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When considering the cost/benefit of SEO investment the price should be one of the least important consideration. Demonstrable search engine success for  COMPETETIVE SERP winning phrase should be the most important consideration. SEO costs in Asia are cheaper but with English as a second language, just communicating what needs to be done, let alone doing effective SEO is often a problem. In addition, you’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws. SEO cost increase when you do your dough and have to start again with trusted, local, professional SEO experts in Perth Australia.


The input cost of SEO varies a lot. Some are low while other costs are high. Following is a list of input costs that Perth digital agencies invest in to provide high levels of good SEO services. The following are ONGOING SEO costs.

  1. By far the biggest cost of providing good SEO service in Perth is the wages of a good SEO expert. Their time in doing SEO cost. However, there are an additional cost in providing SEO services in Perth.
  2. Professional development. Keeping up with the latest trends in SEO takes time and commitment.
  3. Copywriting for SEO and other content production costs such as graphic design, video production costs for video marketing, etc. With SEO, content is king.
  4. Salespeople and client liaison staff. These people, especially with bigger telemarketing companies outside Perth, don’t know much about SEO.
  5. Quality link building including:
    1. article writing and posting by influential bloggers.
    2. online advertising with dofollow links. (Note overt paying for links on for example link farms is black hat SEO for which your site will be punished by search engines)
  6. Office space.
  7. Professional indemnity insurance
  8. IT support including security.
  9. IP such as domain names.
  10. Web hosting on a server (think computing running reliably 24/7 in a data centre). Web hosting costs even more if you want to move your site from shared hosting to hosting on a dedicated server. It has an SEO advantage but the cost/benefit needs to be considered.
  11. Web hosting management service so that your site uptime is reliable and runs fast. You might not think it’s important until your site crashes and you’ve got no business. I recommend Sam Giandzi’s Web Support. At $69 per month, Sam’s web support costs in Perth are affordable, essential, and gives you worry-free, online business continuity.

    Sam Giandzi web support service Perth
    Sam Giandzi
  12. CDN costs if you want your web pages and content to load quickly from servers near clients outside of Perth Australia. Page load speed is a search engine ranking signal.
  13. SSL certificates
  14. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud apps
  15. Computer hardware costs. If your computers suck in salt-laden air near the coast, expect high repair and replacement costs.


The list of SEO costs above differs from the price consumers pay. SEO companies in Perth don’t operate at cost price just for the love of you. They need to turn a profit on their SEO service costs.

Many cheap SEO costs are among items in the list above along with some expensive costs too such as the wages of an SEO expert.


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