Web Design


The best looking web design is useless if it’s lost in Cyberspace. Yes good web design affects user experience (UX) and therefore SEO with a smaller bounce rate. If you think Google doesn’t know how long people stay on your web page, think again. In this regard good web design and interesting content is king.

I don’t do web design in Perth but I teach web design. If you want good professional affordable web design services in Perth go to http:/webdesignerperth.com

Simple Website Design for Fast Loading Web Pages

PAGE LOAD SPEED, A SEARCH ENGINE RANKING SIGNAL If designing websites with a CMS like WordPress, keep it simple for fast-loading web pages. SEO tip: Use lightweight plugins or don’t use plugins.  Plugins add easy functionality so don’t delete too many, just the heavy-weight plugins. When searching for new plugins, always use the word “LIGHTWEIGHT“. WHY FAST-LOADING […]

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