than a link from an image. Eg here’s a link in blue hypertext to a page of mine which is on page one of Google for “brand marketing australia“.
  3. Links from relevant web pages. For example
    1. BAD BLACK HAT OFF-PAGE SEO: Buying links from link farms.
    2. WORSE: Buying lots of irrelevant links from a link farm on one day. Google knows the difference between NATURAL inbound link growth rate and an unnatural jump in the number of backlinks. Eg A thousand links from Punjabi cooking websites to a page about SEO in Perth.
    3. GOOD. A link from a Perth webpage to your page about something else in Perth.
    4. BETTER. A link from a Perth web page about SEO to your page about Perth SEO.
    5. EVEN BETTER: A link from a high PR page about SEO in Perth to your page about SEO in Perth.
    6. BEST: A link from an interesting, high PR Perth .gov page about SEO in Perth to your page about SEO in Perth.
  4.  In all of the above examples, DOFOLLOW link juice matters.  Most social sites and blog comments give zero link juice with by default NOFOLLOW links. Social media marketing is good for peer to peer marketing/recommendations/buzz marketing but useless for link building.
    Best types of digital marketing survey marketing.
    Market research results of a poll question I asked of a Linkedin hospitality group.

How do you assess a link exchange?

Is link swapping/exchanging a Google penalty?

  1. What is the URL of their web page where your banner ad is published?
    1. WARNING: Google will penalise your website if they catch you buying links or getting links from link farms.
    2. Is the link from a type of page banned by Google? Eg a hate or terrorist web page.
  2. For how long will links stay? One year?
  3. Is the link back to your site a dollow or nofollow link?
  4. What size is the ad the swapper wants to put on your web page? Eg 600 x 600 pixel dimensions.
  5. Maximum data size of the ad?  Eg animated .gif files have a bigger data size.
  6. What is the aHrefs UR score (same as Google’s old PR score) of the PAGE our banner ad will be on? 


All Perth SEO clients of Ben’s SEO Perth get high quality, relevent, good, dofollow, FREE backlink building services in Perth to their web pages from Ben’s many popular Perth web site including the home page of my old which typically gives a UR score of 30. Also if I see a fit from one client to another, I’ll arrange links. Not a direct link swap but maybe triangular.

Free quality dofollow link building for SEO
Content production with VR camera.
Businesses Perth SERP.
All my SEO clients get free dofollow link juice from my MANY, relevant (eg Perth), popular web pages


The best way to get good, quality backlink building at a natural rate is by doing good, interesting content marketing on your web page. It starts with good content production which need not be expensive. It needs to be relevent to the page. It needs to hold visitors to the page longer than competitor pages. (Google knows the bounce rate of your page.). That sends a message to search engines like Google that your page is interesting/worthwhile to push your page up their search engine result pages (SERPs). Think about augmented reality and VR Video production.

Another way to get backlinks is to simply ask webmasters for links to boost your link building. I don’t only mean to your home page but at least to your cornerstone pages. Your CSR company policy should include that all not-for-profit organisations that your company sponsors should create a dofollow link to your site.

Your policy should encourage dofollow links to your web pages from:

    1. business associates
    2. business networking sites your business is paying membership fees to
    3. friends and family who control websites.
    4. satisfied clients and or subcontractors for backlinks.


Buying backlinks for a backlink-building campaign is an SEO penalty by the Google search engine. To avoid a paying for links penalty, eg paying for online advertising, ask the linking webmaster to make the link to your web page a nofollow link. (only good for human buzz marketing), not search engines)
Link exchange programs are frowned upon, as are link farms.


Production of interesting, creative content for good content marketing comes from your own or hired creative thinkers and or a creative team with thinking and creative skills. Content can not only be used on your website but also on social media and traditional media.  What you need are:

  1. A deep understanding of the culture and thinking of your target market. For example, what’s a funny joke to me/my Australian culture, can be annoying to my Thai wife.
  2. Market research
  3. Skills in Ai copywriting or
  4. Employ good article writers whose write-ups with a dofollow link to your site are published on popular websites.
  5. Professional development in skills such as:
    1. Graphic design
    2. Visual arts
    3. Web design
    4. Photography
    5. Videography
    6. Copywriting for SEO (my page is still first for “copywriting for seo australia“)
    7. Microscopy
    8. Statistics
    9. Market research
    10. Software like Google Slides, Powerpoint and Canva which was started by a Perth lady who attended school just up the road from my office in Perth.


Track backlink for free with sites like Moz and ahrefs. Moz shows backlinks gained and lost over time. Below is an example ahref’s backlink checker:
SEO link checking 


For good link building Perth services, if you’re in Perth you can visit me for a detailed explanation of:

  1. Why a Perth link building service is worthwhile.
  2. KPIs such as Google’s dumped PR. Other that continued with DR, UR and 
  3. Link building strategy advice includes the copywriting used, variations of your link copy to be placed on directories, blogs, and quality web pages relating to the keywords you’re targeting.
  4. A free report showing thousands of backlinks your competitors have got their link builders to work on. Your free backlink report will show you URLs of sites linking to your competitors so that you too and or your hired link building specialists in Perth and overseas can request links from the sites linking to your competitors. Eg:
    Link building Perth.
    Example Backlink Report.
  5. If the free links from my popular Perth sites are not enough for you, I’ll show you examples of our link building project management using good cheap low-cost link builders at $6 per hour. We can get link builders cheaper for you but I’ve selected specialist link builders based on price and performance measured by SEO KPIs.
  6. My one-off link building project management fee of $157.
  7. How to easily invest in link building in Perth.
  8. Your direct communication with the good link builders if you also want to manage the link building expert we get for you.

More Link Building For SEO Questions and Answers

As with most of my SEO consultations, I’ve tried to explain link building for SEO simply in plain English for beginners. If you’ve got comments, corrections of my linking blog post or more questions about SEO link building, jot them down below. Hopefully I or link building experts can answer link building questions for you.

Link Building For SEO

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