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Free SEO analysis in Perth is reported to all clients. Some SEO analysis such as monthly site popularity tracking and reporting is also reported to any business/organisation in Perth. Your Perth site popularity might already be analysed on one of the spreadsheet tabs here:


The price of a full SEO audit in Perth is less than Aust$100. Our Perth SEO audit report includes

  1. Site wide search for broken links which stop search engine spiders in their tracks.
  2. Expert, detailed SEO analysis of your home page including:
    1. Checking and recommending your home page title improvements
    2. Checking that you’ve got a description meta tag let alone a good description meta tag. You’d be supprised at how many pages don’t even have one.
    3. Page load speed, an important search engine ranking signal. It comes with scores, fix tips and resources such as optimised images for your web designer to replace.
    4. Site structure analysis.
    5. Proper use of H tags. Web designers often use H tags for formating only but for SEO h tag structure is important.
      H-tags for SEO
    6. Copywriting for SEO reporting.
    7. Alt image tag analysis.
    8. If your home page does not have enough words, I’ll check that and recommend the minimum amount of words.
  3. Number and quality of your backlinks.
  4. Identificaton of pages with a lot of duplicate content, an SEO penalty.

Most of this detailed SEO analysis is of your home. If you want more SEO analysis and site wide SEO auditing then the price depends on the number of web pages.


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