The cost of SEO in Perth WA is determined by:

  1. How competitive your target phrases are.
  2. The level of SEO services provided. Basic SEO in Perth is a cheaper SEO price than high-level SEO in Perth. Hand-on SEO or having a Perth SEO consultant speak at an SEO seminar have different prices.
  3. How far and wide you want to reach people. Suburb, Perth CBD, greater Perth, Western Australia, Australia, worldwide?
  4. The skills of SEO work done on your competitors’ sites.
  5. All my clients get free quality backlink juice from my Perth websites however if you want me to manage link builders their costs are an extra. Some high-quality link builders charge $100 per link.
  6. The cost price of web hosting add-on services such as:
    1. content delivery network (CDN) is used to speed up the page load speed of your pages overseas by hosting your pages and content such as photos, on servers overseas. Page load speed is a search engine ranking signal).
    2. Reliable web hosting is crucial for SEO. Imagine what a search engine will do to your listing if the search engine keeps directing its clients (searchers) to your listing not found web page. Therefore investment in Sam Giandzi’s web hosting and WordPress monthly maintenance services is worthwhile for maintaining SEO.

Monthly costs of SEO plans in Perth can be as low as $400 per month to $1,000 per month.

Seek reckons the hourly rate for an average skilled SEOer in Perth is about $100 per hour. I’m the best at SEO in Perth and my hourly rate price is $120 per hour when you invest in a monthly SEO plan. My SEO price is cheaper for not-for-profit organisations and free for charities.


My SEO costs in Perth include:

  1. Software.
  2. While WordPress and other content management systems are free and many plugins are free there are many plugins that upsell for more features so for example the Yoast SEO Premium plugin costs about $100 extra if you want it above the free version.
  3. Office expenses. Unlike some SEOers in Perth’s CBD swank offices, I keep my SEO office costs low by SEOing from my home office in an ordinary 3 bedroom house in Padbury. However salt and dust on electrical power insulators do cost me a day of SEO work during Perth’s first winter rains which caused pole top fires, the blackouts.
  4. Hardware including computers which need replacement frequently because I’ve bought lemons like the MS Surface Pro or because sucked in salt ladened sea air blows them up.
Cost of SEO in Perth
My desktop reconditioned Dell, smoke’n.

The above are SEO input costs which I keep as low as possible, however SEO professionals need to make a living. Click the button below to see SEO prices in Perth.

Perth SEO costs web page author: Ben Grummels, local Perth SEO consultant.

Cost of SEO in Perth

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