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Stats for search engine optimisation should be used to make SEO strategy choices to improve website statistical KPIs.


Every day I look at stats to improve my clients’ sites for SEO. Some want sales, or better brand marketing, or both. There are soooo many SEO stats and apps to sort SEO stats. 


This by no means is an incomplete list of SEO stats. They are the SEO stats that I use.

  1. Alexa site popularity rankings. I record ranking stats and sometimes plot the reciprocal Vs time. For my paid-up clients, it’s a KPI of my SEO work.
  2. There are many apps and sites that offer SERP rankings.
  3. Many apps like the paid version of aHrefs offer comprehensive SEO stats combining a lot of useful data into easy to comprehend statistical SEO reports.
  4. Broken link numbers
  5. Duplicate content
  6. Slow loading page scores
  7. Search volume stats eg:
    Search volume stats for SEO
  8.  Google Analytics sample below shows over a 30-day timeframe, a high bounce rate of my 20yo This stat indicates that the UX (user experience) needs to improve. It needs to be faster loading, responsive, more interesting content than small low res images designed 20 years ago when dial-up modems sped at 56kb/s and more mobile-friendly. (Why haven’t I updated it and many other sites of mine like Because my clients come first. No time for mine.
    Statistical data for SEO example.
  9.  Visitor flow stats. Eg entry pages, exit pages, and pages visited in between. Google Analytics is amazing but can be too much. Google Insight stats which you can see via your GMB ( are simplified stats about your website. Eg. How many people used Google map directions to travel to you, how many people phoned you, traffic sources, review rating stats, site visitor stats, etc. eg monthly stats for
    GMB monthly SEO performance stats
    Not bad for a  one-man business which is a niche subset of digital marketing, in a small city in the world.

There’s so much more to write about statistical data for SEO and analysis and reporting. Let me know if you’d like SEO stats about your website? Eg free site popularity ranking stats.

Page Load Speed Testing Stats - Before and After SEO

SEO tweeking is easy but time consuming. Everytime an update is done or a plugin is configured or deleted, before and after testing needs to be done. Did it corrupt or crash the site or ruin some function like a form. Here’s an example page load speed stat from before and after I deleted my contact form?
Wordpress page speed before form removal.

Wordpress page speed after form removal.

Off-page SEO Stats

Sites like Moz offers free off-page SEO stats like the number of newly acquired backlink and recently lost backlinks.
aHrefs also provides free SEO stats such as the number and quality of backlinks and the percentage of dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks.

Data-Driven SEO

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