The first step in setting up a new website for future good SEO success is ESSENTIAL keyword research. That leads to buying of good intellectual property such as exact match domain names and trademark/s.


  1. Fast loading
  2. Good looking
  3. CONTENT MARKETING: Create compelling content for site visitors to
    1. stay longer on your page/s
    2. come back to your site in the future
    3. for webmasters to link to your site
    4. give you good 5 star online review.
  4. Good UX / Functional
  5. Responsive, mobile-friendly.
    Site development good for SEO
    Image and recommendation from
    1. Meaningful words
    2. No dirty URLs eg with numbers * ! ~ ? etc.
    3. Avoid plugins that give paths with words few people search for.
  7. RELIABLE web hosting.
  8. Get encryption with an SSL certificate for httpS
  9. CDN if your target market is not only in your local region but also internationally.
  10. Consider putting less important page links in your footer. Eg Careers and important/cornerstone pages in your header drop-down menu.
  11. If your new site is redevelopment of an old popular sites, know you’ll likely lose deep linking backlinks because your pages will likely have different URLs.  Older pages might end something like  …../perth.html  whereas new pages might be something like /perth. To confir some of the link juice to the new pages, you can use a WordPress plugin to redirect your old page to your new page.

Talk with me if you’re looking for help with developing a good site structure.

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Setting Up Websites For Good SEO

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