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Website Development Planning For Good SEO

First steps in planning a website for future success in SEO includes keyword research and good site structure development


  1. Fast loading pages achieved with the selection of a LIGHTWEIGHT WordPress theme
    1. Fast loading content
    2. Serverside optimisation on a fast server
    3. A CDN if you’re wanting to attract customers more than a few thousand kilometres away.
  2. Good looking.
  3. Mobile-friendly and responsive web design, meaning it will automatically resize and or change the layout to fit on mobile device screens.

    Site development good for SEO

  4. Good UX / Functional.
    1. Meaningful words
    2. No dirty URLs eg with numbers * # ? other squigle, etc.
    3. Avoid plugins that give path names with words few people search for. Eg
  6. Identification of important pageS and making them cornerstone pages.
Website Development Planning For Good SEO

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