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Website Development Planning For Good SEO

Web development planning sets your website up for future easier and better performance in search engines.

The first steps in planning a website for future SEO success include:

  1. refer to keyword research and target phrases.
  2. good site structure planning
  3. good page structure
    1. give images good file names with keywords.
    2. keywords in image alt tags.
    3. to keep image file sizes to a minimum, use the correct file type. Eg png for simple colours like logos, jpg for photos which have millions of colours.
    4. size images for the fit for purpose. Yes header (hero) images can be wide but otherwise remember that mobile phone screens are about 800 pixels wide.
    5. Optimise images before uploading. You can use computer graphics software or any of many free online image optimisation tools like
  5. good, simple web development. Keep plugins to a minimum. If designers want to go to town with plugins, ask them to explain to you why each plugin is so important. Don’t have multiple plugins which do the same thing. Java script does lots of fancy and functional things but keep scripts to a minimum and if you do want js, make sure they load asynchronously.

Do NOT let web designers build a bunch of pretty pages and then think about phrases to target as an after though.


Batch similar phrases (synonyms and variants). Eg If your web page is about running: run, runs, running, ran, jogging. Yes, you can have “cycling” and other words on the page with links to the other pages but don’t forget the focus of your page and stick to that in your copywriting for SEO.


  1. Fast loading pages achieved with the selection of a LIGHTWEIGHT WordPress theme
    1. Fast loading content
    2. Serverside optimisation on a fast server
    3. A CDN if you’re wanting to attract customers more than a few thousand kilometres away.
  2. Good looking.
  3. Mobile-friendly and responsive web design, meaning it will automatically resize and or change the layout to fit on mobile device screens.

    Site development good for SEO

  4. Good UX / Functional.
    1. Meaningful words
    2. No dirty URLs eg with numbers * # ? other squigle, etc.
    3. Avoid plugins that give path names with words few people search for. Eg
  6. Identification of important pageS and making them cornerstone pages.

Our Perth web designer knows the basics of setting up a good website for high level SEO by SEO experts Perth.

Website Development Planning For Good SEO

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