Why Monthly WordPress Updates

Monthly WordPress updating services in Perth are necessary for improving website security, functionality/performance and SEO. 86% of hacked WordPress sites is because of lack of updates

WordPress update service Perth.

What in WordPress Needs Updating?

  1. WordPress itself.
  2. Themes (web design templates) that your webdesigner used.
  3. If using child themes, they need updating.
  4. WordPress plugins need more frequent updating. Some need to be updated every couple of weeks. If your web designer installed too many plugins, it’s because they want too many bells and whistles when in most cases rationalisation should be implemented. It’s no use having 2 or 3 active plugins that do the same thing. 
  5. MySQL database update.

Automatic WordPress Updates

The benefit of automatic WordPress updates is freeing up your time but the problem of automation of WordPress updates is the possibility that an update can crash your site. Unless you’re using an uptime monitoring service like Sam’s (see below) you won’t know your site is offline and if it stays off line too long, what do you think will happen to your search engine listing?

Who does Monthly WordPress Updates in Perth WA?

I can do monthly updates in Perth but I prefer not to. Updating WordPress is beyond the scope of the $500 monthly SEO Plan

For those on the $1,000 per month SEO plan, I outsource WordPress updates to Sam’s Perth WordPress updating service which is part of his highly recommended, honest, professional, monthly web support in Perth plan. In addition to this Sam is a helpful web support expert at problem solving WordPress web design issues.

WordPress Update Service Perth

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