SEO is the process of improving a web page’s position on search engine result pages (SERPs). There are two main types of SEO:

  • On-page SEO where an SEOer edits content on your pages for better performance in SERPs.
  • Off-page SEO like link building and buzz marketing such as social media marketing. Note most social sites don’t give the more valuable “dofollow” backlinks.

SEO Perth


An average SEO rate in Perth is about $100 per hour. I charge $70 per hour and I’m the best SEO expert in Perth.

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Achievement of winning SEO for COMPETITIVE phrases is what counts the most when selecting an SEO service, preferably in Perth Australia where you’re covered by Australian consumer protection laws. Not so much the price or giving SEO work to seductive Perth SEO sales people’s tactics, friends or family just to give them a job.

See some of my COMPETITIVE phrase SEO winner screenshots, mostly from Google.

Social Media Marketing Vs SEO

SEO Compared to Social Media Marketing PROS AND CONS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COMPARED TO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION When considering the most effective digital marketing campaign to maximize a good return on investment (ROI) it’s good to think about targeting Social Media Marketing (SMM) aka “LinkBait” or to use traditional SEO link building and online […]

Setting Up Websites For Good SEO

The first step in setting up a new website for future good SEO success is ESSENTIAL keyword research. That leads to buying of good intellectual property such as exact match domain names and trademark/s. SITE DEVELOPMENT FOR GOOD SEO Fast loading Good looking CONTENT MARKETING: Create compelling content for site visitors to stay longer on […]

Best Free SEO tools

There are many research and analysis tools that SEOers use. My favourite top 10 SEO tools are: Google keyword research tools: Google trends for quick look search volumes over time presented in easy to see charts down to states of Australia level. Google’s Keyword Planner which gives downloadable CSV files of keyword ideas. GTmetrix Ahrefs. […]

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