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Digital marketing and in particular SEO is one of the best Perth business support things to do. I’ve been supporting businesses Perth wide for decades. With international business experience starting in 1980, I’m well placed to support local Perth businesses with good advice and modern business strategies.

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SEO expert in Perth Ben Grummels supporting Action business coaches in Perth with SEO training.


The use of information technology, especially the internet/internet of things has been a big help in supporting Perth businesses yet many are still not using the full potential of IT. For example, the number of Perth businesses I’ve seen without a Google My Business up-to-date profile is staggering yet even more so are businesses without a GMB! Some businesses have failed in supporting their staff by not delivering enough professional development especially in the field of IT training.

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Some Perth businesses are streamlining processes by using apps in THE Cloud, such as the many Google Apps. Some are behind when it comes to cloud computing. The combination of cloud computing and cloud storage has improved business support for Perth companies, big and small.

Advantages of cloud computing include:

  1. Many apps are free
  2. Automation
  3. Easy to get. Downloading more up-to-date is easier than buying software disks.
  4. Security is handled by data centres.
  5. HUGE amounts of free data storage
  6. Mobility. You can work with a cheap, low powered computer anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection. The computing is done in the cloud more than software in your computer.
  7. Managed IT support in Perth is readily available to manage your IT assets in the cloud and support your staff and the smooth running of your business operations.


I’m not an expert in all fields of business support for Perth businesses but having been in business for a long time, I know the big picture and know where to get help either online or locally in Perth. I have business contacts who are experts in their fields such as financial management, computer security, IT support, HR management, business auditing/advisory services for big companies in Perth. Digital marketing support is what I help Perth businesses with. My digital marketing specialty is SEO (search engine optimisation) which is maybe why you’re reading this. If you need digital marketing support or SEO support in Perth, don’t hesitate to phone me on 0418 958799 or visit my home page at SEO Perth expert for affordable business support in Perth WA.

Business Support Perth

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