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The Perth SEO blog aims to bring

  1. free SEO tips to Perth organisations and digital marketing professionals in Perth. SEO professional development helps make Perth businesses more competitive online Australia and internationally.  I don’t profess to know everything about SEO and or digital marketing in Perth. That’s why I’ve left this SEO Perth blogg open for comment from other Perth SEOers and for webmasters to post their bits of SEO knowlege and experiences without too much spaming ie over plugging links to your pages.
  2. SEO news to Perth webmasters and business owners to let them know about the latest search engine changes and how it might impact the SERP performance of your webpages.

Feel welcome to contact me by PHONE: 0418958788.

Posting fair critisism will be taken on the chin as constructive SEO help. Flaming me or other SEOers will be deleted.

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