SEO training

SEO professional development is essential for keeping up with changes in the way search engines rank results.

Low-level SEO training is important for business executives so that they can better:

understand the SEO needed for their website
select the best SEO experts in Perth
monitor the performance of in-house and outsourced SEO agencies.

High-level SEO training in Perth Australia is required to upgrade SEO skills of staff in Perth’s digital marketing agencies and of full-time SEO consultants working on valuable SEO projects.

Experienced teacher Ben Grummels conducting SEO training in Perth
The success of online businesses often ride on the success of their digital marketing and core to that is SEO (search engine optimisation) which connects customers searching for your products/services with your sales information. Your competitors are learning more and more about gaining an edge on search engine result pages. SEO training is essential for staying ahead of new search engine updates and implementing best practice SEO deployment.

Book your affordable SEO lessons in Perth today by phoning Ben on 0418 958 799.

Online SEO training from Perth Australia can be done with Zoom but training is better in person at my Perth training office.

Website Set Up For Good SEO

FIRST STEPS IN WEBSITE SET UP Meet to understand goals of the website. Sales, brand marketing or both? Keyword research BEFORE a business plan, before domain name buying, before trademark registration, is best but I understand that that’s not always possible. My modus operandi has been for new sites: 40 minutes of brainstorming/keyword research with a client […]

Website Development Planning For Good SEO

Web development planning sets your website up for future easier and better performance in search engines. The first steps in good website planning for future web success in SEO include keyword research, good site structure and page structure of interesting content including: refer to keyword research and target phrases. good site structure planning good page structure IMAGE […]

Long Tail SEO Perth

WHAT IS LONG-TAIL SEO? Long tail seo is the targeting of niche phrases for a position on search engines. WHAT IS THE DISADVANTAGE OF LONG TAIL SEO? Low search volumes. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT? The advantage of long tail search engine optimisation is less competition for high value targeted marketing. HOW? How to do longtail […]

Setting Up Websites For Good SEO

The first step in setting up a new website for future good SEO success is ESSENTIAL keyword research. That leads to buying of good intellectual property such as exact match domain names and trademark/s. SITE DEVELOPMENT FOR GOOD SEO Fast loading Good looking CONTENT MARKETING: Create compelling content for site visitors to stay longer on […]


INTERESTING CONTENT IS KING You might be wondering what content has to do with SEO. Well in fact a lot. Interesting and relevent content to what was searched for, hold’s the attention of page visitors longer. Search engines like Google know how long a visitor stays on a page. The longer the stay the better […]

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