Web audit including research and reporting the:
1. Number and quality of backlinks to your web page/s.
2. Broken backlinks and duplicate content.
3. Page load speed, an important search engine ranking signal.
4. Quality of other SEO factors such as copywriting for SEO etc.

More information about web analysis services in Perth. It’s always good if you can sit with me to analyse your web page. That way good analysis pinpoints SEO problems and leads to SEO recommendations for SEO problem-solving. Implementing SEO recommendations is another matter. Some do and get HUGE improvements in SEO KPIs, others don’t and get the same old, same old SEO failures.

Site Popularity

WHAT IS SITE POPULARITY RANKING? Site popularity ranking shows a number of your site’s rank in world site popularity rank. Eg has been ranked number 1 most popular site since most (not all, there was a moment when Facebook pipped it) of ranking time. WHO WAS RANKING WEBSITE POPULARITY? It was Alexa which retired […]

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