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SEO Stats Guiding 2021 Business Marketing


With statistical hindsight and advances in SEO technology both serverside and frontend, I take a look at how SEO strategies are shaping up for 2021.

The statistical information about SEO has been curated from leading SEO websites and search engines to explain in plain English for SEO beginners while at the same time providing up-to-date SEO facts. Some of the following SEO data has been charted for a better understanding of SEO stats.

The SEO statistical data has been researched by interrogation of leading search engines and improved by SEO Perth to give you the latest SEO strategies ideas for 2021.


    1. mobile searches increased by 200% in 2020.
    2. 61% are more inclined to contact a local business if their site is mobile is mobile-friendly.
    3. Half of mobile phone users search for business hours and half search for directions to local shops.

Mobile phone search SEO stats

    1. The Google Pigeon update gives local businesses more chance to compete with big international company brands which have invested a lot in SEO. Local SEO stats feature below.
    2. Three quaters of customers visited a shop within 24 hours after searching for a local business nearby.
    3. 28% of LOCAL Google searches convert to a sale.
    4. 56% of of businesses have not claimed their Google My Business (GMB) listing! Most that claimed their GMB are not active with their GMB. GMB help.
    5. Nearly half of all Google searches are with local intent. “where to buy” “near me”.

Local search SEO stats.


  1. Organic traffic is the number 1 source of website traffic.
  2. Most marketers think SEO is the best type of digital marketing.
  3. Ninety-three percent of people going online start with a search engine.
  4. Four out of 5 of businesses doing SEO found it to be effective.
  5. A third of companies invest more than $1,000 monthly in link building.
  6. Video marketing converts to a sale 5 times more than other content marketing.
  7. Organic (not paid ads) listings on page one of SERPs (search engine result pages) get a 33% click-through rate.  Paid ads only get 15% of clicks. More people head to maps, GMBs under maps, to the RHS of SERPs and to organic SERPs under maps because those results are more reliable than ads that are in your face only because advertisers have deep pockets.
  8. Fresh content can more than double organic traffic.
  9. Three quarters of searchers don’t scroll past the first page of SERPs.

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In 2016 the median salary for an SEO worker was $131,500, well over the Australian median of $84,000. At the bottom 25% of the pay scale marketing and social professionals and creatives make up the most employees. Overall the bottom 10% of respondents, typically those at entry level reported a median salary of $70,000. I’m a 20 full time experienced expert SEO, one of the best in 

SEO Stats Guiding 2021 Business Marketing

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