Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It is the administrative and business centre of the great state on the western side of Australia. Perth has a higher proportion of small sole trading businesses than other parts of Australia. With the resources industry playing the major role in the economy many big and small Perth businesses play a part, directly or indirectly supporting the resources industry. For example, Ashburton Crane Hire, serves the construction, oil & gas, marine and mining industries based in Perth WA.



Perth has a mild Mediterranean climate. Perth city centre is on the northern side of the Swan River. To the west of the Perth CBD are some of the best beaches in the world. Pristine waters of the Indian Ocean provide Perth with high-quality seafood and recreational/watersports activities.

Perth is on a flat sandy coastal plain. East of Perth is the forested Perth Hills. Mandurah is a satellite city south of Perth while Joondalup is a city/centre north of Perth.


I know how important marketing is to not only the resources industry of which I was involved in Oil and Gas and mining in WA but also to all the small businesses which support the resources sector of Western Australia. Many bigger Western Australian businesses have their head office located in Perth. Some in the central business district of Perth while smaller businesses have their offices in Perth suburbs.

SEO in Perth supports the digital marketing of Perth businesses.

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Online Business Support Perth in 2024 We’re a locally Perth based business providing discount business support in Perth to help your business get through the effects of high inflation in 2024. We’ll improve the online presence, competitiveness and brand marketing for Perth businesses. (My is Google first for “brand marketing australia”.) With more Perth businesses moving more online during […]

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