Digital Marketing


What is digital marketing? Digital marketing in Perth includes

  1. off-page SEO and
  2. on-page SEO,
  3. online advertising with dofollow link building,
  4. Social media marketing,
  5. map marketing,
  6. review marketing,
  7. SEM (Search Engine Marketing = PPC marketing for search engines. Eg Adwords)
  8. CRM marketing,
  9. dreaded email marketing and
  10. online reputation marketing.

Below are the results of a digital marketing survey I ran on a Linkedin marketing group.

What is the best type of digital marketing?
What is the best type of digital marketing?

While I’m a local digital marketer in Perth I believe often the best long-term investment value in digital marketing is SEO in Perth where I understand Perth business culture, executives and where you’re protected by Australian consumer protection laws.

If you have questions about the best digital marketing suited to your business in Perth, don’t hesitate to phone me at 0418 958 799 for a free 20-minute digital marketing consultation including expert SEO Perth consultations.


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Why Monthly SEO?

Reasons why CONTINUED investment in SEO important: Search engines change over time. For example, as more peoples use mobile phones for searching, Google has placed more importance on user experience (UX) such as page load speed. Your competitors change. Competitors and their SEO staff/agency know of all of these changes and adapt to changes Competitors […]

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