SEO for Hotels Australia

Affordably priced SEO for hotels in Australia and New Zealand connects your brand and hotel sales information with tourists and business travel hotel booking.

What are benefits of SEO for hotel?

  1. SEO for hotels reduces dependence on online travel agent (OTA) booings and the high commissions hotels pay OTA.
  2. Hotel CRM managers get to know their guests better.
  3. SEO for hotels supports a hotel’s brand marketing.
  4. The same content used in other types of Australian hotel marketing can be used in SEO.
  5. Improves hotel RevPar.
  6. SEO is the best value type of digital marketing for hotels. Best return on investment, wider international reach, can target destination marketing.

What are SEO strategies for hotels in Australia/NZ?

Some SEO strategies for Australian and NZ hotels include:

  1. Implementing keyword research to make sure your hotel web pages have the right keywords in the right places
  2. Setting up SEO KPI monitoring. You might be happy with your outsourced digital agency and hotel marketing manager reports with for example a 50% increase in SEO KPIs but what what Australian hotel GMs and hotel CFOs don’t know is if using my SEO services for hotels they likely would get 300% increases or more.
  3. Targeting What (local events eg MICE), Where (destination marketing), When (dates), How, Local things to do, etc.
  4. SEO of your YouTube videos as part of video marketing for hotels.
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