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Online Business Support Perth in 2024

We’re a locally Perth based business providing discount business support in Perth to help your business get through the effects of high inflation in 2024. We’ll improve the online presencecompetitiveness and brand marketing for Perth businesses. (My is Google first for “brand marketing australia”.) With more Perth businesses moving more online during the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that your web pages are found on search engines.  It’s now more than ever, when you’ve got time to work ON your business instead of IN your business. Now is the time when thought should be given to digital marketing including SEO so that you:

  1. Survive in 2024 through pandemic caused high inflation leading to your loss of sales.
  2. Get set-up online properly. I don’t mean only web design, but a POPULAR site that attracts customers searching for what you sell with smart automation to free up your time so that your business booms when the inevitable boom comes back.
  3. Informed about SEO strategies and SEO KPI to expect for your level of investment in SEO.

If you’re one of my current Digital Marketing clients, I am working online for your business solutions from my home office in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Need digital marketing support or guidance? provides free introductory digital marketing strategy consultations including free analysis/reports about your site to help Perth businesses get through the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. My phone number is 0418 958 799 for a no-obligation online business support in Perth. You’ll be amazed at what I tell you over the phone about your website. Also, I’ll follow it up with a free emailed report to you. There’s no lock-in SEO contract.


I’ve been working smart and hard, mostly from home in Perth since 1999. I’m here to help your business through this 2020 health/economic crisis.  See WORK FROM HOME PERTH tips for supporting work-from-home Perth businesses and other organisations and their staff


Some of the following business support listed for our Perth clients are free. You can be a client from as little as $1 per day.

  1. SEO analysis – FREE.
  2. Free introductory SEO consultation.
  3. Protect your business IP with the CHEAPEST trademark registration services in Perth.
  4. Linked pins on my many popular Google winning maps are FREE. Eg Google Map of Perth (over 2M views)
    Map of Western Australia
    and or for EXAMPLE if you’re a real estate agent free linked pins on the Google winning page for “google map real estate agent perth” and free on other maps. The price of REAP membership with listings on is $1 per day. The benefit of our business support, HUGE, including FREE SEO consultations and other Perth real estate marketing advice. 
  5. Off-page SEO such as high quality, dofollow backlinks to your site.
Business Support Perth
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