How Perth business executives such as GM CFO CCO CEO Chair CIO can have boardroom meetings about business strategy improvements

When covid hit Perth the downside was a fall in turnover but the benefit was Perth business executives had more time to work on instead of in their business. That lesson for business excutives should not be forgotten. Perth businesses emerged so strongly after covid that a problem was attracting enough staff and more importantly good staff and executives.

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Getting the life/work balance for executives is not always easy. Many partners have a right to complain while at the same time putting more pressure on the major bread winner to bring home more executive pay. I reckon the mistake is spending on material possessions instead of experiences. Experiences with family and or friends. What Covid did was show the benefits of spending more time with family by working from home or reading a good new book. When you’ve got the balance right think of:


Perth business improvement ideas include getting free:

  1. Website analysis
  2. Digital marketing consultation with SEO specialisation. Even if you have an outsourced digital marketing agency, learn:
    1. what productivity business marketing improvements to expect and how to set and report their KPIs. For example, you might get a 200% improvement from your digital marketing agency in Perth but ignorance is bliss when really you should have got a 2,000% increase in KPIs such as site popularity or CTRs or sales or money in the bank.
    2. How to check and make sure YOU own all your IP such as Australian trademarks and domain names and not for example your web designer or partner.
    3. Content marketing advice in Perth by a local content marketing expert. Your content creators might have created beautiful content but if no one gets to see it, it’s been a waste of time, effort and money.
  3. All our Perth business clients get a free listing on:
    1. Our popular maps
      1. Map of Perth (1.4M views)
      3. Industry-specific maps. Eg Our Google winning map of Real Estate Agents in Perth or our Google map of Perth restaurants.


$100 per hour is your investment for HUGE business improvements worth millions of dollars. Can your business afford not to invest in your Perth business promotion improvement? Even one hour of my consultation with your Perth exectivives will produce SIGNIFICANT improvements in your business KPIs such as improved P&L, Balance sheets.

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