Why Monthly SEO?

Reasons why CONTINUED investment in SEO important: Search engines change over time. For example, as more peoples use mobile phones for searching, Google has placed more importance on user experience (UX) such as page load speed. Your competitors change. Competitors and their SEO staff/agency know of all of these changes and adapt to changes Competitors […]

How Good SEO Companies Lose Clients

REASONS CAUSING GOOD SEO BUSINESSES TO LOSE CLIENTS. Even though I provide good SEO services, my SEO company in Perth still, occasionally loses clients. There’s a number of reasons outlined following why good SEO companies lose clients. Company resturcture/takeovers/mergers. When this happens parent companies or new company structures might already have and prefer to use […]

Image Search Optimisation

GOOD CONTENT MARKETING TIP Not SEO but Image Search Optimisation ISO. You’d be surprised at how many people in Australia use Google’s image search, to see photos of a hotel room, or restaurant food etc. TIPS FOR IMPROVING IMAGES IN SEARCH RESULTS Rename your image files that for example come out of a camera with a […]

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