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Firstly local SEO experts in Perth know Perth. In addition, local SEO experts better understand how Google My Business works and are locally available to provide GMB support IN PERSON. That’s important because it’s best that local Perth Google account PERSONAL profiles be the PRIMARY owner of local GMB’s. I’ll show you how to get great local Perth promotion out of one of Google’s best big FREE offerings.

Local SEO Perth
My old site is Google first for “gmb help perth”.

Anyone can do basic SEO. However, SEO for competitive phrases needs to be expertly done SEO and takes ongoing monthly SEO maintenance.

Local search SEO stats.


When you partner with a local Perth SEO agency you’re working with an experienced, helpful, winning, local, Perth SEO specialist. I don’t do web design, social media marketing, CRM marketing but if you need these other types of digital marketing, I can project manage a digital marketing campaign for you. I here to constantly guide your SEO campaign. I have great understanding of the local Perth community. Your SEO requests/goals are not lost/missunderstood as is the case when using cheap outsourced SEO from an overseas foreign culture. I have a good grasp of the local market; leveraging information from previous SEO campains in Australia. I understand what customers want and the type of technology they use. Eg mining technology in Western Australia.

CONTENT IS KING with SEO. My familiarity with the local businesses and industries they operate in is useful for content production and content marketing. I can create content that targets the local audiance that you want.


The local market can be highly competitive. I research your direct competitors. With competition analysis, I find which website/S they use, their marketing methods, social media performance, keywords they’re using, where they get their link juice from, etc. With this sort of information, I can copy the better marketing strategies they use and add improvements. For example, you might find your site popularity tracked here along with your competitors.
Local SEO Perth


Targeting the right keywords is crucial for SEO success. To win in local SEO, broad search terms are convered to exact match ones, for example not only what you do but the location like “Perth Western Australia” of your goods/services offerings. If you don’t, you’ll end up competing with big brands and lose. For a winning local SEO campaign, your keywords should be localized.

For a winning SEO campaign your keywords need to be localised.

Affordable keyword research at only $40 of a brainstorming session with you should be the first step in not only in an SEO campaign but in business planning. It is shared with:

  1. stakeholders of your business
  2. copywriters
  3. web designers
  4. social media marketers
  5. content producers such as photographers/videographers
  6. link builders
  7. etc.

I find which high-performance keywords apply to your business. In addition, also target low-competition keywords to give your local business an edge. (long-tail SEO).

Local keyword research


A good local SEO expert ensures you get customised SEO that is suited to local searches and wins for phrases you target. One-size-fits-all, off the shelf SEO campaigns are doomed to fail. Hiring a local SEO company means getting an SEO strategy that meets the needs of your local business.


Local SEO Perth

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