You might be wondering what content has to do with SEO. Well in fact a lot. Interesting and relevent content to what was searched for, hold’s the attention of page visitors longer. Search engines like Google know how long a visitor stays on a page. The longer the stay the better the search engine ranking signal. (In technical terms, reducing the bounce rate improves the off-page SEO.)


I created this animated gif for a Perth roofing company client. Uninteresting to you outside of Perth and not relevant to your quest for information about content marketing for SEO but not so for wet Perthites searching for “roof replacement perth“, especially after their roof was peeled back in a rain storm.

Content marketing example for SEO

The problems with this animated gif are:

  1. This gif is 3 layers/photos in one and therefore over 200kb in file size.
  2. Photos were not taken from the same angle at the same time of day.
  3. I’m not a graphic designer so my gif production isn’t too good. You could try to make your gifs or use existing gifs.
Other interesting content can come in the form of videos for content marketing, maps, interactivity, survey results/stats, visual effects, etc.

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