I know that SEO is THE best value type of digital marketing. Convincing prospective SEO clients in Perth is a challenge but here are some SEO marketing tips.

  1. Demonstrate how SEO gets our clients on page one of search engines for COMPETITIVE phrases. The best is a live demonstration at our Perth or your office.
    Hotel marketing Asia
    Example of one of my many COMPETITIVE phrase SERP winners.
  2. On the 2021 Easter Monday, my kids and I held a garage sale near the corner of Karrinyup Road and West Coast Drive, Trigg in Perth’s northern suburbs. It taught then negotiation skills but reinforced my belief that like in the real world of real estate value, on search engines, value comes from three things: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. That is on page one of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). I’m not talking about paid ads because only 15% of people click them. I’m talking about “organic” SERPs.

Doubters said we wouldn’t sell anything. The photo shows what was left after selling a heap of stuff like surfboards, skateboards etc. Coming round the corner and up the hill slowed traffic for a good look at the merchandise.

Being on page one of SERPs means your potential customers have a chance of seeing your sales pitch and brand.

Testimonials are another way of convincing people of the benefits of SEO.

Once an SEO company has done successful sales and marketing the following link lists 10 ways an SEO business could lose clients even if their SEO work is good.


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