Problems when HTTPS is not set up properly

There are various versions of your web address that can confuse search engines

    1. www
    2. http
    3. https

I’m writing this post about HTTPS issues because all too often I’ve gone to sites where the best version of their URL is not working. For example at the time of writing, a resort with a great-looking web design, that I relief managed years ago, was working but the problem is was not. That’s a lost opportunity.

What is the s in httpS?

httpS for secure websites show as a black padlock in the browers address line.
httpS for secure websites show as a black padlock in the browers address line.

Google gives a slight boost on its SERPs for web pages using HTTPS, an encrypted secure protocol that should be used on websites that collect personal information. Ref GDPR. Laws in Australia stipulate that breaches of security must be reported to the Australian government’s Information Commissioner.


  • Duplicate content. If canonical tags are not leveraged, Google sees two site versions live, which is considered the SEO penalty for duplicate content.
  • Link dilution. If using https, don’t have half your link juice going to your HTTP version
  • Waste of search engine crawl budget

Mixed content is an issue where httpS pages have internal links to HTTP versions of their web pages. These sites have not set the HTTPS site version as the preferred one and still have the HTTP version floating around.


If you have a website with HTTP and HTTPS pages we recommend preference to us HTTPS and redirect HTTP pages to the httpS version. In the head of the page your want to redirect to your preferred to be indexed by search engines add:
<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />


In cPanel you can force web browsers to look at httpS pages. Look for the DOMAIN icon.

How to force redirection of http to https.
How to force redirection of http to https using cPanel server management.

This should also be done for pages with similar content. Eg

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />
<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

I mean “or” and not “and”. One page should redirect to the other.

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HTTPS issues

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