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Tips for beginners studying SEO

  1. If you’re an SEO professional start with managing your client’s SEO expectations. Timing, competition, SEO results, etc.
  2. Start with good keyword research and apply that research to your business plans, web pages, links, trademarks and domain names.
  3. Develop a good site structure. No dirty URLs and don’t use words like “category” that people aren’t searching for.
  4. Develop a good web page structure.
    H-tags for SEO
  5. Buy good exact match domain nameS.
  6. Supply good content in one batch to your web designer. Content is king.
  7. A minimum of 300 words per page.
  8. Use synonyms of target words.
  9. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  10. Organise reliable web hosting and web hosting support management.
  11. Work on link building. Keep in mind while links from social sites are good for humans because they are nofollow links they don’t issue link juice for search engines. Use quality dofollow backlinks.

    Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.
    Free dofollow link juice for Perth SEO clients.
  12. Not only write interesting copy for persuasion but also write copy for SEO.
  13. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive for better UX (User Experience)
  14. Use alt image tags consistent with the target phrases of the page the image is on.
  15. Optimise your images.
  16. Use a CDN if your market extends beyond Perth Australia.
  17. Use an SSL
  18. Use Google My Business and update it frequently.
  19. Respond to online reviews.


I’ve added this sub-heading because an SEO tip is to avoid more than 150 words without a sub-heading. Also, sub-headings make reading easier thus improving UX which improves your listings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

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