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Real, good SEO testimonials from real people about the SEO service levels by Ben Grummels, expert SEOer Perth WA.  Thank you to all my clients who’ve written great reviews published below and or on Google Reviews.

Quote after the first month of my cheapest monthly SEO plan and site popularity ranking up 6.8M places follows:
Brody Stracke,

medical device marketing review Australia

Also, we’ve been averaging 1  personal alarm for the elderly sale per day instead of 2 sales per week since your SEO work a month ago, so well done.

What’s the plan for September to continue improving our SEO?

Warm regards,
Brody Stracke
General Manager
Pendant alarm sales Australia for elderly

Good SEO reviews Perth.
“Ben, I am pleased I found you! Thank you for your valuable time. I have gained so much. After our phone consultation, my page went from lost in Cyberspace to number one for our targeted search phrases relating to my industry!! I’m so grateful for all the great SEO advice and tips you gave me. Once I implemented them things started to happen in my business. I will be keeping in touch and most definitely recommending you to other business owners. You are a star!”

Hi BenThank you so much for all your amazing knowledge with our websites.  It has attracted the traffic and enquires that has turned the business around, keep up the awesome work. Once again thank you.
Boss Embroidery

0413 100 390 / 0402 821 454

Hi Ben,
Yes, you were extremely successful with our site, how have you been?
Roman Watkins, Switch Glass Perth.
You’re an excellent professional with artistic flare. Definitely a winner, thanks.
Elizabeth Re, City of Stirling councilor.

Fantastic, its what we need, a bloke like you who knows what he is doing, So important to this business, Thankyou.
SEO testimonial Perth
Tom Spry

Tom O’Rourke  wrote:
Ben Gummels of 4WebMarketing has been an important link in promoting Scarborough and local businesses for some time. He very effectively gives advice and his vast experience to those needing it into the world of promoting businesses on the internet.  Someone like Ben who can act as a mentor to the world of the internet is invaluable.
Regards Tom O’Rourke.
Principal and Licensee, Remax Sunset Coast Real Estate, In The Heart Of The Sunset Coast.
RE/MAX Sunset Coast 1/25 Scarborough Bch Rd Scarborough WA . Office 92458788

Scarborough Beach Association testimonial

The Google docs sheet works a lottttt better than the previous plug in.
David Vincent, Perth Office Fitout 2021

testimonial for Ben Grummels

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your good SEO work. Please make all the SEO changes you are recommending. Looks like you are having a good effect on traffic already. Cheers,

Dr. John Moran
Dentist Perth

That is an excelent SEO result. Thank you so much for a great start to our business relationship 🙂
Scott Parry,

On the 11 December 2013 news of getting on page one of Google SERP for “financial planner perth” for Paul HolleyThat’s fantastic guys

Hi Ben
Thanks for all the work you have done regarding our website positioning. We are now found in over 800,000 search engine result pages and favourable position in the most used here in Australia.
Barry Boulter
Sales Manager


Gday Ben,
Yes mate I have taken as much notice of what you passed onto me as I could, you are after all the expert in this area, must add what a champion person you are as well, you impressed me greatly.

I was not able to digest all of what you passed on to me  but the results look good, we do have a plus in as much that the bowling season is now underway and we should see the results grow a fair bit further.

I still have issues such as getting rid of non-compliant mobile phone pages, just don’t have the original pages to know what I want to get rid of but will tackle the issue in earnest down the track.

You have been a major help to me and find you were well worth the fee, sure  wish I had your knowledge


Hi Ben,
Thanks for your continuous support and offers to assist further.
Urs Klee
General Manager


Thank you for your time.
Scott Hunter, Director
HumSup Imports/Exports
Suite 1, 2120 Hendy Main Road,
Victoria, 3228 
Ph 0418319319 Fax 0352617097 Email

“Thanks for the great work Ben. Good to see our new site number one on yahoo. I know we will get higher on Google once we kick off the Link Exchange but I guess patience is the key at the moment. Again, appreciate your efforts and I have learnt a lot from you in regards to Search Engine Optimisation so thanks for that! 

Kind regards,
e-Marketing Coordinator, ECU

Dear Ben, 

thank you, we will change accordingly and value the suggestions.
Sandra Bilson
Operations Manager
Centre for Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism

Macquarie University
New South Wales

Dear Ben,
Thankyou for optimising Regency Palms Holiday Apartments website. I had no idea how important this was and I am so greatful that I was informed of 4webmarketing. We are absolutely thrilled that we are now positioned on the first page, position one with Google. Our email enquiries have dramatically increased and so has occupancy! I am now confident that we have the best exposure for our holiday accommodation. Thankyou again and I look forward to 4webmarketing assisting us in the future.

Great Results, July 20, 2004 Joanne McMahon (Cairns) –  Ben of 4 Web Marketing has made a massive difference to the nett profit of our 4 star holiday apartment business. Through optimization, our web-site is now one of our main sources of revenue. Before Ben worked his magic, we rarely received an email. Now, we receive massive amounts of bookings and enquiries daily. We get our full advertised rate, without having to pay agent commissions through our web-site. If you do not have your web-site optimized, you are basically hosting a web-site for nothing and throwing your money away. Its the best business and marketing decision we have ever made.

Kindest Regards,
Joanne McMahon
Regency Palms Holiday Apartments
225 McLeod Street
Cairns, Australia

Mr Ben Grummels has started a fantastic web site on “” that actively promotes Scarborough, which I encourage all members to visit.
Hon. John Quigley. LLB, MP

Source: WA Parliament Hansard

I had begun to get quite despondent but I should have had faith in you all. I have also had quite a few compliments about the website – its appearance and functionality. Registrations are still a bit slow but I anticipate these will increase as our other advertising and promotional efforts begin to take effect

Anyway I thought I should just say thank you well done all !! I also thought I would share this little anecdote with you.

Rob Parker
General Manager, Innovation & Technology Transfer, Department of Industry & Resources

Dear Ben,
I would just like to ask you to optimize our new website. About 5 years ago we engaged you to optimise our previous website and we had fantastic results. Every morning i would need 2 hours to respond to all of our car rental inquiries and this continued on for years without having to do any other marketing. Now we have a new a new website and the inquiries have dwindled off to a trickle. Can you please do the same thing as last time and get our inquiries going again.
Kind Regards
Michael Birt 
Cruising Car Rental Cairns


If you cann’t create a link to your GMB reviews, after reading my SEO tips page in the section about how to get more Google reviews with a direct link to where your happy satisfied clients can leave a 5 star Google review, then contact me on phone number 0418 958 799.

Good SEO Video Testimonials Perth

Perth SEO testimonial
Good Testimonial by Craig Mason Sign A Rama Joondalup testimonial.
Good seo video testimonial Perth
Review by Simon Dagnall, Luxury stretched limo entrepreneur, Rockingham.
Good seo testimonial Perth
Good Testimonial by John Hooker, Perth WA

All our current clients get good ‘dofollow’ backlink juice from the HOME page of our popular, high DA site and PR home page. It’s awesome for “off page SEO”.

Hi Ben,
A major US hardware distributor emailed me today and and informed me that PC Locs was the number one listing for the very competitive phrase “computer locks” on Yahoo. He was so impressed that he wanted to know what he had to do to become a distributor of our products in North America. Well done.
James Symons
Marketing Director, PC Locs

Thanks for everything Ben.

I’m really glad I took the opportunity to meet you. Will keep in touch and definitely refer you to anyone requiring SEO services.
Cynthia Yap,
Business Insurance Broker,
Central Insurance, Perth.
Phone number: 08 9368 8971


“After just two weeks, I was delighted (and amazed) to find my that my web site was number one on Google for my prime search phrase. Of the other phrases, two were in position 2 and another was in position 7. Ben surely knows his stuff.”
Peter Howlett, TimeExposure

Just a quick note to thank you for the SEO you have done for us.
You have ensured that we are number 1, on the Google search engine, for people searching for thermal insulation in Perth, or Western Australia.
Keep up the great SEO work. We will recommend you to anyone who needs help with SEO.Sincerely
Brett Heady

Dear Ben,
Thought you might like to update your portfolio info.
Tan and Tan features in quite a few search engines on the 1st page.
Thanks for the good work.
Raymond Tan, Lawyer Perth
Tan and Tan Lawyers
Tel: 089 2212888
Fax: 089 3253710
Mob: 0419929228

To whom it may concern,

Winchester Global PL commissioned Ben Grummels of 4 Site Promotion to design and develop the ProtxL oil filter web site because we think the most important attribute of a website is that it can be found.

Ben has a long successful history of developing key word rich phrase web sites that are search engine No1 and No2 of 24,531 with phrases containing “engine oil filtration”.

Today, even while our site is being developed when engine oil filtration is keyed in to the world web the Google search engine finds our site at  number one. I am very impressed.

If your business relies on being found on the web and you want results like ours without hesitation I strongly recommend the affordable services of 4 Web Marketing.

Philip Wheatley, ProtXL Director

Jane Reid of Scarborough Beach Villas on news of getting SERP position 2 on page 1 of Google: “Am delighted.  Was becoming rather daunted as was unable to “find myself”.” 22 May 2001

HI Ben,

Thank you for the fantastic SEO work you did on my web pages. We are thrilled with the results you have achieved.

Every search engine I try I’m now on top of page one, well ahead of my competitors who in many cases don’t show up on the search engines.

We have also started to receive orders from overseas which we never had before.

Thanks again for a fantastic SEO job, and we look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,
David K.

“For what it is worth I have seen Ben produce top SEO results over and over again.

I know of NO ONE in the WORLD better than Ben at SEO and other website promotion strategies.

I have known Ben Grummels for years and have found him to be highly trustworthy and his SEO to be at a consistent high level of professionalism.

In Internet related matters Ben has proven to me again and again his ability to solve SEO problems and to create solutions that have been effective from both cost and operational perspectives.

It takes a few months in some cases but he is both honest and ethical. I have recommended Ben to a few of my top clients with very good feedback.”

I cannot recommend Ben as highly as I’m sure he is deserving of.

Dr Lance Chambers. B.Bus (Curtin), M.S.M. (Purdue), PhD (Uni of SA), JP for WA

Hi Ben,
Just a short note to thank you and your SEO business 4 Web Marketing for the great job you have done with my web site. I appreciate your over and above service attitude.

My decision to take up your SEO services has skyrocketed my web site from oblivion to top of first page of search engine results. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. It has made a significant difference to our bottom line. We are getting more business through our web site now than through any other single source. Dollar for dollar its the best money I have spent to promote my business. You are truly offering a unbelievable good Perth SEO service. I totally enjoyed doing business with such an honest, professional, yet personal company. Well done all you guys at 4 Web Marketing.

I’ll be recommend your SEO services to anybody looking to improve their business and visibility. Please feel free to use this letter of recommendation in any way.

Joan Rando of Beachfront 1 on page 1 of
She said: “That’s how those US Navy sailors must have found our accommodation.” Feb 2001

Ben has great talents and uses them very well, Ben’s work is great with fantastic SEO results.
I have known Ben many years and he only gets better at what he does.”

Ian Guinea
Welding Perth

Subject: AltaVista – Australia – Search – Results for “scuba diving travel centre australia”

Number 1 page 1 (non-paid sponsor) out of 8.5 million pages in Google.

well done Ben
Rg Ian Lockwood
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 18:40

Hello Ben,

I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year with some time off ???

Maybe this year I will get to buy you that Helicopter ride if you come to Cairns for a break.

Thank you very much for setting up backlinks to my site, the report is very interesting and shows how successful your SEO strategies are.

The shopfront tour booking store that I manage in Cairns has been very quiet over the last 3 months however my Cairns travel website has been the opposite which is great.

Thanks again for the help Ben. I will be in touch again no doubt in the future.

Have a nice day.
Regards, AndrewCairns Travel Agents

Hello Ben,
Do you realise that your web page is number one in Google for the search term “colour printing perth”.
Thought this might interest you.
All the best,

From: Scott Hunter []
Sent: Saturday, 24 November 2001 10:36 PM
To: ben@4 Web
Importance: High

Seem to be getting more hits already.[4 Web Marketing] I’m pleased

I wish to add more products and change the page over the next few weeks is there any code or thing you have done to the pages that I should try not to delete or change ? [4 Web Marketing] Your improved hits on our budget plan were because I added and edited keywords in :

  • Your page titles

  • Description meta tags

  • Keyword meta tags

  • Body text

  • Alt image tags

before submitting your site to The search engines. Each new page should have variations of your strategic keywords so as to act like landing pages to your site. See: 4 Web

hello ben,

2 weeks since you registered the optimised pages to the search engines and already business starts coming in ! Our most important keyword is in no. 1 and 2 position on Google.
Thank you.
paul eisenhu

Since working with 4 Web Marketing our site popularity has increased dramatically.

Alex Ioasa
Kimaju Mining Brazil

Hi Ben,

Thanks Ben and well done.
I was on page one and two of Google for quite some time due to your efforts. I have had some good feedback about the appearance of the website.

Tony Whitbread
A. E. Writing Services
Telephone number: (08) 9576 0900
Mobile phone: 0427 080 458


Thanks Ben.

Con Macarlino Shutterworks Photography
Phone : 08 9 444 3175  Mobile : 0418 926 889


“Ben is an excellent search engine optimiser as well as I.T. consultant in areas of Web Designing and Web Development. He is creative person with high integrity. Anyone now a days either wants to buy or sell has been searching web on various serch engine especially google and Ben has achieved those capabilities by which an enterpreneur (a business person) would certainly benefit from services provided by Ben…Just try once and check the results. I would recommend Ben to anyone who wishes to have search engine optimisation for his/her business.”
Satish Patel visa migration agent Perth at

“Ben is an excellent search engine optimiser based in Perth, as well as a consultant in areas of Web Designing and Web Development. He is creative person with high integrity. Anyone now a days either wants to buy or sell has been searching the web on various search engine like Google. Ben has achieved those SEO capabilities by which an enterpreneur (a business person) would certainly benefit from SEO services provided by Ben…Just try once and check the results. I would recommend Ben’s SEO to anyone who wants to have SEO done for his/her business.”
Satish Patel visa migration agent Perth at

“We get 80% of our business via the web thanks to 4 Web Marketing”  1st for “signs perth” etc
Perth SEO testimonials
Sean, Signs Today

Hi Ben
Thank you for the fantastic SEO job you have done on my web site. I am thrilled with the results you have achieved in such a short time.   I am very pleased to recommend your SEO services to anybody looking to improve their business and visibility. Please feel free to use my recommendation in anyway.   Look forward to 4webmarketing assisting me in the future.
Best regards
John Chambers | Director Chambers Pest Solutions Ph: (08) 9313 2871 Mobile phone number:  0411 441 802

Hi Ben. Best wishes for the New Year.

You suggested I remind you to check the performance of  in Jan sometime, so here is the reminder! The performance on Google seems to be pretty good, and we have already received quite a few web based enquiries.


Peter Banovich
Technical Consultant
Daly Laboratories Pty Ltd


Preface: After prepaying for a package including Australian Trade Mark Registration Wendy changed her mind before we did any work. We confirmed this in letters to her bank and Clickbank.

Dear Clickbank and Ben at 4webmarketing,

Thank you very much for your assistance. I must admit, I have had a few sleepless nights over the matter. However, now that it seems to be sorted out, I am also truly heartened by the wonderful co-operation I have received from both parties. It says a great deal for the integrity and decency of both of your businesses in particular and for the internet business in general. If an opportunity should happen to come up in the future, where I am able to promote either Clickbank or 4webmarketing, I will be very happy to do so because of how the people in both companies have looked after me with the return of my money. (Although I haven’t actually checked my account yet, I am sure it will be okay after having read your emails on the matter)
Thank you again Ben and ClickBank, I am very grateful for your help re the return of my money.

Yours sincerely,
Wendy Bunce


I don’t know if this of any interest. This chap helps with website so you get good rankings when people search for you on sites like google. When he did our Jag site we were number one for some time.



From: Greg and Cheryl Underwood []
Sent: Sunday, 1 August 2004 10:38 PM
Subject: Affiliate Web Site
Hi Folks, Cheryl and myself are in the hospitality and tourism
business in the North West of Western Australia. We are interested in setting up a WebSite to onsell trips and tours ,vehicle hire etc( through affiliate links) in the North West Region of our WA. Have spoken to Ben Grummels (Digital Marketing) who said he helped you out. Just need some confirmation. Ben sounds like he really knows his stuff. Looking forward to your reply Greg and Cheryl Underwood 0417XXXXXXI


We are first under “home furnishings Connecticut”. I am impressed!

David J Whiting
David Whiting is now an Associate Director, Deloitte Real Estate Sydney

Hi Ben,
Thought I might have a bit of a brag. Searching the following in Google; “internet service provider perth western australia” we’re 3rd in the listings!   Thanks for all your SEO advice
Nick Cockinos
Net Unlimited Pty Ltd

From: Tropical Experience Tour and Travel Centre
Monday, 2 August 2004 8:50 AM
To: Greg and Cheryl Underwood
Subject: RE: Affiliate Web Site

Hello Greg and Cheryl,

Just to give you a little background on my websites.
Prior to hooking up with Ben, I had spent many hours and many dollars with other “search engine specialist”. They all charged me lots of money and delivered lots of NOTHING!
Within a couple of hours after looking at my site Ben had present me a list of technical problems with my site and some “quick fix” ideas that in my opinion the other search engine people should of found and fixed.
By following Bens easy to understand advice I was able to significantly increase my rankings on keyword targeted phrases to lift my web site up the search engine rankings. The following is only one example: On 7.9.04 if you entered “cape york tour” into Google, my web site did not appear in the first thirty rankings. Now five days after following Ben’s instructions try it for yourself!!
Over a period of 3 months Ben and I have worked together to make these changes to my sites.
I am now spending WAY TOO MUCH time in front of my computer answering all the emails that are flooding in.
So in answer to your question about needing confirmation that Ben knows his stuff, I would have to say HE SURE DOES !
He is not the cheapest in Australia for his type of services however I have never purchased anything that is the cheapest that ended up being the best !
Good luck with your endeavour and maybe we will meet the next time I come to Exmouth for whale shark diving.
Have a nice day,

Andrew Gregory
Tropical Experience Tour & Travel Centre
p: (+61) 7 4036 4911
f: (+61) 7 4036 4922
22 Mercurio St, Cairns, QLD, 4868

29th March MS Messenger conversation between Ben of 4 Web Marketing and client Andrew of Tropical Experience Cairns:
Morning Ben, are you sick of eating chocolate easter eggs yet?
Ben: nope
andrew says:
ha ha things have been busy in the lead up to the easter break so next week i will be back to you with some questions on the link building program if that’s ok with you?
Sure. That’s fine.
I’m glad you’ve been busy. I’ve been house painting over Easter.

andrew says:
very domesticated !! I will send you now a perfect tool for you to show your clients to encourage more sales of your link exchange program.
Thank you.

can you open and get the current stats for march
SEO performance stats.
That’s great. I’m glad my digital marketing mentoring is paying off.

feel proud my man

see how the graph jumps from nov up by around 50% extra page visits, well that month is when you started the link exchange program, what do you think of that !!!
I’ll add it to my testimonials page.

feel free to. I have been watching this graph for a couple of months now and its just interesting to see what a change it makes with your link building.
Thats why i am keen to add more links
Yep. I keep updating your links page with more links than the 30 pre-paid for because you’re a good PATIENT, understanding client.

With the SEO Package I purchased from Ben, there has been a long wait for results BUT the results are defiantly improving on Yahoo and are gradually improving on Google. Ben’s knowledge in this industry is arguably the best SEO in Australia. I recommend if you are serious about getting to the top of the search engines in your industry, put Ben to the test. His guarantees are unmatched and he is a hell of a nice guy to work with.

“Derek Best”, Innovative Hair Loss Solutions Perth WA. Director, BEST CORP AUST Pty Ltd.


Ben has efficiently SEOed one of our client’s website. By providing accurate in-sights as to how the site content should be improved and effectively building up the site’s popularity. The website has gained great position in Google,  MS Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.”

Alex Chong, Online Latitude Technology
ABN: 18 102 378 165

Business award Perth

That’s great Ben! My address is Left Field, 5-26 46th Ave, LIC, NY 11101. thanks very much, Christian
— “Ben” <> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> > I have your Australian Certificate of Trade Mark Registration and notes on how to protect it.
> > Please advise the postal address for me to airmail it to?
Trade mark registration Australia

I just spent an exceptionally informative morning with Mr Ben Grummels of 4 Web Marketing – I went to get a bit of extra help on my rusty FrontPage skills. I got far more than I imagined – in fact came away completely enthused and very excited about the possibilities that were opened up with just this two hours of intensive training with Ben. He is a good teacher, able to provide a flow of information in a way that can be easily recalled – and was also able to easily adapt to my needs and questions and existing level of skill. He gave much more than I expected and I would recommend him to anyone wanting a really intensive boost with their website development. He can assist you to get your site into a position of really being seen – read “found by those who wish to find it!” and he helped me to understand easy ways to accomplish that. Thank you Ben.
Shazar Robinson


Hi Ben

Just a short note of thanks for the REALLY interesting morning and for doing the submission to search engines for our website.

I will be chasing some referrals for you and I will be working out a plan to move forward with our digital marketing.

Thanks again. Have a relaxing weekend.

Best regards

Mike Harrold, Manager, SIGN*A*Rama West Perth

Ben Grummels, SEO expert in Perth, has helped our business move rapidly up the search engine rankings. He has helped us to Number 1 on Yahoo and also the first page of Google in a short time through his knowledge of how to make it to the top.Thanks Ben for helping us get noticed.

Erin Ardon
“Beach Manor” Bed and Breakfast Perth at Scarborough Beach

SEO Testimonial review Perth

Hi,   Sometimes things get really freaky.  I don’t expect you to remember me. I was in your science class at Mercedes College Perth.   I was actually speaking about you today to one of my colleagues as I was telling them that you were one of the teachers that I remember the most from all that time ago….. You were so young and cool !  Anyway, tonight I was looking up some information about Mercedes college and there you were !!   I now live in Sydney with my son He’s doing his PHD in Advanced Science at Sydney Uni ….Maybe it was your science influence on me that travelled to him through osmosis or something.   Sounds like you have done well….Just thought it was too much of a co-incidence not to send you an email.
Maria Messinaget

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